Innovative ideas vie for top slot at #Code 2k16

By in PES University, Student Achievements on January 9, 2017

The 24 hour Hackathon organized by Microsoft Lab, PES University saw interesting ideas and projects from several domains, ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Internet of Things to Smart Technologies.

The winning idea was Augmented Virtual Reality System that allows Human interaction. The winning team built a system application that can detect human interaction with augmented reality. The proof of concept included features of: detecting the title of a book and obtaining its information by using web requests, identifying and locating the presence of a user defined pattern, generating virtual buttons to dial phone calls and a live newspaper with embedded videos on the news articles. The first runner up team designed a hardware friendly hackable smart watch with step counter, calories counter, ambient temperature and pulse monitor. The second runner up idea was about speech to text summary that provided a visualization of the audio data in the form of a knowledge graph to enable users to access important definitions at one place and classify the lecture in terms of topics. 40 teams comprising of 109 participants from various colleges vied for the top honors. Working through 24 hours and after shortlisting, 10 teams got an opportunity to present their idea to the judges. The winning team won a grand cash prize of Rupees 45,000. The organizing team of the Hackathon comprised of: Akarsh Kolekar, Anush Kumar, Hariharan, Madhumita, Manish, Parag Jain, Ramapriya, Shashikiran, Shreya, Shreyansh Jain, Shreyas Aradhya, Suhas, Vasisht Guru Prasad.

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