A Glimpse into Gravitational Waves

By in PES University on October 17, 2018

Students got an opportunity to listen to members of LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Prof. Bala Iyer, Simon’s Visiting Professor at ICTS – TIFR, Chair, IndIGO consortium and Prof. Parameswaran Ajith, Associate Professor at ICTS – TIFR, CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar at the talk on The Heartbeat of the Cosmos

– A Glimpse into Gravitational Waves.

Prof Bala Iyer spoke about the discovery of Gravitational Waves and the spectacular launch of multi-messenger astronomy. He described how the first detection of Gravitational Waves from a black hole binary in 2015 was a breakthrough, taking a century to realize, and made possible by the coming together of a remarkable experiment and an exquisite theory complemented by the best in sophisticated data analyses, state of the art computing and finally the transition to big-science.

He talked about how the discovery of Gravitational Waves from a binary neutron star system last year and the intense associated electromagnetic follow up heralds the launch of a new multi-messenger astronomy and its potential to impact research in astrophysics, cosmology and fundamental physics.

Prof. Parameswaran Ajith, speaking on Gravitational-wave astronomy, summarized the current status of gravitational-wave observations and prospects and challenges that the future poses. He felt that the recent gravitational-wave observations have opened a window into the Universe and based on the observed rate of these events, one could expect a large number of binary mergers to be observed in the near future, along with other possible sources.

The esteemed speakers who toured the campus were all praise for the space research facility at the University. The talk organized by Equinox, the space club at PES University, mentored by Dr. Sambasiva Rao and Dr. S Radhakrishnan, was held on September 26, 2018.

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