Sky is the limit – Astronaut Sunita Williams

By in PES University on July 2, 2016

Talking to the students of PES University about how sky is the limit for ones aspirations was the astronaut who served as flight engineer and then commander on two space expeditions. Astronaut Sunita Williams was speaking at the IEEE lecture series cohosted by IEEE Student Branch of PES University.

Students got an opportunity to interact with the astronaut who holds the record of seven space walks by a woman. The one hour long interaction had over sixty eager students at the F Block Seminar Hall asking questions through Skype. They asked her about her first reaction on reaching space, how she felt during the first spacewalk and how close her training was to the real experience of space. Sunita Williams talked about how demanding a spacewalk is and how overwhelming is the vastness of space. Challenges were more a journey than a destination was what she felt. She emphasized the need for students to take up challenges and be determined in overcoming them. Gautham Pai who heads IEEE PES University Student Branch coordinated the event under the guidance of faculty member and IEEE Branch Counsellor Divya Rao A.




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