PES University Students crack the Digital India Hackathon

By in PES University, Student Achievements on September 10, 2016

At the Digital India Hackathon, the entry from the team of Gagan and Pratik based on Virtual Reality with Haptic Feedback for Medical Applications bagged the first place.

The project was also adjudged ‘Technically Most Complex Solution’. A total of 9065 participants including students, graduates, startups and companies participated in this national level event. The team clinched the first position after the fiercely fought presentation round in which 13 teams shortlisted from online round were left in the race. The first prize carries a cash reward of 2,50,000 INR.

Objective: To provide the feel of holding and sensing response from the organs with the help of a haptic glove.

Challenge: Building a haptic glove which could output the response from the virtual environment (for example, feeling the heartbeats when touching the heart). This has not attempted in such detail earlier.

Solution: The project enables viewing of 3D models of organs in 360 degree view, and simulates the shape and responses from the organs. The virtual surgery enables user to perform virtual operations like cutting through skin layers, injecting fluids and many more. The team used Unity for building the GUI of the application. A few open source 3D models were used. Other models were built in Blender, and then exported to Unity. Communication between the hardware and the software is through serial communication.

Benefit: This would help students of medicine by simulating the experience of handling organs during surgeries. It provides an opportunity for the visually impaired to learn the skill. It helps learning to perform surgeries more effectively and being more open to experiment. This would enable teaching medicine to larger groups of students at reduced costs.

Gagan G is a 5th Semester student of Computer Science and Pratik. R is a 3rd Semester student of Electronics and Communication. The National Level Digital India Hackathon was hosted by ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) India in conjunction with Persistent Systems Ltd at VLDB’s (Very Large Data Bases) 42nd International Conference.




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