• The Symposium on Career Opportunities in Performing Arts @ PESU

    The symposium on career opportunities in performing arts was organised by the department of performing arts on April 8, 2023 in TDM studio. 

    The symposium was inaugurated by chief guest Praveen D Rao and guest of honour Shashidhar Adapa, Dr KS Sridhar, Registrar, PES University, Dr V. Krishna, Advisor, Department of Performing Arts, Dean student affairs PES University and Dr Sushma S V, Professor, Department of Performing Arts.

    Dr V Krishna welcomed all the dignitaries. A preamble about the symposium was given to the audience. Chief guest Praveen D Rao and guest of Honour Shashidhar Adapa spoke about the importance of the symposium.

    Mansi Prasad, a renowned Musicologist and musician was the first speaker. She started with a question about what is happening around us? What is the relevance of what we are doing? She also spoke about the importance of organising, communicating and collaborating with others. She concluded by saying that there are opportunities in the field of music if one has the skill of collaboration and communication. 

    Abhishek Iyengar, playwright, and creative director of we move theatre spoke about how theatre can be used in the corporate sector. He shared his experience and spoke about how he followed his passion and possible to build a theatre company.

    Dr Varadharangan, a musician, the first creator of synthetic mridangam and tabla in the world. He spoke about the opportunities available for a performing artist. He emphasized that the career can be built based on the mission and Passion of the individual performing artist. He explained that he has a love for nature and animals, he was made to think and come up with an idea to start a synthetic mridangam and tabla, which has become his career now.

    Varijasree, the renowned musician and Flautist Musicologist, spoke about having strong classical base training to be successful in the field of music. She spoke about the importance of collaborating with other organisations & artists. She also mentioned that, though we can fly high, staying with our roots is very important.

    Dr V Krishna chaired this session and thanked all the speakers of the first session.

    The second session was started by Nirupama Rajendra's ( renowned Dancer, choreographer) talk. She spoke about how art has to be loved by an artist and how focus and passion will take an artist to higher heights. She also spoke about when to work for profit, when to work for passion, how to be commercial.

    Shashidhar Adapa renowned Art Director, Organizer Spoke about the backstage work. The opportunities prevailing in back stage work like stage design, Light Design, Makeup and costume designing. By sharing his experience he made the audience understand the opportunities prevailing in the industry.

    Sri Praveen D Rao Renowned Musicologist, Music composer spoke about the mindset a performing artist should have while working. An artist should be multitasking, he should have the skills which makes him different from others. An artist should gain trust. An artist will be invited/ given work if people feel that the artist is trustworthy and talented.

    Smt Sunetra Pandit ( renowned actress) spoke about her struggle and experience in the field of acting. How she got new opportunities like dubbing, casting director as she was open to accepting different job profiles. She said that the main skill an artist should possess is trust. She concluded by saying that even if the artist is talented he/she should be trustworthy and have the skill of adaptation.

    Dr Sushma S V chaired this session and thanked all the speakers of the second session.

  • Al coding practice placement test

    Participants submitted compelling solutions for the problem at hand in a programming language of their choice. Puneet emerged as the winner followed by Rahul Baradol and Aryan V S. The online practice placement test that was hosted on Hackerrank platform was organized by The Alcoding Club on March 26, 2023 at RR campus.

  • Art from crumpled tissues

    Shreya Verma won the first prize followed by Prerana S and Athula Chandrashekar in Paper Stash Busting contest by creating eye-catching forms using crumbled tissue and paint, organized by Shringaara club on March 23, 2023 at RR campus.

  • Tag a tale contest

    Ikshu Abhiram and Deeksha Diwan bagged the first prize followed by Meghana Upadhyaya and Samana V with the third prize won by Supriya P at the contest where the participants had to name the story. Tag a tale contest was organized by Bhashataranga club on March 23, 2023 at RR campus.

  • Thematic fashion contest

    Participants drew inspiration from web series, animes, cartoons and fictional characters to dress and walk the ramp. Team Snatched emerged as the winner followed by team fashionistas and team Central Perk in The Vogue fashion contest organized by Bhusharithi club on February 16, 2023.

  • Hackathon on solving social problems

    The participants picked their choice from a list of social problems and further to research and discussions presented a plan on how the functions of finance, marketing and human resource will be managed by their companies. Mrs. HV Gayitri, an experienced professional in fashion marketing and merchandising shared insights about how companies that solve the social problem of increasing waste generation are managed. Team TBD bagged the first prize followed by team PESU Products and team Tesla at the Breaking Social-Ice hackathon organized by department of BBA on March 10-11, 2023 at RR campus.

  • Words based contest

    Participants competed in three rounds centered around the theme of “big words”. The first round required the participants to use a long word provided to form smaller, meaningful words, which could either be in English or the Romanised form of words from other languages. The second round tested the pronunciation skills of the participants in which they were given a series of words, in various languages, that they were to attempt to pronounce, with points being awarded to the participant with the most authentic pronunciation. This round also involved bonus points for correctly deducing the language of origin of the given word. The final round consisted of two parts. In the first part, the participants were shown a series of words while they were supposed to identify which words were real and which ones were made up. In the second part, they were given a definition and had to figure out which word of the options given was the one being defined in the question. Rohit Shaji won the first prize followed by Srijan Badhya and Snehalatha Patil in the Big Words contest organized by Linguista! Club on March 1, 2023.

  • Quiz on world of entertainment

    Questions centered around trivia and happenings related to popular movies and TV series met with enthusiasm, cheering and sighs of frustrations. First position was bagged by Shreshta Srinivas and Sumukh Marathe, second by Rohan Ravi Prasad and K S Bharadwaj and Ritunjay Rao came third in Showtime quiz held on February 16, 2023 on RR campus.

  • Preparing for placements

    The second iteration of Ace your Placement Tests featured an offline talk and interaction that provided students an understanding of problems and questions faced in placement tests on the topics of Recursion, Backtracking and Dynamic Programming. It was followed by a practice placement test on the same topic held online on Hackerrank platform. The the second iteration of Ace your Placement Tests with Alcoding was hosted by The Alcoding Club.

  • Hackathon on sustainable development

    Sustainable development through innovation is key to achieve the goals set by world bodies. The second edition of Terrathon, a 24-hour hackathon which adhered to a zero-plastic theme and upcycled newspaper decorations for the venue. The panel of judges included Bindu Sastry, Founder of Mauverick, Srinath, Head of South Asian Division of Standard Chartered and Shishir K L, Chief Architect in the Smart Mobility division of Continental Automotive. First position was bagged by Team Hermes of Pramath Haritz, Rohit Rajesh, Nigel Teofilo Dias and Gautham Krithiwas. Second position was bagged by team Sigma of Shashank Hegde, Shishir Hebbar, Tanish Bhaskar and Shashin Bhaskar. Third position was bagged by Team Sustain4ward of Sathvik Malgikar, Sanjana BT, Pranav Ambiga and Hema Bhushan. Terrathon 2.0, Hackathon on sustainable development was organized by The Changemakers Society and The Alcoding Club on February 10-11, 2023.

  • Recruitments for language club

    The language club Linguista! conducted recruitments for its core team of moderators who play an active role in organizing events and encouragers who assist novice learners for the role. The recruitment process was conducted from February 6-10 online.

  • Learning to resolve people issues

    Developing innovative solutions to resolve human resource related issues and communicating them with clarity is important for all companies. As part of the event focusing on this concept, each team was given a company and an HR related problem statement the company had encountered in the past. Each team was required to conduct research, present, and offer its own recommendations after discussing how the organization can choose to resolve the issue. Akshay and Vardhan won the first prize followed by Punya and Saryu, and Shreema and Sashwatha. Think Tank, People’s Partner Club, was organized by The HR club of the Department of BBA at RR campus on February 8, 2023.

  • Journalism club gets cracking

    Minerva, the journalism club at PESU hosted its first event, Rethink. Retrospect. Reflect. The screening of an episode of Black Mirror, a dystopian science fiction known for its dark and thought-provoking exploration of technology and its impact on society was followed by a writing contest. Participants submitted a write-up on the story, characters, themes, and impact of the episode. Winners Jahnavi Varier and Karishma Gowda and runner-up Babitha and Pramathi were rewarded with movie tickets to see Ant-Man and the Wasp. Nikhil Johns, Praneel Patel, Joel Renjith and Akash Shreedhar were specially mentioned for their submission. Retrospect, Rethink, Reflect was organized by the Minerva club on RR campus.

  • Wins in western dance competitions

    Team Trance won third place in Cul-Ah ‘23 held at Mount Carmel College on February 4, 2023 and was placed fifth in Nexus ‘23, organized by Jain University and held at Nimhans Convention Center on March 8, 2023.

  • Hackathon on health

    The 24-hour health hackathon titled Heal-o-code 2023 aimed to increase awareness of a wide range of aspects of health among students and inspire them to develop innovative solutions for health problems. The hackathon focused on problem statements related to healthcare and technology in the context of rural and private healthcare regulation, and countering loneliness, anxiety, and stress. The first place was won by the team of Akhilesh. M. K, Likhith V Kunder, K S Shashank, K Mohammed Asbar and Anshul Baliga. The second place was won by Anoosh Damodar, Anirudh Revanur, Dhanush Kumar B, Anupama Kamath followed by the team of Akanksha P Mulgund, Shravani Hiremath and Sri Harshitha A. Heal-o-code 2023 health hackathon was organized by the WEAL Club on February 5, 2023 on EC campus.

  • Performance of Desi dance crew

    The first performance of Terpsichore, the Desi dance crew in the new year, met with an overwhelming response. The troupe performed on Bollywood and south Indian songs in different styles at Quadrangle, EC campus on January 25, 2023.

  • 2D Game Dev Workshop

    The Godot Engine is a free, all-in-one, cross-platform game engine that helps create 2D and 3D games. The workshop featured introduction to Godot, 2D game development concepts and terminology, importing and applying assets, coding game mechanics and visual scripting language, GDScript. 2D Game Dev Workshop announced in the quad, through posters and Parallax’s Instagram page was held on January 23, 2023 at EC campus.

  • Plots and stories competition

    An epic face-off of plots and stories gave participants the opportunity to make the most of their creativity and imagination. Word and phrase prompts varied in genre, with fun ones like orange and difficult ones like identity crisis and mass exodus. The song prompt was Sway by Michael Buble. The qualifiers were at their imaginative best in the interpretations, and gave chilling accounts. Amazing stories, and plots with great potential were pitched and the finalists were shortlisted based on creativity, prompt relevance and the engagement level of their story. Presentation skill was used as a tie-breaker in some of the rounds. The best storytelling talent got positions in the club and the top three teams won cash prizes. Namita Achyuthan bagged the top spot followed by team of Pooja Shenoy and Sinduja B and team Oceanwater of Sai Darshan M S and Pramuk D. Sumatheendra Chouthai and Amish Navali were declared The Winners Of Today Team. Pitch-A-Plot competition was organized by Through The Lens club on October 28, 2022 at RR campus.

  • Singing competition

    Varshitha and Zakiya Khanam won the top position followed by Rachana Sharma and Sai Rakshitha and Preetham Reddy PVS and Tejas S S in Gaane Deewane singing competition in traditional Antakshari format organized by Sarigamavalli music club on October 20, 2022.

  • Green food contest

    Srishti Mathur won the first prize in the Go green, Eat green culinary contest. Deeksha B R and Heera B and Nisha Kumari and Soniya M won the second and third prizes.The participants were challenged with preparing two dishes based on fruits and veggies within 90 minutes. The preparations were judged on taste, innovation, and presentation. Pakasiddhi, the food club organized the Go Green eat Green contest on Oct 13, 2022 at RR campus.

  • Ideas for creating a better world

    ENgenious ‘22 reached out to all the students who are keen on social work, and entrepreneurship, while instilling innovative ideas, and creative instincts. A brainstorming session brought forth problem statements after which the participants got to work on a business model and pitched the value proposition to a panel. The event commenced with all the teams working on their pitch decks that presented the problem statement, the solution, the USP and its relevance in terms of working towards a social cause. In the next round, the teams worked on a business model. The final round provided a platform for each of the teams to propose a budget that they thought necessary for their projects. The finalists advanced the business plan before a panel comprising of club members and faculty advisors, Mr. Madhukar Narasimha, Dr. Lata Pasupulety and Dr Shylaja Sharath. Enactus club organized ENgenious’22 on September 29, 2022 at RR campus.

  • Blood Donation Camp

    This event attracted a large number of students and individuals who donated blood that added up to 300 units. The five blood banks present on the day included Rotary blood bank, Youth Red Cross, Narayana Hrudayalaya, PES Kuppam and Lion’s Club. CSR Club conducted the Blood donation camp in collaboration with Youth Red Cross Wing on September 26, 2022.


    The main aim of this event was to introduce our Collegiate Social Responsibility (CSR) Club to the first years and others who do not have complete knowledge of the functioning, objectives and motives of our club.

    The orientation session began at the MRD Auditorium starting with an inaugural song followed by a welcome speech, lighting of the lamp by chief guests, talk by the chief guests as well as by an alumnus of PES who was a part of CSR Club. The chief guests were Dr. D. Rajasekharappa and Dr. T. Mahalakshmi. The guest of honour was Mr. Nithin. The chief guests and guest of honour were honoured for their esteemed presence.

    We, the club of CSR showcased our past events and endeavors to everyone present with us for the orientation with the help of a small video. Just as importantly, our new mascot of the club was revealed to all.

