BroTender: Prize winning Chatbot at Botathon created by PES University Students

By in PES University, Student Achievements on December 26, 2016

Rohin Gopalakrishnan and Arvind Kumar created a Facebook Messenger bot – BroTender that automates and simplifies customer interaction at bars and restaurants.

It presents the menu to the visitor and even recommends items based on personalized taste in a restaurant. The bot can keep track of the user’s favourite meal, split payments with friends and pay through an integrated wallet. BroTender was the first runner up at the Botathon in which over 97 engineers and developers from across India spent 2 days creating chatbots across multiple platforms. The team competed against contestants who included working professionals from leading global software companies and even those that build bots. The team won cash prize of Rs. 30,000, platform credits and tools worth 80,000 USD and an internship opportunity. Haptik – a conversational commerce platform powered by AI – in collaboration with TLabs conducted the hackathon for chatbots – Botathon – in Bangalore on December 10-11, 2016.

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