By in PES University on July 25, 2016

BENGALURU: BASIC safety features in the budget cars, along with knowledge and awareness on traffic rules are essential. If followed properly, experts believe, could not only have saved the three lives lost on NICE Road on Sunday evening, but could save thousands annually.

Speaking to Express, Dr Suresh Nagesh, Chair Professor in Computational Mechanics, PES University said, “In India, budget cars lack several key features. While mid-range cars employ several features such as Collision Sensing System, Anti Lock Breaking System with decelerator sensor and others, budget cars have only seat belts for safety,” he said.

Even mandating the usage of seat belts in all vehicles, both in front and back, can help. If not ABS, budget cars should have better disk breaks to control the car, he said. Noting that the car in which two lives were lost did not have much space in front of the driver, he said, traditionally, cars had more space in front as a safety feature. “This will allow more space for the driver to absorb the energy of the impact,” he added.

Kranti Reddy, a professional driver, said, people generally do not prefer wearing seatbelts. Noting that none of budget cars in India had enough safety ratings, he said, vehicles that do not meet safety parameters should not be allowed to ply on the road.

A professional in automobile industry, under the condition of anonymity, said, car manufacturers have prioritised selling cars at an affordable cost over safety. “Though some features could be installed at a small additional cost, companies do not provide them.” he said.

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