    The last and the most exciting part of the event was the Treasure Hunt. Treasure Hunt started from MRD Auditorium, where we displayed our first clue on the screen, followed by six other clue spots across the campus. The participants were running across the campus finding clues. Students in teams of 2 or 3 were allowed to participate in the treasure hunt which consisted of many rounds where the clues to the next destination were given only on completing a given task in that current location.

    The treasure hunt was a fun and exciting game that the first years loved and played with utmost enthusiasm.

    The whole event was directed and controlled well by the council members and the volunteers. The registrations for the Orientation - Treasure Hunt were taken on online mode from 13/09/2022 to 14/09/2022 and on spot registrations at 3:30 PM on 16 th September 2022. The treasure hunt was won by the first three teams to complete the tasks and was awarded chocolates and saplings as a part of the CSR motive to grow more plants or trees in society.

  • Quiz contest

    Moksha Pradhan & Neelank Khambete won the first prize, Nishanth N S & Karthik K Murthy won the second prize followed by Lia Jane Dsouza & Akansha Sendhil in the Cognitare Quizzards quiz contest organized by Kauthuki the Quiz club on August 25, 2022, at RR campus.

  • Health Hackathon

    The hackathon aimed at coming up with solutions for the healthcare sector that strengthen coordination across health care institutions leading to robust ecosystem, enable forecasting of communicable diseases and identification of hotspots utilizing various vector indices, provide health related information through eHealth portal using AI based chat system, make aware-help-act to handle mental health issues, realize off the shelf distribution for medicines, relieve stress and fight deep procrastination. Dr. Surya Prasad J, Vice Chancellor, Dr. Sridhar K. S, Registrar and Dr. Krishna V, Dean Student Affairs inaugurated the event. Prof. Sathya Prasad and Vijendra Kumar judged the top three teams based on innovativeness, feasibility, creativity and future scope.

    First prize was won by team HackMeIfYouCan of Sahana Parasuram, Adeeba Saher, Bhuvan Vijay Kumar and Saransh Mehta. The second prize was won by Team.sol of Rohan Goud, Anusha Naik, Rohan Kumar, Sarvesh Sudhan and third prize went to team PotatoPower by Swapnil Nair, Shashank Varma, Shreyas Kaundinya and Gagan P. Thirty four teams from RR and EC campuses participated in the 24-hour Health Hackathon organized by Club Weal of PESU in association with Devfolio on September 16-17, 2022 at RR campus.

  • Understanding competitive programming

    The introductory offline talk and interaction session gave the participants an insight into the world of competitive programming followed by a coding contest, beginner’s challenge on Hackerrank platform. The sessions were organized by the Alcoding Club on September 8 and 10, 2022 at RR campus.

  • Celebrating Teachers’ Day

    Kalaantrika cultural club celebrated Teachers’ day in commemoration of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birth anniversary. The students conveyed their best wishes to all the teachers and their gratitude for making an impeccable contribution to shaping them. Song and special dance performances and a cake-cutting ceremony delighted the audience comprising of teaching and non-teaching staff of PES University, RR Campus. Dean, Dr. Shailashree Haridas, Dr. Jayashree Sapra, and Prof. Shruthi Patel graced the occasion. The celebrations were held on September 5, 2022, at the RR campus.

  • Story writing competition

    S Stuthi won the story writing competition followed by Abhinav HR and Akashrov Bhat. The participants submitted humorous stories based on a given idiom. The competition titled Idiots or Idioms was organized by Bhashataranga Club at the RR campus on September 1, 2022.

  • Testing management skills

    The Live Wire, Can you survive the shock? contest tested the skills of the participants in cohesive management of ambiguities. The event that brought forth ideas from five contesting groups related to diverse industries from beverages to telecom. Participants learned to apply knowledge to solve ambiguous problems, spontaneous behavior and time management. The first prize was bagged by Dhruva G and Ishani Bhat followed by Naveen P and Meghana Upadhyaya. The Live Wire contest was organized by Shevadhi the commerce club on August 18, 2022, at the RR campus.

  • Street plays on chauvinism

    The street plays based on patriotism and respect towards the national flag brought forth the acting and voice modulation skills of the participants. Team Antharanga tiranga won the top spot with Sanjay D adjudged the best actor, Rakshita.N.S the best actress and J Tejaswini the best director. The street plays contest was organised by Abhinayaveethii Club at the amphi-theatre of RR campus on August 18, 2022.

  • Patriotic songs contest

    The patriotic songs contest paid rich tributes to the heroic individuals who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Participants presented melodious and touching songs in many languages in the spirit of freedom to sing. Vaishnavi V B won the first prize followed by Srimitravinda Ponnada, and Aakash Simha M R in the event titled Voices of the liberated. The event as part of Har Ghar Tiranga campaign, was organised by Sarigmamvalli music club at RR campus on August 12, 2022 

  • Club orientation

    Orientation event of onCreate() club featured a mini treasure hunt and quiz based on mobile and application development trivia. The interaction created awareness about how the club is trying to transform itself into an open community with monthly themed events and other interactions. Rendezvous event was held at EC campus and on-line mode on April 29, 2022.

  • Sports quiz with feisty promotion

    ATHLOS, the Sports Quiz tested the participants’ knowledge of different sports. The highlights of the event promotion included themed pre-quiz activities, registrations through QR code, stalls hosting contests, active Instagram page and buzzer designed and built in house with a touch of green by way of reusing soda bottles for the buzzers. The team of Arshan Rodrigues, Aayudh and Adarsh Nair came first followed by team of Kunal, Kuval and Mayank in second place and team of E S Ananth G Saketh Reddy and Sarath Sundar in third place. ATHLOS quiz event was organized by the Quotient Quiz Club of EC Campus on April 26, 2022.

  • Aatmatrisha Cultural Nite – April 24, 2022

    The final and most awaited evening of Aatmatrisha came, bringing with it all the fun it promised. The techno-cultural fest of PES University had no shortage of platforms for the participants to showcase their talents paired with the enthusiasm of the students.

    The evening started with a performance by Meraki, the fashion club. The theme of the show was 'Cinema Characters' with the models dressed up as various iconic movie characters such as Maleficent, Tangled, Cruella, Joker, Harley Quinn, Batman, and much more. This was followed by 3 thrilling dance performances by the dance clubs of PESU. The program started with a performance by Team Trance followed by a classical dance performance by Team Sanskrithi to a classical fusion song. Last but not the least, Encore, the western dance team put on an amazing show for the audience.

    This was followed by the Music Club of PES with 2 performances by the bands of Music Club, Hazzmat, and Saarang. Following this was a performance by the best of the music club members playing the official anthem of Aatmatrisha '22. This was an opening act to Pineapple Express, who put up an outstanding performance. They performed popular Hindi and Kannada numbers and a few of their own compositions.

    This marked the end of a wonderful Aatmatrisha leaving everyone in anticipation for the next fest.

    This magnificent spectacle has been possible due to the monumental support of Dr. M R Doreswamy, Chancellor, PES University, Former Advisor for Educational Reforms (Cabinet Rank), Government of Karnataka, Prof. D Jawahar, Pro-Chancellor, Dr. J Suryaprasad, Vice-Chancellor, along with Dr. K S Sridhar, Registrar, and Dr. V Krishna, Dean of Student Affairs, PES University.

  • Story writing competition

    Participants were required to write short stories based on a subject provided at the venue jointly with a partner. In the subsequent round they were given a prompt on the spot and were required to switch stories halfway with their partner and finish each other’s stories. Adithi B & Pragya bagged the first place followed by Sanjana & Arushi Upmanyu in second place and Pragna Prasad & Muhammad Ashar Reza in third place. The Spin-a-Yarn competition was organised by the Apostrophe club of EC campus on April 20, 2022.

  • AATMATRISHA 2022 Inauguration

    Aatmatrisha is the annual techno-cultural fest of PES University. Aatmatrisha is a wonderful potpourri of the student culture on campus encompassing the cultural, literary, technical, and theatre spectra. The theme of this year's edition is Cinema, with its rich history, vibrance, and exuberance. Aatmatrisha 2022 will be taking place on April 23, 24, with an expected footfall of over 8000 students with unmatched enthusiasm. Aatmatrisha has witnessed exceptional performances by eminent artists like Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Amit Trivedi, etc and comedians like Aakash Gupta and Biswa Kalyan Rath. This year will have a magical performance by Bengaluru-based band Pineapple Express and an evening of rib-tickling laughter by Nishant Suri.

    In line with the Cinema theme, Aatmatrisha 2022 was inaugurated by Shri. Prakash Belawadi, a National Award Winner and a famous and beloved actor and director from the Indian film industry, and Dr. M R Doreswamy, Chancellor, PES University and Founder, PES Institutions, Ex-Advisor, Educational Reforms, Government of Karnataka with the Guest of Honour, Dr. J Suryaprasad, Vice-Chancellor, PES University. Dr. K S Sridhar, Registrar, PES University, and Dr.V Krishna, Dean of Student Affairs also graced the event.

    This cinematically vibrant and auspicious evening was kickstarted by the event Mise en scène a cinematic anatomization of 9 movies and 3 TV Shows. Shri. Prakash Belawadi, the maestro himself, conducted a cinematic masterclass and emphasized the importance of an engineering perspective in the field of cinema, along with budding Kannada film star, Darshan Krishna, a student of PES University.

    Dr. M R Doreswamy in his address during the inauguration expressed his happiness at the celebrated revival of Aatmatrisha’22 after a break of 2 years due to the pandemic. He was glad to see the students celebrating our country’s rich history, culture, and heritage through various art forms including literature, music, dance, etc. The Chancellor expressed his pride for the Indian nation and civilization in all its glory, right from sharing ground-breaking innovations to imparting eternal values! Dr. MR Doreswamy said that he is looking forward to the spirit of celebration and festivity in the coming days and also encouraged students to carry the same enthusiasm and tenacity in all their endeavors in the future.

    The inauguration was followed by an enthralling play Shuddhage performed by the troupe, Vijayanagara Bimba. Vijayanagara Bimba is an eminent Bangalore-based theatre group with a career spanning 2 decades with over 15 major productions.

  • Brand wars competition

    The business themed debate and marketing competition was aimed at highlighting the importance and impact of marketing on a brand’s growth and recognition. All problem statements presented to the participants were real case studies. The intention was to challenge their wit, creativity and ability to survive demanding situations and engage them in thought-provoking marketing challenges and riveting debates that can encourage them to think outside the box. Pradyun P Rao and Hemanth V emerged as winners followed by Aarav Babu and L N Sriranga and Krish Mungra and Gayatri Praharshita. The competition comprising three rounds Made its Mark quiz What if...? The marketing and Pressing Matters debate, hosted by The Entrepreneurship Club ECC was held on April 13, 2022.

  • Debate competition

    Deepika N emerged as the winner followed by Sanath Kumar HN and Abhijna J in the debate on the subject of: Is war a solution for international border disputes, that was organised by Bhashataranga Club of H N campus on March 31, 2022.

  • Develop for her Ideathon

    The ideas contest in commemoration of International Women’s Day 2022 enabled the students to present their ideas and solutions pertaining to the challenges faced by women. As a first step, the documented ideas were judged for novelty, relevance, quality, feasibility and impact in the first phase. The shortlisted teams were allowed to pitch their ideas with a business model, canvas, video or prototype. The panel of judges included Mr.Suresh Narasimha, serial entrepreneur and founder of Telibrahma, Monkeybox, Sensara, and Upaghna and Savitha Reddy, CEO of Inlingua Bangalore. Winners: Team Muliebrity of Dhruva G, Ishani Bhat, Anirudh Koti and Harshitha Srikanth; First runner up: Team Her Story of Ananya Jandhyala, Anshu Sandur, Amisha Matthew and Amrita Patra; Second runner up: Team Over and Out of Vishwa Mehul Mehta, Srushti S N, Vismaya and Vinti Agrawal and Team Trinity of Yogitha H.K, Sinchana K and Shristi Biyani. The ideathon was organized by ACM-W PESU chapter of RR campus from March 7 to March 19, 2022.

  • Orientation session of MahilAI club

    The orientation session of MahilAI club was held on March 16, giving a peek into the objectives and future events that were planned at the RR campus and live-streamed.

  • Miniature mobile photography contest

    Tejas Naik came first followed by Darshan R and Vignesh at the miniature mobile photography contest hosted by Chitraka Photography club on March 15, 2022 at the HN campus.

  • Quiz on popular culture

    Pop Quiz tested students’ knowledge of the latest trends in pop culture. The quiz was preceded by a marketing blitz that featured a promotional stall hosting a logo quiz during breaks, a vibrant Instagram page, and teasing WhatsApp messages. The finals are open to viewing by cheering groups comprising 10 questions for the Pounce and Bounce round and a written test. First Place winners: Mihir Jayaprakash, Hradyansh Chauhan, Lenver Pinto; second place winners: Rithvik Wuyyuru, Nishanth Patri, Nithanth Sawkar; and third place winners: Rithvik Jayaram, Advaith Shet, Aditya Lawankar. Pop Quiz, the debut event of the Quotient Quiz Club of EC Campus was hosted on March 11 and 14, 2022.

  • Auditions for dance club

    Aspiring dancers put their best foot forward as they showcased their talent in a variety of dance forms that included Bharatnatyam, Kathak and contemporary dance in the preliminary round of auditions for Team Sanskrithi that was held on March 11, 2022.

