National Seminar on Data Science and Analytics

By in PES University on November 30, 2017

The seminar featured expert speakers from industry and academia. The students gained better understanding of analytics, tools and processes used in the industry and their applications in various domains. The panel discussion brought forth the views of experts on the emerging trends in data science. Dr.T.S.Mohan, Director and Founder, Pragyan Data Labs inaugurated the seminar. Eminent speakers shared their insights and practical experiences in the complex and fast growing area of data science and analytics. Here are some of the insights:

  • Dr. T S Mohan: “Data Science lies in how you see data differently.”
  • Mr. Gaurav Sundaraman: “Interest in a domain makes one an expert.”
  • Dr. Kavi Mahesh: “Filtering and Representing data makes Data Analytics more perfect.”
  • Mr. Vignesh Prabhu: “Data Science will rule forever – Keep yourself updated through KDnuggets.com
  • Mr. Ravinder Prakash: “Problems and data is in our surrounding. Give Data Science solution to every problem.”
  • Mr. Pravin Kumar: “Financial Analytics requires thorough expertise and is very important for the economy.”
  • Mr. Sarath Sribhayam: “Even areas such as agriculture can have solutions in Data Science.”
  • Dr. Viraj Kumar: “Awareness and need for Datathon.”
  • Dr. Srivatsa: “PESU and its students helping in arriving at solutions using Data Science”
  • Mr. Ankit Jain: “Algorithms are important and are the main stay behind data analytics in logistics domain.”
  • Dr. K V Subramaniam: “Data Science can help in activities as mundane and menacing as Garbage Collection”
  • Mr. Manish Achuth and Mr. R Mohan: “Data Analytics is descriptive, inquisitive and predictive and needs a measure of precision.
  • Mr. Ganesh Subramanian: “Building brands in fashion industry requires a degree of intelligence that can be incorporated using Artificial Intelligence in Data Science”
  • Dr. Vittal Rao: “Maths and Geometry in n dimensions is the start of Data Analytics.”
  • Dr. R S Deshpande: “Collect Data ethically and work on projects for India using the Indian scenario.”
  • Ms. Anshu Sharma: “Foundational subjects are very important.”
  • Mr. Shiladitya Nag: “Get to know the client requirements and see data from a professional perspective and translate to the result in a simple manner.”

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