The Big Apple Moments. PES Alumni Meet @ New York, September 27, 2014

By in PES University on September 30, 2014

The PES Alumni Meet was a pleasant surprise and sepia toned nostalgia for the alumni, who were students as far back as 1994 to the class of 2014.

It was heartening to see how the PES community has grown in US and continues to evolve with the institution’s growth. The scholars have spread far and wide across many countries and continue to make their alma mater proud. The get together proved to be a great opportunity for the participants to network and exchange ideas. They were keen on seeing the meet as a regular event they can look forward to every year.

It will be the endeavor of the university to encourage interesting and meaningful conversations with and among the alumni through the year on the microsite And for interesting tech interactions the soon to be launched PES chronicles can be a great way to enjoy the tech-moments again. Stay informed, stay connected, stay involved.

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