  • Debate on reservation policy

    The pros and cons of our nation’s policy on reservations in education and services based on economic status was discussed with forceful arguments by the debaters. Varshitha. V won the first prize followed by Rajath.N and Nisarga. V at Objection! My Lord! debate organised by Vadavivada, the debate club at HN campus on March 10, 2022.

  • Women’s Day Celebration

    On the occasion of Women’s Day BBA-HEM department felicitated the women teaching and administration staff in the department recognizing their valuable contribution on March 8, 2022.

    The students of Kalaantrika – The Cultural Club of BBA Department, performed a street play act that portrayed women empowerment which gave a message on gender-balanced leadership, respect and value difference, develop more inclusive and flexible cultures to root out workplace bias.

  • Knowing start up business challenges

    Participants presented blueprint of a start-up in a particular sector and vied for top slot. Ajay Prasad emerged as winner followed by Vishnu and Rahul G at the contest called Rising Peace that was organized by Arthasansadha-The Finance club of HN campus on March 2, 2022.

  • Environment photography contest

    Students got an opportunity to capture the subtle aspects of the surroundings with unique lighting and colour. The stunning pictures of the campus were a way of experiencing the overlooked aspects of our ecosystem and caring about their preservation. Aruna bagged the first place followed by Sai Charan Reddy and Zaheen Parvaiz in Capture the Eco contest organized by Club Creativerse held on March 3, 2022.

  • Improvised Chess competition

    The improvised chess competition tested the problem solving, decision making, network building and communication skills of the contestants. Sankreeth emerged as winner followed by Shivani and Pradyumna. Bruins Sports Forum of BBA, RR campus organized the competition on Feb 25, 2022.

  • Quiz in Jeopardy format

    Equinox Jeopardy! Quiz tested the awareness of different aspects of space with the quizzing experience based on the popular TV show Jeopardy! The prelim round was conducted on an online quizzing platform, semi-finals on Jeopardy! Simulation website and finale had tougher questions. First place: N.M. Aditya and Kavisha Mathur; Second place: Kumar Shantanu Khare and Aakanksh and Third place: Srujana Golla and Kasturi Uday Aditya, Equinox The Space Club of PES University conducted Equinox Jeopardy at RR campus on March 25, 2022.

  • Escape game

    The escape game tested the problem-solving, lateral thinking and teamwork skills of participants by providing a clues and challenges which lead up-to the key. IB club Avanya organized the escape game titled Exit Strategy on February 24, 2022.

  • Talk on working smartly

    The online talk on Art of smart work was delivered by Harmendra Mishra, an alumnus from IIT Kharagpur and experienced design engineer, on Feb 23, 2022.

  • Combining fashion and performance

    Fang Tastic Feast, an event of Bhushaaritih club was an opportunity for participants to show case their fashion style through their performance. Nandhini and team won the first prize followed by Sujith and team and Vipul and team at the event held at HN campus on February 21, 2022.


  • Tribute to Lata Mangeshkar

    Sarigamavalli Club organized a get together to pay tributes to legendary Lata Mangeshkar with speeches and songs performed by students on February 18, 2022.

  • Tributes to respected Lata Mangeshkar

    This musical homage and tributes brought about the expression of inner emotion, a celebration of life and everlasting memories of the voice of a singer widely known as Melody queen of India. Students of BBA department sang some of the mesmerizing melodies of Lata Mangeshkar in the online event organized by Kalaantrika club on Feb 11, 2022. Students of EC campus joined the rendition of memorable songs and dance performances in honour of Lataji in a get together organized on Feb 15, 2022.

  • Auditions for dance club

    Terpsichore, the Desi Dance Crew of EC campus conducted auditions for dancers who are good at performing to Indian songs and styles, excluding classical forms. The organizers who made it: Susan Mathew, Likhitha Kolli, T. Sunaina, Yogapriya, Amrita Patra and V Nimish Bhasu. The auditions were conducted during February 1 to 12, 2022.

  • Faculty development program on website applications

    The program aimed to cover the basics of website design, developing web applications and the importance of cyber security. The sessions explained frontend and backend development and methods of managing databases with demonstration of website builders. The basics of React for the front-end, Express and Node Js for the server part and MongoDb for the backend part were covered. The final session included an overview of cyber security. The faculty development program of Rashtrothana Training Centre was organized and conducted by CSR Club of RR campus on February 12, 2022.

  • Sow and grow initiative

    Students came together enthusiastically to plough the soil, sow and water plants, and protected their growth by fencing and cleaning up the surrounding. The ISocial Team of BBA in collaboration with Hasiru Ratha team organized the Sow and Grow initiative on February 12, 2022.

  • Dance competition

    Shubashree won the first prize followed by Meghana A.R and Sharanya and team. The offline dance competition organized by Nruthyasri dance club.saw participants present their freestyle performance on-stage at Kuvempu Sabhangana on Feb 8, 2022.

  • Mind Fest quiz

    Vishnu V won the first prize followed by Sidarth Nambiar and Sharanya Patil in Mind Fest on-line quiz competition hosted by Kauthuki Club on Feb 3, 2022.

  • Perspectives on effect of COVID on community

    Participants in the event titled Youngicle shared their perspectives through articles, infographics and sketches based on the theme of how Covid affected their lives and how they overcame the challenges. The top three entries won gift vouchers from Sapna book house. The event organized by CSR Club was held on Jan 29-31, 2022.

  • Practicing the art of diplomacy

    The second edition of Diplomat Wars hosted by PES Model United Nations Society featured five intensive rounds of quiz, debate, problem solving, crisis, consequential simulations, and diplomacy. The event, spanning over two days, provided the participants with a first-hand experience of diplomacy and a glimpse into the enthralling world of MUNs. It proved to be an ideal platform for individuals to showcase their qualities while broadening their reasoning, analytical and argumentation skills. Diplomat Wars 2.0 was conducted on January 29-30, 2022 on Discord.

  • Inspirational talk on success

    Focusing on one’s strengths and overcoming negative feelings like anxiety and jealousy plays a vital role in one’s success was one of the key lessons at the talk titled Boarding the flight to success. The talk by Harmendra Mishra, alumnus of IIT KGP and associated with Susamskar Foundation was organized by Dhruva Club of RR campus on January 28, 2022.

  • Italian cooking competition

    Italian food has gained popularity in India and is a sought after global cuisine. The online competition saw the participants cook a recipe using hyacinth beans, avarekalu in Kannada. Sandesh Kagalkar came first, followed by Vihith Aradhya and Prarthana Bhat in the competition titled Indo Italian Mela that was organized by Pakasiddhi Club on Jan 27, 2022.

  • Cuisine contest

    Participants in the contest took up the challenge of preparing two delicacies, one using hyacinth beans and another based on a Chinese or Italian recipe. Sandesh. Kagalkar won the first prize followed by Vihitharadhya R R and Prarthana P Bhat at the Indo-Italian Mela organized by Pakasiddhi club of HN campus on January 27, 2022.

  • Theatrical skills competition

    The competition titled Limelight tested the skills of the participants in story writing, characterization, storyboarding, production, acting, and improvisation. The first round saw the teams of 2-3 participants writing creative stories and character sketches based on a diverse set of prompts. The second round required the participants to visualize vibrant storyboards and mood boards for the stories and characters. Detailed tutorials were provided to aid the participants use the necessary tools and software. The third round challenged the teams as they had to act as their characters in various situations spontaneously. The top 5 teams vied for the pole position in Mad Ads, where every team was given a product based on their stories! The teams had to use their wit, creativity and spontaneity as they created a humorous advertisement for their product. First place was bagged by Sai Dracaena M S, Pramuk D and Vasisht Iyer, second place was won by Sharanya Patil, Sahana Parasuram and Sathvik Sharan and third place was won by Rohan Ravi Prasad, Alfred Augustine George and Ajith Kumar.

  • Orientation session for students of BBA program

    The session was aimed at providing guidance on improving and enhancing academic rigor in the studies. The session was addressed by expert guest speakers, faculty and student heads of clubs. Vivek Velankar, founder of ARV Infotech spoke about the RTI Act. Mukul Sharma, Director at Competition Commission of India spoke about joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions in the industry. Dr. Shailashree Haridas, Dean, faculty of management studies spoke about the code of conduct, importance of extracurricular activities and the mandatory protocol to be adhered to in the pandemic situation. The online orientation program for students of second, fourth and sixth semester of BBA program at RR campus was held on January 17, 2022.

  • Orientation program for students of MCA

    The new batch of students of MCA program session got an overview of student activities and clubs that make the campus interactions more interesting and enriching. Dr. Krishna, Dean, Student Affairs and Co-ordinator, Cultural Activities introduced the students to the wide range of events, student initiatives and clubs that are active on RR Campus, Electronic City Campus and the Hanumanth Nagar Campus of PES University. He spoke about the activities conducted annually like Epsilon, Prakalpa, Samarpana to name a few. He looked forward to the new batch students actively participating in the events of the clubs that include Pixels Photography club, Sanskruti – Indian dance format, clubs for debates, hackathons and clubs for promoting reading and writing. He encouraged the attendees to “kick-start” with a lot of activities at the “init” club of the MCA department. He showcased the sports and gym facilities on the campus. A video was played to highlight the popular mega-events like Epsilon, Aatmatrisha and Prakalpa. In his talk, he explained the richness of Indian culture. He stressed upon exploring one's potential and gave tips and some Do’s and Don'ts. Dr. V Krishna, concluded his talk with a quiz on guessing based on Indian legends and legendary quotes. Dr. Veena, Chairperson, Department of Computer Applications and faculty members were present at the orientation program organized by the MCA department on December 24, 2021.

  • Stock market gamified

    The Stock Blogger event helped the participants to understand closely the ideas that drive the trading in stocks and spot new ideas that can lead the growth of the particular company and increase its market cap. The participants were allotted a notional company stock to individually analyze its prospects. Deepika emerged at the top followed by Havish D and Nikitha Srikanthan. Arthasansadha, the finance club at HN campus organized Stock Blogger on November 9, 2021.

  • Internship talk

    Students who had secured internship offers from esteemed organizations like Morgan Stanley, Antstack Technologies, Visa International, Nasdaq and IISc interacted with other aspiring students. They shared their experiences and shed light on various aspects of applying for internships like skills required, resume strengthening, and the process of interview. The Internship Talk was organized by ACM-W PESU Chapter on Teams on November 19, 2021.

  • Creatober art and design challenge

    Creatober is a 21 day long challenge with 21 prompts and split into 3 phases. Participants were given a prompt each day based on which they could create a piece of Art or Design and share it on social media with the hashtag #dsgnr_creatober. The entries were judged for creativity, consistency, and uniqueness. Devanshi Sachan was awarded for the Most Unique Work, Sinduja B was adjudged as Most Consistent Artist and consolation prizes were given to Riddhi Kasar and Keerthana Gajendra Babu. The art and design challenge that saw participation of students from B. Tech, B.Arch, and B.Des departments was held from October 25 to November 16, 2021.

  • Trial by trivia quiz

    The team of Pranav Sasikumar and Smrithi Shree emerged winners followed by team of Bhanu Sutha M and Dhruva G as first runner up and team of Vaishnav Mohan and Shivani S as second runner-up at the Trial by trivia event. The Grimm Readers in collaboration with the Quiz Quotient Club conducted the quiz on November 16, 2021 at RR campus.

  • Crisis Bidding gamified

    The event was about understanding the technique of raising the bids in buying assets, keeping their net worth in mind, testing their spontaneity, teamwork and problem-solving skills. In the Blind Bid round, the contestants collected as many assets as they presumed useful, without knowing the upcoming crises they would be presented with. In the next round, First Crisis, each team submitted a document containing information on how they would solve the crisis with the assets they had acquired. In the Barter round any exchange of assets that took place was reported to the logistics team conducting the event. The Second Crisis was another round of bidding by the contestants. The teams submitted their respective solutions, and it marked the end of the two initial rounds and elimination of the contestants to reveal the finalists. In the last round the finalists presented their solution with the given assets. The team had to face questions about the loopholes in their solution by the jury and the rest of the teams. Darsh Agarwal and Gagan Gupta won first place. Kavisha Mathur and N.M. Aditya bagged the second place followed by Punarv Dinakar and Siddharth Kamath who came in third. Sanjay Bhargava, a PayPal Veteran and Starlink Country Director at SpaceX spoke on Disruptive Innovation in the live speaker session. Crisis Bidding contest was organized by PES Entrepreneurship Cell of RR campus on November 13, 2021.

  • Quizophile’s Arena

    Vihith and Srinidhi were declared winners and Rakesh Sarode and Sushmitha G were runners-up followed by Narendar Kumar and Harshith Sharma in the Quizophile’s Arena quiz contest organized by Kauthuki club of HN campus on November 13, 2021.

  • Sprouts mela and desserts town contest

    To highlight the importance of a balanced diet the participants showcased dishes using sprouts and desserts. The contest was won by Shivangi Mishra and Sugantha Patel. Vihith Aradhya and Varshitha V bagged second position. Sanjana B and Sushmitha G came third. Pakasiddhi club of HN campus organized the contest on November 12, 2021.

