Inauguration of the 27th Batch of BE Programs – PESIT

By in Event, PES University on August 5, 2014

The elegant function started with a melodious invocation and candle lighting. Principal of PESIT Dr. K S Sridhar introduced the chief guest and dignitaries on the dais. Prof Jawahar in his inimitable style encapsulated the story of PES from the dream of a young boy to a reputed group of institutions. He touched upon how the spirit of perseverance, excellence and service guided the journey which has crossed important milestones. One of the milestones ahead according to him includes creating a 100 crore endowment fund for scholarships. He promised a unique learning experience at PESIT which is result of the single minded focus on students.

The chief guest Prof Rudra Pratap delivered an inspiring talk “You and engineering education”. He talked about how engineering education can be looked at as a system which has raw talent as the input and a professional engineer as the output. He stressed the need to enrich education with active interactions with the peer group and teachers. He expected the students from just being consumers of concepts to creators of solutions. He outlined the modes of engineering education as information, understanding, imagination and creativity. He recounted how in his field of work the oscillation of a pendulum is taken to a new level in laying the foundation of nano technology. He gave an interesting example of how the challenge thrown by him to students to hit his open palm with 1N force was answered by just two students in his eighteen years of teaching experience. In the same vein he asked the students to think about the need to have fuses of 5A and 15Amp ratings. He described how new education is more hands on and technology rich and the world is driven by technology. He advised the students to think beyond learning and understand their professional responsibility as engineers. He quoted Einstein to inspire the students,

“Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been.”

His view on the true engineer is a “Thinking engineer with a conscious soul” and who believes in working with team spirit. He ended his address by telling the students that they occupy a coveted position as engineers that will enable them to solve the global problems and at the same time create wealth.

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