Letter from Aiswariya.R

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To me, you have been everything….Right from being my guide ,to my mentor, to my friend, to an inspiring teacher to finally A LEADER! Please do share with me tips and good teaching practices. They will be of great use to me. With your awe inspiring teaching and pedagogical experience, I’m more than just gifted to be able to reach out to you!Aiswariya R. (BATCH 2010-2014)

Dear Anuradha Mam,

I hope this email finds you well. After a long time, I get a Sunday all to myself! I wanted to write to you and tell you how much I miss being in college, how much I miss being in classes. You may smile and think that I’m lying :) I don’t blame you. We were a notorious batch and really got on your nerves at several instances. But despite all of that you never missed a chance to show us how much you cared for us.

Its been 21 days now. 3 weeks in Chennai and things have been moving way too fast that I have no time to stop to catch my breath. Although this is the land I belong to, I somehow still don’t feel at home here.I successfully completed a very rigorous 5-week training program in Pune prior to my joining here in Chennai. It was so rigorous that I barely slept for 2-3 hours per day for the entire duration of the training (Sundays included). I now teach 56 2nd grade kids at a corporation school in this place called Tondiarpet. They are a violent yet cute bunch! They drive me crazy. Standing up there in front of them and knowing that they BELIEVE in ME make my knees feel wobbly, my hands shiver and my shoulders heavy. Its a huge responsibility. My challenges begin right from waking up in the morning to finding time SOMEHOW to catch up on some sleep.

The sort of background that these kids come from is appalling. They are kids whose parents are murderers, thieves, drunkards (just to name a few). Their houses are no bigger than a tiny storeroom and their average family size is 15 members. I dream every night of them speaking in English, making a straight line at assembly, walking smartly, singing the national anthem right (they sing utkala jabasisa ranga), taking their own decisions, exhibiting values of a good individual, performing well academically! With all of this on my mind practically every second, lesson planning, making charts and planning other classroom activities, I find it extremely difficult to stay in touch with my parents and friends.

I hope everything is good at your end. Please do convey my regards to all faculty members of department! Manjunath Sir, RGB sir, KRS mam, Sushma mam….. I miss all of you so much! I’m waiting to meet you again at the convocation ceremony!

Take care mam :)

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