  • Crisis Bidding gamified

    The event was about understanding the technique of raising the bids in buying assets, keeping their net worth in mind, testing their spontaneity, teamwork and problem-solving skills. In the Blind Bid round, the contestants collected as many assets as they presumed useful, without knowing the upcoming crises they would be presented with. In the next round, First Crisis, each team submitted a document containing information on how they would solve the crisis with the assets they had acquired. In the Barter round any exchange of assets that took place was reported to the logistics team conducting the event. The Second Crisis was another round of bidding by the contestants. The teams submitted their respective solutions, and it marked the end of the two initial rounds and elimination of the contestants to reveal the finalists. In the last round the finalists presented their solution with the given assets. The team had to face questions about the loopholes in their solution by the jury and the rest of the teams. Darsh Agarwal and Gagan Gupta won first place. Kavisha Mathur and N.M. Aditya bagged the second place followed by Punarv Dinakar and Siddharth Kamath who came in third. Sanjay Bhargava, a PayPal Veteran and Starlink Country Director at SpaceX spoke on Disruptive Innovation in the live speaker session. Crisis Bidding contest was organized by PES Entrepreneurship Cell of RR campus on November 13, 2021.

  • PESU ECC music club auditions

    The exceptional flautists, vocalists, guitarists and keyboard players made it through the auditions of music clubs Swarantraka, The Clefhangers and Shaken, Not Stirred. The new memebers who were selected include flautist Shreenidhi Rao; vocalists Veda P, Samantha Susan John, Sai Janani, Adrija, Shanoo and Pragna Prasad, guitarist Aakarsh Vinay and keyboard players Sanket Padhi and Papineni Sai Charan. The auditions were held at EC campus on November 12, 2021.

  • Wordpourri 2021

    The contest tested the literary knowledge and reading habits of participants. In the first round called Book plots badly explained, participants guessed the name of the book based on a garbled explanation of its plot. Call my bluff round was about guessing the correct word from the definition. In the Charades round a team member was given a book title to enact in thirty seconds and the other members guessed the title. In the Pictionary round a team member was given the title of a book to draw for their teammates to guess the same in thirty seconds. First position was clinched by Vaishnav, Srinidhi BS and Shivani S. The second position was bagged by Prajna R, Pratyusha Rao and Nihaal Kuchangi and third position was won by Chetana Mital, Meghna Prakash and Pranav Srikar. Wordpourri 2021 was conducted by the Write Angle club of RR campus on November, 12, 2021.

  • Product photography competition

    Suhas Ramesh won the first prize followed by Vikas Gowda and Harsha A P in the mobile photography competition organized by Chitraka Photography club of HN Campus on November 11, 2021

  • Art with creations contest

    Prema S emerged as winner followed by Akshatha M and Nagashree J in the contest aimed at creating awareness about recycling. Art with creations contest was held at HN campus on November 10, 2021.

  • Annual Space quiz

    The closely fought space quiz featured a written round and four final rounds testing the awareness of participants about space, from astronomy to space history to space entertainment. The team of Akshobhya Jamadagni K R and Prajwal D V emerged as the victors, followed by Swapnil Nair and Sriram Radhakrishna in second place and the third place was won by Kaushal Kulkarni. Equinox, the Space Club of PES University, in collaboration with Quotient Quiz Club conducted the third edition of their annual Space Quiz, “Houston, we have a Question” on November 9, 2021.

  • Learners’ workshop

    The participants expressed their ideas in stories, comics, anecdotes, poetry, and short animations and posted them on Instagram which was open for voting. Vismaya R, who submitted a poem about ‘Mother’ in Kannada came first. Second up was Roseline, who created a video about her journey of learning German, interspersed with many funny moments. Kaviyadharshini and Suhani tied for third place with equal votes, with a comic in French and a passage in Korean respectively. The Learners’ workshop was organized by Linguista, the language club from October 29 to November 7, 2021.

  • Entrepreneurial journeys contest

    The Journey was a two day event aimed at capturing a glimpse of the eventful journey of an entrepreneur. The event sought to expose the participants to the challenges faced by young and seasoned entrepreneurs alike, as they step into their demanding yet coveted roles as multi-faceted leaders to further their entrepreneurial visions. Anirudh Lakhotia and Aditya Venkatesh emerged as the winners followed by Pranav S M and Ishaan Bhattacharjee. The Entrepreneurship Club organized the contest for students of PES on November 2 and 3, 2021.

  • Orientation of Write Angle club

    The freshers got an opportunity to know more about the Write Angle club and FYI college newsletter. In the Just A Minute session on the occasion, students were given a topic and one of them had to start talking about the topic and another speaker would continue following a mistake or grammatical error. Raunak Kodwani came first followed by Sai Darshan and Anshul. The Write Angle club of RR campus conducted the orientation on Discord platform on Oct 28, 2021.

  • Gutsy entrepreneur

    The competition that focused on developing entrepreneurial skills through hands-on experience featured Design Thinking workshop and pitching. The finalists were selected after evaluation of the reverse pitch deck of their competitors and a video explaining their idea. They worked on their prototypes and pitched their ideas to Mr Suresh Narasimha, Founder of PVL And CoCreate Ventures and Prof Dr Sathya Prasad, Director Of CIE. The competition was won by the team of Vaidhoorya, Ritika Kalyashetti and Vaishnavi Kulkarni. The team of Pavan Bharadwaj, Neha Shivaraj, Shreya Prasad and Suhas Papanashi came second followed by the team of Anwesh Bhagat and Anubhav Anand. Gutsy Entrepreneur 3.0 was organized by Rotaract Club of PESU from Oct 20 to 27, 2021.

  • Orientation session of ACM-W student chapter

    ACM-W supports, celebrates, and advocates engagement of women in all aspects of the computing field. The PES University chapter of the international club plans to conduct coding events, talks on placements, internship and industry and workshops on resume building, skill development and soft skills in the forthcoming year. The orientation for newly joined members of Association of Computing Machinery, Women PESU student Chapter was organized by the members on-line Oct 26, 2021.

  • Idea marketing contest

    Innovative ideas like, Bottonium Vega Hydroponic pot, an app named weirdo which identifies human emotions, a robot designed to help home makers, Kissan that assists farmers from the field to the consumer and a new version of gaming, Compact Raider were unwrapped at the idea marketing contest. Keneth Abhilash followed by Akshay and Dhanush P emerged with the winning ideas at Aavishkar, market your idea contest organized by Shevadhi, the commerce club of HN campus on October 27, 2021.

  • Impersonation contest

    Participants took two minutes to prepare for impersonating a well-known character and faced a barrage of questions by the audience, answering as the character over the next three minutes. Fascinating and unexpected replies made the event enthralling. Aishwarya Ramkrishnan bagged the first place with her spot-on impression of Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter. Rohan RP and Sai Darshan impersonated Sherlock Holmes and Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby to win the second and third place. The Literary Club of PES, Write Angle, hosted the event The Frontline Talk on October 22, 2021.

  • Datathon on leveraging AI to prevent violence against women

    The 12 hour hackathon was a blend of analysing data and learning new skills. Ameya Bhamare,former research lead of MahilAI briefed about the working of the datathon works and managing time judiciously during the proceedings. The analysis of the first dataset was followed by a game session where the participants were asked general knowledge questions and the winning team received prizes during the submission. The research team checked the progress at the first checkpoint and had a doubt redressal session. A session of scribbl.io kept up the spirit of the participants. MahilAI, a community that leverages the use of AI to prevent violence against women organized the datathon on October 19, 2021.

  • Orientation Session for CSR Club

    The orientation session introduced the new admits to the CSR Club to the functioning, objectives and motives of the student club. The session featured inaugural song, lighting of the lamp, talk by chief guest and alumni of the club. The session concluded with a treasure hunt across the campus. The orientation session was held on October 20, 2010 at the RR campus.

  • Alcoding September challenge

    Alcoding September Challenge 2021 was an online competitive programming contest where the contestants were made to solve five problems of increasing difficulty in a span of three hours. The contestants had to write a solution in a programming language of their choice. The additional constraints included time taken for execution of the program, maximum memory used by the program and such factors. The judging was automated by running the contestant’s code with the test cases designed by club members, and comparing the output of their code with the expected output. Manzood Naqvi emerged as the winner followed by Aryan V S and Mohit Gaggar. The challenge was conducted on September 11, 2021 by PES Alcoding Club on Hackerrank platform which included the automated judging process.

  • Space club orientation program

    The annual orientation program of Equinox, The Space Club aimed to familiarize the new joiners with the various activities of the club in detail and the domains they could choose to work in which includes organization, content curation and projects. The participants learnt about the successful workshops, guest lectures and field trips conducted by the club. The Core Team for the new academic year was formally introduced to the audience. Fun games were played to engage and interact with the audience, and Equinox goodies in the form of Badges were given to the winners. The orientation program was held at the RR campus on October 12, 2021.

  • Auditions for fashion club

    Club Meraki conducted the auditions to select sixteen models and ten designers. The audition included sketching out designs for silhouette and creating outfits using newspapers, garbage bags and stationary. The auditions were held on RR campus on September 20-21, 2021.

  • Testing crisis management ability

    The Crisis Combat contest tested crisis management ability of teams of two. It entailed dealing with major threats that an individual, business, or country may face. Participants went through various rounds and were given Crisis Files based on domains of public relations, marketing and finance. They worked on finding a millionaire investor to get a company out of bankruptcy and battling out through a situation of air-crash. The team of Aryan Kapoor and Gowri Nandana PK emerged as winners followed by team of Bhavini Madhuranath and Anirudh Rowjee and team of Praneeth Kumar L and Rehan Ganapathy. Crisis Combat event was Blueprint club’s debut event held on September 25, 2021 on EC campus.

  • Debate on should prisoners have a right to vote

    Varshitha.V won the first prize followed by Deepika H.Y and Manoj Kumar in the Tug of Words War held at HN campus on September 22, 2021.

  • Session on importance of mental health

    Brushing Your Mind session was a social interactive experiment where the students wrote down the issues, problems or queries on their mind and dropped them in the boxes anonymously. The same could be submitted through google form by scanning the QR code or through the link in our instagram bio, where their identity was kept anonymous too. After collating the responses an hour-long interactive session with one of the city’s leading psychologist Mrs. Dharitri Ramaprasad was arranged in which she addressed the audience on managing and overcoming mental stress and other mental health related issues. The session was organized by the CSR Club of RR campus on September 21-23, 2021.

  • Tattoo competition

    Participants came up with creative expressions on the theme saving earth. First prize was won by Vihitharadya R.R and Srinidhi K.S, second prize by Meghana Upadhya and Samana.V and third prize by Saurabha Ravikumar and Madhushree.R. The Tattoo Treaty event was held at HN campus on September 20, 2021.

  • Short film making competition

    The competition titled, Chase to the cut brought forth the benefits of sketching by way of enhancing creativity and strategic thinking. Team Vismaya emerged winners followed by team Swara in the competition organized by the Abhinayaveethii Club of HN Campus on September 13, 2021.

  • Auditions for dance club

    The key members of the Terpischore dance club of EC campus held the auditions that judged the performers for qualifying to join the crew of the club. Eight exceptionally talented individuals formally became dancers at Terpsichore on September 9, 2021.

  • Film making club orientation

    Short films The Covering, Samskriti Karnataka and The Shield were screened at the orientation for the Action Cut film making club on Sep 8 at the Open Air Theater in the RR campus.

  • Quiz contest

    Game of Knowledge contest was won by Rakesh C Sarode and Sushmitha G. Sneha A and Varshini K were first runner-up followed by Deepika H Y and Esha G. The quiz competition was organized by Kauthiki club of HN campus on September 6, 2021. 

  • Dance contest

    Wiggle and Work dance contest saw Siri SP winning the first position followed by Suubhashree in second position and Abhigna and Meghana in third position. The contest was organized by Nruthyasri club of HN Campus on September 9, 2021.

  • Freshers’ Week at EC Campus

    30+ clubs enthralled and engaged the freshers in a range of interesting activities over 8 days. On Day 1, the Pratyaya core team gave the students an insider view about the fun and experience of their club. onCreate() depicted what they are actually about and briefed the audience on Override a forthcoming event in collaboration with DSC. Google DSC focused on showcasing their achievements and club activities and conducted a marketing survey for Override’21, an upcoming collaboration with onCreate() and explained how the club provides guidance to its members. On Day 2, the student volunteers and committee members elucidated about 5 auxiliary branches of IEEE: Student Body, WiE, Photonics and Solid State, Sight and RAS along and the perks of having an IEEE membership during their undergraduate studies. The Pixelloid team covered the fresher's week with photographs and videos of the stalls and the performances with plans to create a short film. DSGNR created the posters and banners for the event and pitched description of the club. ACM made the visitors aware of the club’s past activities and future programs along with concise descriptions about the club’s aims and achievements. On Day 3, Hashtag treated the freshers to 5-minute performances comprising five songs for the duration of five minute by a troupe of ten. Nirantara which brings together those interested in classical dance forms put up performances on four different songs. Members of Clefhangers performed the classic Stand by me in pure Acapella fashion and treated freshers to melodious tunes during the lunch break, followed by a brief introduction to the club and a very warm welcome to the new members. Hackerspace briefed the freshers on the club's involvement, activities, and competitions, as well as prospective positions that would be available during recruitment. On Day 4, Mangobites theatre club of enacted the story of a teenager who couldn't achieve his goal due to social constraints had the audience enthralled. On Day 5, Zero-Day ISFCR, community focused on various aspects of cyber-security such as CTFs, penetration testing and bug bounty and engaged the freshers in Treasure Hunt which involved the Action Bound App and their QR Codes. Predict This, data science and machine learning club of Techwarts talked about activities and projects pertaining to these fields, and encouraged members to keep up with the new developments in the field by sharing resources and guiding freshers in their learning journey. Parallax demonstrated how the club focuses on the exciting possibilities of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Game Development and spread the word about the artsy technology with enormous amounts of real life applications. CodeChef outlined its focus on competitive programming and exposure to coding solutions for problem solving through regular teaching sessions, peer to peer discussion and resource-sharing along with contests from time to time. Terpsichore, the Bollywood Club enthralled the audience with pleasing aesthetics, formations with strong visual impact and catchy songs kept the audience enthralled right until the very end. On Day 6, Shaken, Not Stirred, western music Band performed 3 classic jazz and rock songs namely Gone under, Watch Over You, and From The Inside. MUN society put forth its aims to establish the diplomatic spirit and mindset suited to that of true global citizens amongst peers on campus by preparing students for, and conduct, Model United Nations events. The Entrepreneurship Club members explained the club’s aim to establish a peer network of students who are inclined towards entrepreneurship and help them connect with the relevant stakeholders through events and workshops. On Day 7, Swarantraka, the Indian Classical Music Club presented classical fusion music and songs, Rangapura Vihaara and a Carnatic classical version of the song Shape of You. Apostrophe, the literary club demonstrated how it focuses on both oratory as well as writing aspects of literature. HELP, Humanitarian Endeavor for Life Perseverance presented an orientation video covering the history, goals, events conducted like Regard Before Discard, Plastic Plaguing Drive, and talks on mental health. Equinox presented its objective of bringing together students who have an interest in space, science, and technology and conducted mini and space quizzes. On Day 8, Panache, the fashion team put up a show which consisted of models with outfits with the theme of futuristic sustainable fashion. Blueprint, which connects people who share a similar interest in the various domains of business had devised a registration link with QR Code, and promoted its forthcoming event called crisis combat and organized a small activity called “Awkward Introductions” where students had to write down their names and a one line intro about themselves on a whiteboard.

