Contactless Underwater Li-Ion Battery Charging

By in Student Achievements on July 17, 2017

Student Innovations @PES University ready for technology transfer: Contactless Underwater Li-Ion Battery Charging.
The proposed system is capable of transferring a maximum power of 1kW at the receiver end underwater and the proposed system can be easily adapted for various other underwater systems, nodes and robots too.

The performance is assessed in air as well as underwater using the following four types of windings: Cylindrical, Conical, Spiral and Ferrite-C core. Experimental results and observations are reported for various configurations of the system.
The conventional approaches of charging batteries maritime systems demands retracting underwater vehicles or delivering power through cables underwater. The wireless charging system for underwater vehicles avoids the hassle of manual intervention.
The project including development of prototype was funded by Naval Research Board (NRB). The student team of Vishwanath, Akash S, Snehit was guided by Dr. Manikandan in CORI at PES University.
For Technology transfer arrangement please contact Prof. VK Agrawal, Director, Crucible of Research and Innovation.

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