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By in PES University, Student Achievements on April 13, 2016

PES students have a long list of amazing achievements to showcase to the campus community. Here are three students we picked for this week:

Abhilasha Ravichandar
Abhilasha Ravichandar works as Platform Engineer at Sensara, a Bangalore-based startup. Her research focuses on applying Machine Learning to problems in the television space, such as advertisement segmentation and logo recognition. Prior to this, she was an intern at Amazon India where she worked on the Amazon Detail Page.

Surpiya Vijay
Supriya Vijay is currently a Graduate Student in Carnagie Mellon University specializing in Machine Learning. She has been selected as Summer Intern at Google.

Varshini Ramaseshan
Varshini Ramaseshan is working as Software Engineer at Microsoft Research at Hyderabad. She is working on Business Intelligence and Analytics. She works in a team that develops data models and performs data warehousing on massive data sources using Microsoft Cloud and Big Data Technologies.

The papers of these three alumni of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering were selected in reputed International Conferences as mentioned below.

1. Automated Human Facial Expression Recognition Using Extreme Learning Machines, ELM 2015 at Hangzhou in China (December 2015)
2. VISAGE: A Support Vector Machine Approach to Group Dynamic Analysis in 2015 IEEE 14th International Conference on Machine Learning Applications (ICMLA) at Miami (December 2015)
3. A Machine Learning Approach to Group Dynamic Analysis from a Sequence of Images, Women In Machine Learning (WIML) Workshop at Montreal, Canada (December 2015)

Abhilasha Ravichandar was offered a grant of $750 towards Travel to present the paper in WIML Workshop. She presented the papers in all the three conferences.

These papers were the result of an Eighth Semester Project done under the Guidance of Dr S. Natarajan, Professor in Department of Information Science and Engineering

If you or someone you know has done something notable at PES throughout the year and would like to be included on PES Student Achievements page, write to us at

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