  • Freshers’ Week at RR Campus

    25+ clubs enthralled and engaged the freshers in a range of interesting activities over 7 days. On Day 1, IEEE RAS, the Robotics Club demonstrated their work and made the freshers aware of the projects they can undertake. On Day 2, DSGNR, the design club, decorated the campus with banners and standees and organized a banner that could be painted by students. PES ECell organized a meet-greet-connect event in which students searched for members with the same logo card to accumulate the biggest group. Equinox, The Space Club, set up a stall featuring info-graphics, computer models of the technical projects, presentations and space-themed games like Align the Planets and interestingly, an assortment of space themed donuts awaited the visitors. The Lens club for film nerds entertained the audience with a brilliant trailer and a quiz. The Quotient Quiz Club organized Tech Quiz, Fandom Quiz and Sports Quiz using Dynamic QRs, automated real-time quizzing platforms and immediate result practice. Debating Society presented Shipwreck that involved fictional characters on a sinking ship convincing the audience to save them over the rest. On Day 3, The Changemakers Society organized the second edition of Zero Waste Carnival, filled with fun games, scrumptious desserts and a snack stall that served chaat delicacies on banana leaves and traditional leaf bowls. Aikya, in association with Akshaya Patra Foundation set up a stall in which students got a chance to make pots on their own and understand the steps in making a pot. The CSR Club hosted What Would You Do spin the wheel, lucky draw events, slideshow of the club’s initiatives and the best of the answers were rewarded with milkshakes, chocolates and club T-shirts. MahilAI, a community that leverages the use of AI to prevent violence against women, explained the objectives and initiatives undertaken and topped it with a game of scrabble for everyone on describing women with at least three adjectives. On Day 4, TEDxPESU moderated group discussions on some intriguing topics, conducted a game of Bingo on the topic of fun activities in campus, hosted on-line quiz, collected suggestions in Dropbox for choice of speakers and topics for the forthcoming event, awarded customized badges and gave away customized stickers and bookmarks to the more interested students. The domain mentors and heads in Hackerspace explained the ongoing projects, mode of recruitment of members. Curious students were asked to distinguish between real and fake images from a set of realistic images generated by Generative Adversarial Networks, know about Turing test based game where an NLP model was trained to produce human like sentences and a small CTF was hosted on the club’s server presented a series of puzzles with chance to win exciting prizes. Team Ninaada presented a beautiful amalgamation of Carnatic Music, Hindustani Classical Music and Bollywood Music, along with a series of melodious instrumental music with introductions. On Day 5, Vega Racing Electric, the Formula Student Electric team exhibited the capabilities of the vehicle they had built and explained the mechanisms that made it possible. Team Haya displayed the most successful cars built by them, demonstrated various parts used and engaged the visitors in reaction time challenges and part-identification exercise. Team Aeolus explained the various domains and the events they took part in and set up a mini tour on what it takes to build an RC plane and quadcopters, experience of the thrust developed by an RC and simulators. ActionCut screened a trailer of combined short films that the team had made and the awards that the short films had won. QForest, the quantum computing club explained the fundamentals of the field and the projects undertaken by the members of the club using simple visuals, game of Quantum Monster, quizzes on correlating memes to quantum phenomena and other quantum developments around the world. The Grimm Readers launched their new programme, Paper Trails - A Little Free Library with take-a-book-return-a-book policy which encouraged readers to donate and borrow books, write notes between the pages of the books leading eventually to building an active community of bibliophiles in the college. On Day 6, Team Trance for Bollywood and freestyle, Team Sanskrith for Indian contemporary and Team Encore for Western dances gave a sneak-peek into their dance routines by performing short snippets of their actual performances and invited the audience to dance with them on various tracks. PES Innovation Lab organized their annual event Roadshow 2021 which gave an opportunity to freshers to meet and engage with the community, know about the domains, projects and activities of the club. The Nautanki Team conducted an online trivia competition testing the movie and theatre knowledge of the participants. On Day 7, Write Angle the literary club, in collaboration with the Music Club hosted Open Mic which featured heart-wrenching ballads, beautiful poems and instrumental performances. The eventful two weeks gave the freshers a glimpse of the vibrant campus and an opportunity to meet, interact and engage with the student community.

  • Song mash-up contest

    The song mash-ups created by Varshitha and Vipul were adjudged the best and followed by the blending by Rachana Sharma and Sai Rakshita and Prerana and by Narendar Kumar. The participants blended two or more pre-recorded songs, by superimposing the vocal track of one song seamlessly over the instrumental track of another, changing the tempo and key where necessary. The Mirchi Mash-up was organized by Sarigamavalli club of HN campus on September 3, 2021.

  • Foods from around Karnataka

    Students got an opportunity to showcase their culinary skills as they prepared lip smacking snack without fire with each snack representing a district of Karnataka. Vihith Aradhya R R and Shashank K came first, Shyam V and Akshatha M were second followed by Vybhavi M and Chandana in the Foodie Corner contest organized by Pakasiddhi club of HN campus on September 1, 20121.

  • Webinar on sustainability

    Sustainability is about development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Dr Nehaal Mayur, a renowned international development specialist shared valuable insights about prevalent issues crucial for building a sustainable future. The Pratyaya Club of PES University EC Campus hosted the webinar on July 7, 2021 on Teams platform.

  • Workshop on PyTorch

    PyTorch is an open source machine learning library based on the Torch library, used for applications such as computer vision and natural language processing. The workshop conducted by Prajwal A , Deep Learning mentor and Core lead and Chakita Muttaraju NLP Mentor and Vice lead introduced student developers to PyTorch while not getting intimidated by it’s code structure. The workshop titled A Gentle Introduction to PyTorch was organised by HackerSpace club of PES University.

  • Gateway to Great Way event

    The program that highlighted the importance of building and blending character with competence featured an interactive personality development session. Shailesh Gaddalay and Aditya Karupakula, PES alumnus talked about developing skills for becoming principle centered cheerful leaders that can empower one to serve the society. The members of Dhruva Club organized the online event for the fresher batch of PESU RR Campus on Zoom platform on 30 June, 2021.

  • Open Mic event

    The event featured poetry performances by Prakrith Keshav, Sana Rahman, Aditi Jain, Anirudh Rowjee, Kasavaraj Sai Nikita, and Sanjana. Following this, the musical performances by Anindya Mishra on guitar, Gowri Nandan on ukulele, and Mrunmayi on guitar enthralled the audience. The Express-O-Shot open mic event was organised by Apostrophe club of EC campus on July 7, 2021.

  • 15 Days of AI

    The 15 day online mentorship program was aimed at teaching the fundamentals of AI and building a strong community of students to fight the atrocities against women and create a safe place for everyone in society through the means of AI. The programme consisted of 100+ mentees guided by 7 student mentors ensuring a fun and knowledge-filled learning experience with hands-on tasks and projects. Mentor-mentee group communicated through a WhatsApp group supervised by the organising team. The mentors were also given a GitHub repository link for their mentees to upload the code and any other tasks and assignments through the course of the next two weeks. The mentees set up their environments based on Anaconda, Tensorflow, and Keras. Over four days the mentees were taught about functions and data structures. They were further given lessons about the various libraries like pandas and scikit-learn following which they learnt about linear regression and evaluation metrics - accuracy, MSE, Bias-variance trade-off, overfitting, underfitting and the idea of a neuron. The final days were filled with understanding complex concepts and the mentees were assigned their final projects which required them to implement a simple ANN using Tensorflow marking an end to the learning track. The online mentorship program which was held from June 20 to July 5, 2021 was organised by MahilAI, a community that leverages the use of AI to prevent violence against women under the guidance of Dr. Shikha Tripathi, PES University.

  • Master Your Masters webinar

    The interaction aimed to help students planning to pursue master’s abroad who needed guidance on the requirements, preparation, application process and other strategies. The panel consisted of PES seniors admitted to renowned universities like CMU, Columbia, USC, and NYU. The members of the panel shared their experience and journey about the preparation and application process from start to end. The panel also resolved queries that were filled by the participants in the pre-registration related to exams, profile, purpose, research papers, extracurricular activities, application process, scholarships and expenses. The ACM-W PESU Chapter conducted the virtual webinar Master Your Masters on MS Teams on June 26, 2021.

  • Alcoding June Challenge 2021

    The competitive programming contest was about solving a problem which was judged besides the overall solution on the finer points like execution time of the program, memory used by the program. The automated judging process ran the contestant’s code against the test cases designed by the club members and checked the correctness of output and time taken. Raghav Goyal emerged as the winner followed by Aneesh Bhat both and Ashish Deshmukh as second runner-up. The programming challenge was conducted by PES Alcoding Club on Hackerrank platform.

  • PES Intra-University Debate 2.0

    The second edition of the annual debate competition saw the speakers in teams of three battle it out on topics of employment, feminism, pop culture, minorities and narratives over three rounds of arguments. Team De Baiters emerged as the winners and Watermelon Sugar Cry were declared runners-up. Samuel Thomas, Thanushree R and Thejaswi A came first and Hrishit Chaudhuri, Josh Maitra and Shriya Ejanthkar came second in the competition. The event open for students of all campuses of PES University was conducted by PES DebSoc on Discord platform on July 1-2, 2021.

  • The Green Carnival

    The environment themed carnival featured competitions around the topic of sustainability. The opening ceremony was graced by Dr. Hariharan Chandrashekar, environmentalist, entrepreneur and founder of Alttech. He spoke about how one can contribute to decarbonizing India’s cities. He mentioned that by potentially putting our homes off the grid, in other words by making our homes self-sustaining, we can curb the high water and carbon footprints of each individual. He quoted facts about the growing water and energy demands of our country. He was of the view that India is capable of reaching these demands with proper large-scale planning and individual action. The Treevia quiz was won by Akshobhya Jamadagni and Aryan Kapoor. The Green Runway which was about using recyclable material to create beautiful pieces was won by Shrathmikha Sasidhar. Dharti in which expressing love for the earth through any art form was the challenge was won by Kavana C.P and Shreya Srinivas. In Emulate and Debate in which contestants were given portfolios of a person or an organization involved in an environmental crisis and were asked to emulate them, Kavya Jain, Rohith S, and Naimisha Venkatesh emerged as winners. In the contest of Climate Crisis which involved finding a possible solution to the unsustainable practices followed in the world today, the first place was bagged by Sai Darshan M.S, Pramuk D and Vasisht Iyer followed by Raghvendra Agrawal, Abhay Bhat and Gagan Heda. The event was organised by Change Makers’ Society on 27 June 2021.

  • Workshop on Arduino

    The students got an opportunity to understand the theory behind the use of Arduino, commonly used sensors and how they work. The session on connecting circuits on Tinkercad platform allowed users to make connections using sensors and an Arduino board. Ashutosh Rao who conducted the workshop is a student of ECE program. The workshop was organised by PES Innovation Lab on Google Meet on June 19, 2021.

  • Bin less, Recycle more! Event

    The event presented a challenge before the participants to come up with innovative ways of recycling that reduces waste. Participants came up with ideas about putting together waste materials into something new and useful. Shrathmika S, Sonal Agarwal, Sriraksha S Bhat, Ghanashyam Bhat, Suraj S emerged as the winners in the contest. The event conducted through submissions on Google Forms was organised by CSR Club of RR Campus from June 14-17, 2021.

  • Everybody has Talent brings out the best

    Students got an opportunity to express their talent in art, literature, music, dance, short films and photography. The event, Everybody has Talent, brought together students from different streams in a creative manifestation of emotions that appeals to all. The on-line event was conducted by the Pratyaya Club, management club of PES University EC campus, over a week and concluded on June 14, 2021.

