Student Innovation at PES University – Automatic Pneumatic Screen Printing Machine

By in Student Achievements on June 21, 2017

A group of final year students of mechanical engineering Sachin, Sumith, Surender and Irsahd under the guidance of Dr. S.V. Satish from PESIT-BSC have invented an automatic screen printing machine.

The screen printing technique involves applying ink with optimum manual pressure onto a screen to form text and pictures on the underlying article which could be wedding cards, stickers printing, T-shirts, business cards and textile fabric. The manual technique requires skill and offers limited efficiency. Exposure to printing inks is an associated health hazard. The invention incorporates pneumatic single acting valve which injects ink at predefined intervals by using compressed air. Control coding is accomplished by a Arduino board. Proximity sensors play the role of detecting the position which signals the cut off for the gear motor. This in turn stops the rotating worktable to facilitate printing action by the squeegee tool. The to and fro movement of squeegee guided by a pneumatic cylinder carries out screen printing automatically. 20 A4 size copies can be printed in a minute. The costs and production time of printing are significantly reduced. The invention won the top award at intercollegiate project exhibition organized at City Engineering College. The judging panel from IISc and academia appreciated the ink ejecting mechanism.

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