The Amateur Scientist 2014

By in Event, PES University on September 2, 2014

In keeping with its unwavering commitment to the highest quality education PES University hosted The Amateur Scientist ‘14 for the fourth consecutive year. The importance of pure sciences continues to grow like never before. The Amateur Scientist is an event designed to spot and reward children who show rare aptitude for experimental science from across the country. More than 500 projects that were submitted were screened for novelty, utility and innovation. Finally, 80 inventors were invited to Bangalore to display their projects at the exhibition. It included besides Bangalore, participants from Delhi, Odisha, Bhubaneshwar, Vadodara and other cities. An eminent panel of judges diligently checked through the exhibits, grilled the scientists and finally chose Vijaya Vittala Composite PU College from Mysore as Winners for their project, “E-Cart”, the indigenous shopping cart.

The venue wore a festive look when more than four thousand kids from all over Bangalore and nearby areas thronged the University campus to experience the spirit of science. The hands-on workshop on the Line Follower Robot bedazzled the kids. More than 1000 kids participated in the workshop building their own circuits under the guidance of Komponente, a PES alumni entrepreneurship company. The visitors were witness to a sky crisscrossed by a breath taking array of flying machines designed and built by team Aelous of PES University.

The model making contest tested the students’ ingenuity in practical situations. The event named “Hook or Crook” expected the student teams to design and construct a fully functional crane using two motors, hook, and batteries. The crane’s external appearance, functional design and the amount of weight lifted and rotated without any glitches decided the winners.

The focus of TAS will continue to be making sure that the students are aware of the recent developments in the field of science. A quiz featuring contemporary questions about recent scientific developments saw the bright ones racking their brains.

The response to the event last year was overwhelming; the response to TAS’14 exceeded all our expectations. For popularizing and encouraging science education, PES University is launching a novel scheme of identifying the rare science talent. The “Commitment to Science” Scholarships is instituted to recognize students who excel in science in the grades: 9, 10, 11 and 12. The schools will judge and recommend the candidates for their creativity, ability to work with hands and build, scholastic aptitude and passion for science.

As the country focuses on building brand India with a renewed vigor, PES University through its commitment to education and excellence for the real world is uniquely positioned to support the initiative.

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