  • Webinar on placements and internships

    With the new ways of working gaining ground early practical exposure to the work environment enables students to hit the ground running. Parth Shah, an eighth semester student from PES University shared his experience of getting placed with a leading company in data resiliency. The interaction included a talk on competitive programming, data structures and algorithms, familiarity with which can be useful for a head-start in one's career. Coding Ninjas conducted the webinar titled Roadmaps on Placements and Internships on zoom platform on May 29, 2021.

  • Workshop on building a Discord bot using Python

    Discord is gaining more users as the easiest way to talk over voice, video, and text and provides a platform for building new features. Following an introduction to the platform, libraries to be used and methods for coding and testing a basic bot from scratch using Python, the teams got down quickly to coding their own bots. Volunteers and moderators helped teams solve doubts and answered questions. Each team demonstrated the bot and explained the idea behind the various features of the bot. PES Innovation Lab organised the workshop on May 30, 2021.

  • The Literature Quiz

    The quiz tested the awareness of participants about the many fields of literature, including crime fiction and dystopian novels. The questions posted on Instagram gathered answers as private replies from over 406 accounts. The top prizes were won by Kumar Shivam of Gauhati University, Athira of PESU RR Campus and Arvind S Sambhu of Sree Gokulam Medical College. The event was jointly organised by Write Angle and Quotient Quiz clubs on May 29, 2021.

  • Spellbinding adaptation of popular game show

    Adapting Family Feud, the popular game show, student club Equinox mixed the easy format with the competitive spirit to make answering correctly in the heat of the moment a tough challenge. The preliminary round with 43 teams led to face-offs in subsequent rounds between teams as in the original game. The final round with some of the more technical questions caught the participants off guard. After a close battle the team Kadlekai with their crisp and perfect answers emerged as conquerors. Club Equinox created a website to simulate the game show right from the stage setting to the framing of the questions. The team of Sowmyaa Shridhar, Shashank H S, Akash Mahdev, Anirudh Rowjee, Lakshmi Narayana, Prajakta Santosh, Raghvendra Agrawal, Siri and Aditi Adhikary organised the game show on May 27-28, 2021.

  • Workshops on APIs and Project Management

    APIs are driving innovation and the new technology tools are redefining project management. The workshop on APIs, after a short address about innovation in the university by Prof Venkatarangan M J, featured hands-on demonstration by student volunteer Sourav Raveendran on how to build a simple Web API from scratch and monitor requests being made to it. The workshop on Project Planning and Management after a succinct introduction by Professor Rajasekar M was conducted by student volunteer Akshay Vasudeva Rao. The participants got an opportunity to know about the basics of identifying stakeholders, making Gantt charts, and ending with a discussion for doubts and off-topic advice. Moderators monitored the chat to help any students who felt like they were falling behind or had missed any steps due to internet issues. The organisers plan to host more such workshops and upload edited versions of the recordings. The workshop was organised by PES Innovation Lab on May 19, 2021.

  • Build against virus hackathon

    Innovative working models to combat the pandemic were presented at the virtual hackathon, Build Against the Virus. The expert panel of mentors and judges included Mr. Krishna Balaga, Ms. Priya Rao, Mr. Utkarsh Srivastava, and Mr. Apish Malhotra in the first panel and Mr Suresh from PESU Venture labs, Mr. Manjit S Sodhi, and Ms. Ann Thomas in the second. It was a privilege to have experienced leaders from IBM, and the founders of PESU Venture Labs, and PESU I/O on the jury. The winners were Team Vertigo of Keshika Shankar, Vaishnav Gautam and Team In the Cloud of Meenakshi Suresh, Naveen Nikhilesh, Mannav Dhamija, Nikhil Kunjoor), followed by the runners-up award which was won by Team MASK of Shrikar Madhu, Kruthika Suresh, Mayuri Patil and Team CoviHope of Manali Tanna, Milinda K N, Thilak S Shriyan, Janavi Srinivas. ACM-W PES University Chapter conducted the event on May 16, 2021.

  • The power of stories

    Kathasangama event brought forth the imagination and verbal proficiency of students as they narrated engrossing stories. Rakesh D won the first prize followed by Suhas M who won the second prize. The on-line competition, organised by Bhasataranga club of PES HN campus which provides a platform for students to exhibit their talent in languages was held on April 22, 2021.

  • Google Summer of Code info session

    Google Summer of Code is a global program that introduces and deepens skills of student developers in the area of open source software development. The info session about the program featured three accomplished developers, Adarsh Naidu, Sumanth Rao and Ashutosh Pandey who shared their experience with the program and the community. The panel discussion and Q&A session highlighted the advantages of participating in the program seriously. The event curated by the Developers’ Student Club was hosted on YouTube live on March 9, 2021.

  • Capturing food in pictures

    The food photography competition saw students capture the beauty of food with creative angles, lighting and presentation. Kiran S of Sheshadripuram College and Jahnavi A, student of Biotechnology at PES University bagged the first and second prizes. The on-line contest was organised by Chitraka, photography club of PES HN campus on April 23, 2021.

  • Bringing out the hidden chef

    Crunch with Cheers was an opportunity to learn culinary skills, teamwork and appreciating the hard work that goes into cooking. The cooking competition was won by Sreenidhi M and K V Manoj Gupta won the second prize. Crunch with Cheers was organised by Pakasiddhi club of PES University HN campus on April 21, 2021.

  • Maiden event of The Grimm Readers about NDLI

    The Grimm Readers is PES University’s book club, an initiative of PES Library, in collaboration with Write Angle. As a community of bibliophiles, The Grimm Readers will be a space which encourages discussion and debate about books and conducts events that cultivate the spirit of reading among students. The maiden event was a user awareness session conducted by Chief Strategic Officer of the National Digital Library of India, Dr. Vignesh Sornamohan. He spoke to the participants about the pre-eminent digital library of India and NDLI Club, where The Grimm Readers will be the parent club and the central repository of information that NDLI provides for students and academics. The virtual event was held on April 20, 2021.

  • Commemorating Indian independence struggle

    Commemorating 75 years of Indian independence, and as part of the Government of India’s Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav, Write Angle conducted an essay-writing competition. Contestants chose to write on one of two topics: “The Butterfly Effect: Dandi March”, and “Blood in the Place of Ink: Literature, Independence, and the Vernacular”. The topics allowed participants to delve deeper into the history of Indian independence and the struggle for independence. Smrithi Shree won first place for her essay on the Dandi March and Abhishek Kallolikar and SV Aditya were declared joint runners-up. The submissions were open from April 1 to 9, 2021. The Quotient Quiz Club supported the Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav conducted by UGC by hosting British Raj Quiz. The quiz that created 540 social media impressions reaching out to 537 social media accounts was held on April 3, 2021. In commemoration of 75 years of Indian independence, Chitranamana event featured traditional and digital artwork inspired by freedom struggle submitted on-line. Harish Raya emerged as the winner and Sanjana Sharma, Abishek Dinesh and Varsha S were declared joint runners-up. Collegiate Social Responsibility (CSR) Club of PES University organised Chitranamana during April 5-11, 2021.

  • Street play

    Street plays are a great medium for spreading social awareness about issues that face the student community and suggesting ways to overcome challenges. The street plays by students of PES University on issues of reservation system, saying no to suicides and recognising the true value of Indian culture and heritage were thought provoking. Team Yenkta and Prabhakar educated and entertained the audience. Srinidhi was adjudged as best actor and Tarun G as best director. The street plays were organised at PES University HN campus on March 10, 2021.

  • Quizzing

    Kauthiki club organises quizzes to encourage students to look beyond textbooks and try to relate theory and application. The general quiz based on areas of business, economics, sports and current affairs provided the organising team an opportunity to learn about Google Forms, event promotion and publicity. Pavan.T and Chandan R won the first prize and Sindhu.M and Ashwin Kumar S A won the second prize. The general quiz competition was held on March 26, 2021 in PES University HN campus.

  • Abhyudaya – The student club of the Department of Civil Engineering, PES University inaugurated

    ‘Abhyudaya’ – The student club of the Department of Civil Engineering, PES University was inaugurated on 24th March 2021 at 3rd Floor Seminar Hall, B Block. The club was inaugurated auspiciously by the dignitaries,  Mr. N. P. Sharma, Chief General Manager and Principal, BMRCL Training Institute Bangalore. Mr. Anirudh. S. Dutt, Founder and President, Let’s Be The Change (LBTC), Bangalore. Dr. V. Krishna, Dean Student Affairs, PES University and Dr. S. V. Venkatesh, Chairperson, Department of Civil Engineering.

    The Abhyudaya student Club aims to conduct the various activities which would be beneficial to the students in their overall personality development.  

    The second half of the event commenced with an amazing keynote address by Mr. N. P. Sharma on the present scope of civil engineering and how it is going to get even better over the coming years. Mr. Anirudh Dutt then addressed the gathering about his journey of starting LBTC as a civil engineering student, how his organization has developed over the years from his garage to an incubation centre at IIM, Bangalore.

    The event was coordinated by Prof Nishchay Vishwasena, and Prof Shrihari Naik, Civil Engineering department, PES University, Bangalore.

  • Talent Hunt 2021

    The clubs of the faculty of pharmaceutical sciences presented talented members in enthralling contests and performances. Nrithya Kalathvam club presented solo singing competition, instrumental competition, and group singing. Team Flashndrome curated a theme based photography contest. Club Natavarga presented entertaining, wonderfully structured and well directed drama which concluded by highlighting a moral and the Lights, Camera & Action event. Team Grooves introduced the freshers and audience to their club members and presented solo and duet dance contest and group performance. The clubs through the performances expressed gratitude to the organising team and the audience. The event was attended by Dean, chairpersons, faculty members and the students. Talent Hunt 2021 was organised by Student Affairs, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, PES University at HN campus on March 9, 2021.

  • Groove and Go solo dance contest held

    Nyna and Madhan, students of BCom, emerged as winners at Groove and Go solo dance contest. The winners were evaluated for steps, expressions and presentation. The contest organised by the Nruthyasri Club was held at HN campus on Mar 5, 2021.

  • Students visit animal rescue centre

    Members of CSR club got an opportunity to know closely the need for providing medical care to the injured and ill stray animals and how rehabilitation and re-homing of animals can make a difference. The students could observe and understand the nature of cats, dogs, rabbits, ducks, hens, pigs, guinea pigs, birds and terrapins. The staff at the center explained the importance of animal rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and release. They emphasised on the need to adopt homeless and street dogs. The visit to Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre (CARE) was organised by the CSR Club on March 5, 2021.

  • Webinar on Machine Learning and Applications

    The webinar provided insights about Machine Learning and Deep Learning and how they are shaping the world we live in. The session covered the fundamentals of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. A variety of data training models including linear and logistic regression were explained. The concepts of supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning were introduced with examples. The implementation of ANN, CNN and RNN in various domains was discussed. The session was conducted by Jayanth Shreekumar, an alumnus of PES University, Electronics and Communication engineer who works as data science intern with Perfios Solutions and plans to pursue a Masters degree in electrical and computer engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles this fall. The webinar was organised by IEEE student branch on MSTeams on March 5, 2021.

  • Chords'21

    Team Ninaada of PES University organized Chords ’21 on March 6th 2021, in a spectacular fashion organized in its campus.

    "Beat of the Ballad", produced by Team Ninaada, was a beautiful amalgamation of the different genres of music and was performed by 70 talented student performers from PES University, and was live-streamed via YouTube.

    The event began with a soulful invocation presented by Nishanth Madhusudhan, with the lighting of the lamp by the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr.V Krishna, Chancellor Prof. M. R Doreswamy, Vice-Chancellor Dr. J Suryaprasad, Registrar K.S Sridhar and world-famous drummer, Vidwan B.S Arunkumar.

    Speaking on the occasion, Dr. M. R. Doreswamy, the Chancellor of the University, expressed his deep sense of happiness on the event being organized by the student team of the University. He also mentioned that at a time when the fear of COVID-19 still prevails, a program of this nature and magnitude has come as a healer. He said that this should serve as a step towards getting back to normalcy. He heaped praises on the students of the University on their talent apart from academics as it’s very essential for students to involve themselves in co-curricular activities. He urged students to participate in more such activities for greater personal growth. He also pointed out that there is no substitute for offline classes by saying that presently, offline classes have been functioning effectively in all campuses of the University. He also stated that as Advisor on Educational Reforms to the Government of Karnataka, he has suggested that the Government reopen classes starting from the highest level and progressively come down to the lower classes in schools and colleges.

    Vidwan B. S. Arunkumar began his speech by thanking the dignitaries and conveyed his gratitude to Team Ninaada for inviting him to be a part of Chords '21 and praised PESU for conducting this beautiful event.

    The student performance started with “Pancharasa”, an emotional journey through the ragas to depict the story of a relationship. The five compositions, one “Hindustani”, three Carnatic and one original, was soulfully performed by Bangalore Nishanth and the team.

    This was followed by an illustration to showcase the various dance forms pan-India. The culture and diversity of the country was displayed with great vigour that kept the audience engrossed and invoked a great sense of pride in the richness and grandeur of the culture of the nation.

    The next segment featured a tribute to the Late S. P. Balasubrahmanyam. The songs were perfectly picked to depict his stellar career and to celebrate his contributions to the field of music. This recital was both poignant and joyous, glorifying his spectacular life, honouring, and immortalizing him.

