Graduation Ceremony 2014

By in Event, PES University on September 9, 2014

The graduation ceremony had a grand beginning as the chief guest, PESIT leadership and faculty in full regalia marched towards the dais to the strains of “Sare jahan se achcha…” Guest of honor, Prof Jawahar introduced the dignitaries on the stage. He recounted how Dr Doreswamy’s dream as a child has flowered into an institution of excellence. He declared the ceremony open and administered an oath to 918 graduating engineers. The oath reflected the spirit of the times when the graduating class promised to apply their knowledge for public good, innovate for advancements in their area of work and be accountable to the future generations. Dr Doreswamy unveiled the scroll of honor, a plaque with the pictures of meritorious students.

The Chief Guest, V S Subrahmanian proposed three rounds of applause, for the graduating students, their parents and the faculty of PESIT. He shared with the audience his experience as an academic and a researcher. He portrayed vividly the technology landscape students will encounter after passing through the portals of PESIT. The key theme that ran through his address was innovation. The examples he chase were picked from his first hand experience of innovative ideas during his illustrious professional career. The three concepts that he chose to highlight were: communicating sensors, three dimensional printing and predictive analytics.

He talked about the idea of Pillcam, pill and camera, which is a pill when swallowed unveils a camera that relays the images on the internet for authorized viewing, Interestingly, the device is powered by the energy emitted as the coating dissolves. The data captured by the sensors in the pill are relayed to the concerned doctor.

He quoted an article featuring a Chinese firm that builds houses cost effectively in a way that is almost like printing. The idea of printing a digital ear which had more features than what god created also seemed possible. At the same time he warned that it is not about mankind proving superiority over God, but using the God’s gifts to make the world a better place he can be proud of.

Dr V S Subrahmanian has done seminal work on data driven study of terrorist organizations which has caught world’s attention. His article on predicting an active terrorist organization’s actions showed prescience grounded in innovative analysis of data gathered. He touched upon his contribution to building of a behavioral model of a terrorist outfit that is a security risk for India and using it to predict its nefarious designs. According to him the algorithm that made it possible was similar to the one he had developed to identify defects in a manufacturing process proactively.

His key messages to the graduating class were: be a bold thinker, take criticism objectively, maintain high standards of integrity, nurture a multi-disciplinary approach and convert adversity into opportunity.
Dr V S Subrahmanian suggested the areas of research where technologies can bring immense benefits especially in a country like India: drones for better security, helping agriculture to move from subsistence to commercial farming, efficient water distribution and new sources of energy. He opined that the graduating class is lucky to have the opportunities to bring what is fiction today into the realm of possible.

Dr Doreswamy outlined the objectives that the institution has set for itself to establish itself as a pre-eminent university in the country. He emphasized the importance of moral values and commitment to motherland in the professional journey each of the students will be embarking upon.

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