Maaya 2017: Talent unleashed

By in PESIT South Campus on December 11, 2017

The mega event organized by PESIT South Campus saw students from various universities and colleges putting their talent to work. They competed in a diverse range of activities that tested their creative skills, intellectual potential and technical abilities in a lively setting. 32 contests in 8 domains had the participants put in their best efforts who learnt to apply their skills in a competitive setting, overcome unexpected challenges and constantly improve their performance. The events included: Cultural: Maaya Idol, Battle Symphony, Shake A Leg, Street Dance, Group dance, Fashion show, Instrumental Solo, Beat Boxing; Theatre: Mock Rock, Mad Ads, Mime, Personality, Dumb Charades; Literary: Debate, Creative writing, General Quiz, Taboo; Fine Arts: Photography, Mask It Rules, Get Inked; Sports: Street Football, Street Basketball, Street Cricket; Gaming: Counter strike, FIFA; Fun based: Are U A Fitness Freak?, The Game Of Hallows, Forensics Rules, Hogathon; Technical: Surf-IT Rules, Bugster, Code@Maaya, Make it EC Rules, Ground Zero. Hosts PESIT South Campus emerged winners in 12 of the contests.

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