    The finale was marked by the entertaining Retro-to-Metro production, showcased by the extremely talented choir. The songs, strung together with care, flawlessly portrayed the evolution of Bollywood music through the years. This was the ultimate end to this exhilarating day.

    Pranav Joshi, Co-Head of Ninaada, presented the Vote of Thanks, acknowledging and praising the efforts of the talented performers, the core team, the organizers and volunteers. He thanked the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. V. Krishna, whose unwavering support and guidance motivated and drove the entire event. The support and motivation of the Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Chancellor, Department Heads, teachers, support staff and PES University students was greatly appreciated and the event could not have been successful without their enterprise and the heartwarming response from the public.

  • HackerSpace launches SpaceJam 2021

    HackerSpace club of the university launched SpaceJam 2021, the first annual flagship hackathon featuring general and freshers tracks besides Matic Ethereum, Portis, Tezos, Postman, and EchoAR tracks. The hackathon was hosted on Devfolio. Discord was used for announcements, mini events and first round of judging. The first round of judging was conducted by the mentors to select the top 15 teams that qualified for the final rounds. As preparation for the event, Prarthana MJ, AI consultant for Supply Chain solutions working with IBM Insights and Intelligence Expert Labs conducted a hands-on workshop on IBM Watson studio and Services and Anirudh Murali, the student expert for Postman explained how to get started with APIs. General Track Winners included: first place bagged by Team FullSmash of Yajat Vishwakarma, Ayush Kapasi, Nalin Dang, Harsh Karanwal, second place by Team LeoCode of Prajwal Adsul, Rohit Chaudhari, Viraj Jadhav, and third place by Team Rubber Ducky of Tushar Magar, Yash Mutnalkar, Vibhav Samaga. Freshers Track Winners included: first place bagged by Team Error 404 of Shreyas Kaundinya, Sarath Sundar, Achyut Raghavan, Ajay Kumar, second place by Team SudoCode of Amritha Pallavoor, Anant Gulati, Amanpreet Pawa and third place by Team Astrocoders of Dhruv Chawla, Rahul Samal, Abhiram Manohara, Sreyas S. The competition was judged by Kavitha Yogaraj, Data Scientist, IBM Quantum, Prasanna Anantharamaiah, Managing Director, Checkpoint Software Systems, Abhilash Ramakrishna, CTO, Haldoc and Shitalkumar Panse, Co-founder and Director, IOTLYNX. The opening ceremony and the final judging rounds were live streamed on Youtube. SpaceJam 2021, 24 hour hackathon, the first iteration of the annual flagship event of HackerSpace as held on Feb 27-28, 2021.

  • CONFIANZA fashion show

    A fashion show with the theme Indo-western outfits brought forth the confidence and flair for impressive dressing in the students of BCom and MCom programmes of PES University. Pearls and Amethysts team were declared the winners followed by Ignites team at the event held on HN campus on Feb 26, 2021.

  • Wordpourri literary event held

    Wordpourri featured activities that tested the language proficiency, vocabulary and imagination of the contestants. Only Connect activity had the contestants piecing together a connection between four clues. In Explain a Book Plot Badly activity, contestants had to identify the correct book title given a terrible summary of its plot. Next in Line activity required the participants to come up with the fourth element in a given sequence. Wrong Answers Only activity needed the players to answer as many questions as possible, while providing obviously wrong answers to each of them. Swapnil Nair, first-year CSE student, won first place, and Aditya Verma, third-year CSE student, and Sai Darshan MS, first-year ME student, were placed first and second respectively. The biennial event of Writeangle, the literary club of the university, open to students from branches and campuses of PES University, was conducted on Google Meet on Feb 24, 2021.

  • The Geography Quiz held

    The quiz that catered to cartography fans reached out to 583 Instagram accounts creating 588 social media impressions. The Geography Quiz, weekly quiz of The Quotient Quiz Club was conducted on Feb 20, 2021.

  • Win at Codeblend 2.0

    Raghav S K and Sujith of PESU EC bagged the top prizes at the coding contest that was based on algorithms, data structures and problem solving. The programming challenge was hosted on Codechef platform jointly by PESU EC Campus Chapter on Feb 16, 2021.

  • Vocal Band musical event

    Talented singers and musicians among the students of PES HN campus performed at their best at Vocal Band. Dhanyashree and Sushravya emerged as the winners at the event organised by Sarigamavalli Club of the university on Feb 12, 2021.

  • Quizzing events

    The Quotient Quiz Club engaged DC Comic book fans with a 24 hour quiz that reached out to 552 social media accounts with 653 navigations through the questions. The history quiz garnered 477 social media impressions within 2 hours of the quiz going live. The online quiz events were conducted on Feb 6 and 13, 2012.

  • Hotel show-around for students

    New admits to the hospitality program got a first hand view of layout and working of a leading international hotel. They gained understanding of a successful hotel, hotel standards, different categories of rooms, hotel outlets and operations. The field visit to Bengaluru Marriott Whitefield and Renaissance was organised by the department of hospitality on Feb 10, 2021.

  • Idea for India

    The discussion on ideas that can potentially change India’s growth brought forth the presentation skills, leadership attributes and creativity among the participants as they explained their plans with references. Abhigna and Kanath Abhilash won the top prizes in the ideas contest held on Feb 5, 2021 on PES HN campus with all the necessary precautions.

  • Martyr’s Day Quiz held

    Quotient Quiz club observed the Martyrs' Day with a 24 hour The India Quiz on Jan 30, 2021 that garnered 566 impressions on its social media account. QQC continues to gain more and more followers with topical on-line quiz events.

  • Auditions for bands of music club held

    The auditions for the music club of PESU ECC selected the members of bands in three different genres, The Clefhangers, in Acapella, Shaken not Stirred in Western music, and Swantantraka in Indian classical. The auditions held on Zoom on Jan 29, 2012 selected fourteen talented musicians for the three bands.

  • IEEE SIGHT Group launched

    The inaugural program of the group featured talk on Cryptography and Image Security by Dr. Parameshachari B D, and address on IEEE SIGHT and its potential as a global community by Dr. Abhishek Appaji. Dr. Sandesh B J, Dr. Ajey S N R Chair and Dr. Annaapurna D of PESIT were present on the occasion. IEEE Special Interest Group in Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT) is a global network of enthusiastic volunteers, partnered with underserved communities and local organizations to leverage technology for sustainable development. The event was held on Google Meet on Jan 26, 2021.

  • Space Race held

    The two day online event provided participants a rich exposure to various fields related to space, and included both competitive and informative elements. The contest featured multiple rounds of Solar System Scavenger, Treasure Hunt, Space Jam, Poster Design and Space Debate and followed an elimination based pattern. Raeesa Tanseen and Prachi Sengar won the first prize, Anindya Mishra and Sathvik Valluri, second prize and Vijit Kumar and Anish Udapa, bagged the third prize. Workshop conducted by Equinox club and an Ideathon followed the keenly fought contest. Space Race was conducted on Discord, on the 23-24 January, 2021.

  • Workshop on building drone controllers

    Rotaract Club of PES University in collaboration with IEEE RAS PES University organised a Harry Potter themed workshop, Nimbus 2021. The workshop focused on teaching participants to build a drone controller and implement altitude hold algorithm using Python and demonstration using a simulator in ROS. The workshop on Zoom was conducted by Harshith Kumar, second year student of electronics was held on Jan 24, 2021.

  • HashCode 2020

    The problem statements for the hackathon included domains such as online education, trust in donation systems, applications of Geofencing, Virtual Private Network (VPN) detection, collaboration, and improving customer service systems. The jury members from Red Hat, Mr. Rishiraj Anand, Mr. Ajay Pratap, Ms. Parul Sharma, and Ms. Manaswini Das, addressing the participants touched upon open-source, building communities, emphasized the need for it and explained how it can help students in their careers. Representatives from Nokia on the jury, Mr. Rajat Duggal and Ms. Indumathi Sandirane spoke about 5G technology and the future and the opportunities for software engineers in the telecom industry. 652 students in over 200 teams from various universities across India submitted their solution proposals in the first phase of HashCode 2020. 20 teams consisting of more than 65 students were shortlisted to participate in the online final phase for a chance to win the coveted prize money of up to Rs. 1,30,000. Team Flode of Varun MK, Spandan Sar, Surya Raj, and Prithvi Anil Kumar walked away with the first prize. The 24 hour hackathon, ninth edition of HashCode, was organised by PES Innovation Lab on Discord platform was held on 23-24 Jan, 2021.

  • Orientation event of CSR Club

    The primary purpose of the event was to enlighten enthusiastic freshers about the values of collegiate social responsibility, and encouraging them to be part of activities that can make a difference during their time in the University. Chief guest for the event, Dr. Hare Krishna spoke about the importance of social activities in developing one’s personality. Dr. Vijendra Kumar, and Dr. B M Basavaraja encouraged the students to be part of the club and shared the story of the club’s development and progress over the years. Gresham and Bhavani alumni of CSR club recollected their experience of being a part of the club. Aparna gave a detailed description of the club and its key events, from blood donation camp to fun activities like fitness camp. The tenth annual orientation of the CSR Club was conducted on MS teams and live streamed on YouTube on Jan 23, 2021.

  • Write Angle induction programme

    Write Angle, the official literary club of PES inducted the new recruits of the community at an interaction with existing members whilst fostering new relationships. The event started with a brief introduction by Manah Shetty and Khushi Sahay. They introduced Write Angle and its modus operandi to an enthusiastic group of participants emphasising the importance of developing a safe space for all literary lovers and writers alike. Sequential Storytelling conducted by Shweta Patki tested a participant’s ability to improvise rhymes whilst still being logical. Dumb Charades conducted by Aanchal Narendran had the participants enact a book title. Some of acts were decoded in a matter of seconds although a few left them perplexed. Tongue-Twisting Tale Tellers aimed at trying to get the participants to guess the pronunciation of the names of famed authors. The event was held on Google Meet on Jan 22, 2021.

  • Android Study Jams

    The hands-on workshop was a great opportunity for participants to learn how to build Android apps in the Kotlin programming language, using the curriculum provided by Google. The community organised study group facilitated by Shubham Gupta and Syed Irfan Ahmed was live streamed on YouTube on 7,17 and 21 Jan, 2021.

  • Cricketing Quiz held

    Quotient Quiz Club conducted The Border Gavaskar Trophy in commemoration of India's historic win at Gabba. The cricketing quiz reached quizzing enthusiasts and cricket fans creating 1,270 impressions on social media. QQC continues to gain more and more followers with topical on-line quiz events.

  • Inspirational talk: Boarding the Flight to Success

    The talk by Mr Ananth Vallabh for freshers aimed at bringing out the hidden potential in students to turn them into principle centred youth and develop proactive leadership in them. Students actively participated and they took home the skills so that they can serve the society in a much better way for the benefit of humanity. PES alumni Aditya KR and Shailesk Gaddalay interacted with the students. The online event on Zoom was organised by Dhruva Club on Jan 2, 2021.

  • Creatober unleashes imagination

    Creatober was a 30 day long challenge of creating a piece of art or design. Each day saw the participation of students of different disciplines. The submissions included not just conventional pencil art or sketching but models, sculptures, digital renders, animations, and even tattoos. The creative works were displayed on Dsgnr’s Instagram and Facebook pages. The entries were judged for creativity, consistency, and uniqueness. The winners were: Most Unique Work by Sunidhi CS PES, Most Consistent Artist Swaroop.S and consolation prize for Shrilakshmi Hebbar and Pranjali Nallur. The event organised DSGNR, the official club for Art and Design at the PESU RR Branch was held from Oct 20 to Nov 19, 2020

  • Inspiring acts of kindness

    An act of kindness can be a small gesture like feeding stray dogs, planting a sapling, helping someone in need, or simply making someone smile. To encourage people to spread positivity the event, Simple acts of kindness, inspired participants to take a picture of their act or pen down their thoughts, and share it on Instagram. Entries by Harini V, Alex Johnson, Reya Gafar emerged as the winners. The online event was organised by the CSR Club from Nov 9 to 13, 2020.

  • Elocution competition on Vigilance

    Every year the vigilance awareness week campaign affirms our commitment to promotion of integrity and probity in public life through citizen participation. The themes for the elocution competition for the students to mark the vigilance awareness week included corruption, transparency and anti-corruption movements. The important issues raised by the speakers included the pervasive corruption in Indian society at all levels, anti-corruption laws not being enforced, and political and administrative corruption. Drawing on popular anti-corruption movements in the past, some of the contestants offered suggestions on making India corruption free with most entries stating that this was one of the biggest roadblocks to national progress. The winner of this event was Bhagat Kulkarni from 5th semester, Mechanical for his entry on eradication of corruption. The Vigilance Awareness Week is observed from Oct 27 to Nov 2, during the week in which the birthday of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel falls. The last date for entries were submitted as mp4 files of about 3 minutes each was Nov 2, 2020. The elocution competition was organised by Write Angle, PES student club.

    Follow Write Angle on Instagram: @writeangle.pesu

  • PES University space enthusiasts bag award at The Singapore Space Challenge 2020

    Team XEREACE won the Community Choice Award at Singapore Space Challenge 2020. The winning team comprising of members from Equinox, the Space Club of PES included Amogh Ananth (Mechanical) Amit Gadag (CAD Models) Rashmi KP (Mechanical) Prithvi Monteiro (Mission ConOps) Sneha Raibagi (Mission ConOps). The Awards Ceremony which was initially planned to be held at the Global Space and Technology Conference in February 2020 was rescheduled due to COVID-19 to Sep 23. The theme for the contest was Space Debris which is a difficult problem to solve. The Singapore Space Challenge (SSC) is an annual prestigious national design competition that challenges student teams to design and develop realistic space-related projects. Organized by the Singapore Space And Technology Association, participants work on a variety of projects and complete theoretical models and design prototypes, judged by leaders from the space industry.

  • Workshop on basics of Image Processing and Robot Operating System held

    Hogwarts, the two day Harry Potter theme based technical workshop covered the basics of two of the techniques ideal for rendering graphics in such films. The Image Processing track covered processes from access of webcam to contour identification. The projects taught were based on the Harry Potter theme like Polyjuice, which was about creating a fake background and The Elder Wand about Continuous detection of an object. The Robot Operating System track covered creation of node, ROS topic list, ROS topic echo, RQT graph, assigning publishers and subscribers and simulating bot moves by publishing linear and angular velocities. The workshop was organised by Rotaract Club of PES University, RR Campus on Nov 3 and 5, 2020.

  • Thrift n Turn Workshop held

    The Thrift n’ Turn workshop conducted by Ms Amrita Ramesh, founder of moksha.blr, and a PES alumnus featured hands-on demos on up-cycling clothes. She outlined the environmental and socio-economic perils due to the fast fashion industry. The workshop recommended tips and tricks to maintain clothes, maximise their use and up-cycle existing clothes into new and fresh pieces. Methods to remove various stains were suggested. The importance and effectiveness of thrifting were also described at length. Up-cycling ideas like tie-dying, painting, cropping, hemming and bleach-dying were explained. This was followed by a hands-on demonstration of some popular styles of embroidery and patchwork. The Change Makers Society organised the Thrift n Turn workshop on Oct 30, 2020.

  • Journey through spacetime with Equinox

    “Equinox- The Space Club of PES University" has been doing some amazing work on Instagram.

    It has become the highest followed club page in PES and has inspired club pages to start content series in and outside PES. Their weekly reach - 3000 Instagram Accounts. Currently they have 2900 followers.

    Journey through spacetime with Equinox with every fact-filled Monday (Facta Spatium), detailed Wednesday(Cosmic Catechism) and curious Friday (Curiositas). Get to know the latest space news, answer trivias, attend live space talks and relish a space comic which progresses as per your choices.

    Follow Equinox - The Space Club of PES University @equinox.pes

  • Cooking competition for immunity boosting recipes

    Harshini M Rao and Dhanalakshmi K emerged winners in the competition in which the participants posted videos of cooking dishes and recipes that could boost one’s immunity. The Pakasiddhi club hosted the contest to test spirit of teamwork, culinary skills and appreciation of hard work that goes into cooking, on Oct 16, 2020.

  • Quotient Quiz Club gains more followers

    The weekly quiz events conducted by the club are gaining popularity with each event. The Bollywood Quiz conducted by the club on Sep 9, 2020 reached out to 969 accounts on the social media platforms with 1,218 impressions being created on the social media account. The English Premier League Quiz on Sep 12 grabbed attention of more than 713 unique Instagram accounts. The widely appreciated IPL quiz on Sep 19 received 1,869 online impressions on a single day of the quiz. The annual gaming quiz on Sep 23 reached out to 588 social media accounts creating around 850 social media impressions. Music Quiz on Sep 26 paying homage and our revered respects to Shri. S. P. Balasubrahmanyam touched 511 online accounts creating 869 social media impressions. Business Quiz reached out to 788 accounts creating 1,047 social media impressions. The Gaming Quiz curated by Game Development Club and hosted by QQC garnered 516 views and 69 responses.

    Quotient Quiz Club on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/quotientquizclub/

    Quotient Quiz Club on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/quotientquizclub/

  • Logo design competition by Shevadhi Club held

    Logos are a succinct and efficient way of communicating information of a business. The competition tested the skills related to developing the idea for a logo into a drawing using digital tools, justifying it by an appropriate interpretation and submitting on Instagram or by email. The first prize was won by Harshavardhan C of P.E.S college, Hanumanth Nagar campus and second prize was won by Madhura C, P.E.S college, Electronic City campus. The competition was held from Aug 25-28, 2020.

  • To-do lists get a makeover at AppSprint’20

    The competition saw new ways to maintain to-do lists efficiently. The participants competed to design an app for efficient and creative maintenance of to-do lists. In the design phase, participants had to build a UI/UX design for the app and were judged for navigation intuitiveness, content, organisation of design structure and creativity. In the next phase, the participants developed the application. The jury of Raj Dedania, Founder of Design and Code community, product designer and Lavish Motani, Senior Product Designer at Edelweiss Financial Services evaluated implementation of design to code, organization of components, scalability and completeness. The event was registered on Devpost. The final results were announced in the virtual meet and greet with the jury. The participants got the opportunity to know the judges views about their projects’ shortcomings and future possibilities. The overall winner was Team Presta of Tejaswini V Balaji, Gana VI L, Tushar Sethi; the design phase winner winners were Ishita Datta, Nidhi Raniyer, Shloka Lakka and development phase winners were Arnav Dewan, Kulachi Thapar, Namith Telkar. The event was held online over a week, from July 25 to Aug 2, 2020.

  • AIKYA PES conducts medical camp

    In keeping with the maxim of A healthy outside starts from a healthy inside, the AIKYA PES team organised a visit by doctors from Kuppam for a health check up for the children studying at Veerabhadra Nagar Govt School on Feb 26, 2020. The initiative helped in examining the children for health issues and letting them know the basic steps to grow up with good health and hygiene.

  • Tribute concert for Benny Dayal, Thaikkudam Bridge

    Members of the Music Club in collaboration with CMS and Aatmatrisha performed the chartbuster songs of the country’s top singers. Rohan Ajay, Nalin Saxena, Lakshmi Narayan, Satvik Nath, Yoshitha and Manasa Upadhyaya regaled the audience with their versions at the OAT on Feb 26, 2020.

  • Aatmatrisha 2020’s Pro Nite

    The 7th of March saw Aatmatrisha 2020’s Pro Nite, the most awaited and anticipated day in the Aatmatrisha calendar. Pro Nites of the previous years have seen artists such as Sunidhi Chauhan, Salim-Sulaiman, Vishal Shekhar & Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, but this year was the first time we had such an electrifying duo, the famous Bollywood singer Benny Dayal and Indian Rock Fusion band Thaikuddam Bridge. The show took off at 6pm with the Thaikudam Bridge performing energetic numbers and making the crowd cheer with excitement. This band guaranteed the audience not one moment of silence. The whole crowd sang along in merriment and enjoyment. After this amazing performance Benny Dayal took the stage at 7.30pm and lit it on fire with the most amazing songs. The crowd danced from the very beginning to the end. He sang songs from every decade and audiences sang with him automatically.These artists guaranteed an unforgettable performances well past sunset. All together it was a festival that everyone will remember for their lifetime.  

  • The first day of Aatmatrisha 2020

    The first day of Aatmatrisha 2020 opened with a bang. An approximate crowd of 4000 people had come to participate in a wide spectrum of events that Team Aatmatrisha had to offer. Every nook and corner of college was decorated impeccably by the Creative team. That is not all, at about 6pm on the Mainstage the band 'To Be Decided' kick started Aatmatrisha 2020's Culnite. Followed by a Fashion walk by the Fashion Team of PES University. The Music club performed a set of songs and ended with the Official Aatmatrisha song composed by the team.Team Trance, Sanskriti and Encore lit the stage on fire and entertained the crowd for approximately an hour. To end it all off Dr. V Krishna, Dean, Student Affairs went up on stage to introduce the Core team to the vast crowd of about 5000 students. The night ended with a DJ performance.

    Team Aatmatrisha promised a night that would be remembered and delivered.

  • Aatmatrisha 2020 was officially inaugurated

    Aatmatrisha 2020 was officially inaugurated on the 5th of March at 5:20 pm with the opening ceremony being held in the Dr.M R Doreswamy auditorium at PES University. The event begun with a soulful invocation by Rashmi, a student at PESU.

    Dr. V Krishna presented a heartful and enthusiastic welcome address where he spoke about the phenomenon that AT is.

    The dignitaries then went on to invoke the blessing of the lord by lighting the lamp.

    The inaugural address was delivered by Dr. Keremane Shivananda Hegde, the presiding chief guest of the event. He motivated the gathering and spoke about the pristine art that Yakshagana is.

    Next, Dr.M R Doreswamy took the stage to speak a few words about the event where he enlightened the crowd with his words of wisdom.

    The music video of the fest was launched next. Needless to say, it was well received by all in the audience.

    The event concluded with a mind blowing Yakshagana performance by Shree Keremane Shivananda Hegde.

    The event left everyone feeling good and excited about the two days of Aatmatrisha yet to come

  • Maatrubhasha Diwas Celebrations held

    March 4 saw a fun filled and culturally enriching day at PES University. As a part of the Maatrubhasha Diwas celebrations 'Nammane Sangeetha' which included Meghana Bhat, Rashmi Shashank, Shashank Kalamanji and Pancham Halabandi on the vocals. 

    They were accompanied by Punyesh on keyboard Maruti tabla and Umaprasad on rythm pad andcoordinated by Prof. Chidambara Kalamanji performed a compilation of Kannada songs from all genres for two hours. The event which started at 2:10pm started with Dr. V Krishna giving a welcome address highlighting the greatness of Kannada. Later Dr. Chidambara Kalamanji and troupe took over for an absolutely energising performance. The event was attended by many faculty of the PES University Ring Road Campus. The event was also graced by the Vice Chancellor Dr. J Suryaprasad. The event went up to almost 5:00pm. Students and faculty alike were up on their toes and sang to the numbers played by the troupe.

  • Intra PESU dance competition

    The participants performed dances in various styles that included ballet, hip hop, Bharatanatyam. The dance competition was aimed at encouraging them to express themselves in the art from of their choice. The contest was won by Poorvi (first), Girish G N (second) and Sachin Nayak (third). Team Sanskrithi, Team Encore and Team Trance organised the event at OAT on Jan 30, 2020.

  • Knowing ones true self

    The members of Dhruva Club organised an interaction for the students of first year in PES University. K Vijay, a PES alumnus was the key speaker. The seminar “Know your true self” was aimed at enhancing the personality of students to look at the world in a positive perspective and be ready to face the challenges of life. The talk inspired the participants to work towards realising their hidden potential and achieving the goals set for oneself and the welfare of society. Students actively participated in sharing their experiences with facing the challenges in life and how they overcame them. The event was held at PESU RR campus on Feb 7, 2020.

  • Kauthuki Interclass general quiz event

    105 teams participated in the prelims and the top six teams were selected for the next round. The questions were a combination of both general and business topic which were framed with the intention of catering to the participants with different interests. The final round paved way for the winning teams: Rakshitha and Harshitha (first); Srikar and Chandan K (second) and Jayanth and Chandan (third). The quiz was held at PES HN campus on Feb 6, 2020.

  • Workshop on Robotic Arm Development

    The students got an opportunity to develop a robotic arm based on Arduino microcontroller. The workshop covered all aspect of robot development from the basics to complex movements. Arduino IDE with servos and robotic arm components were used to develop the robot. The workshop was conducted in association with Vimana consortium, a community of dedicated students, industry professionals, amateur makers and innovators, on 5th Feb 2020 on EC campus of PES University.

  • Team Haya’s stellar performance on car racing circuits in 2020

    Team Haya, focused on designing, fabrication and testing of race cars started the year with stellar performances in BAJA SAE 2020, Enduro Student India 2020 and Formula Bharat 2020. The BAJA SAE 2020, Natrax, Pithampur held from Jan 22-26 inspired brilliant minds to come up with mind boggling innovations and developments to create a better version of vehicles. Team Haya bagged 19th overall all India ranking, 3rd in South India and 2nd in Karnataka. The team bagged all India rankings of 5th in Manoeuvrability, 8th in Endurance, 10th in Design and 34th in Virtuals. Enduro Student India 2020, an off-road student design competition that tests engineering students on practical aspect of building something with their own hands and team management was held at Talegaon, Pune from Feb 6-10. Team Haya put up top-notch performance to emerge all India 1st in SprintX, was adjudged all India 2nd in cost with 1st in South India; all India 3rd in Business with 3rd in South India and 2nd in Karnataka; all India 4th in Endurance with 3rd in South India and 2nd in Karnataka; all India 4th in Acceleration with 3rd in South India and 2nd in Karnataka; all India 6th in manoeuvrability with 3rd in South India and 2nd in Karnataka. Formula Bharat 2020, the engineering design competition in which students from colleges and universities all over the country, compete with a life-size formula-style vehicle was held at Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore from Jan 22-26. Team Haya logged impressive leads to come 5th pan India out of 56 teams, 2nd in South India and 1st in Karnataka; came 3rd in Cost and Manufacturing event with 1st in South India; came 4th in Business Presentation with 3rd in South India and 2nd in Karnataka; came 4th in Endurance with 2nd in South India and 1st in Karnataka; came 4th in Autocross with 2nd in South India and 2nd in Karnataka and also pocketed the Best Driver Award. Team Haya is geared to raise the bar on innovation in design and excellence in fabrication in the upcoming competitions.

  • Innovative technology ideas for social change bag top prizes at Incito 2020

    The annual ideation competition brought forth innovative ideas about using technology for social change that included water conservation, traffic management, sustainability, AI/ML in Agriculture. First place, was won by team BogARt of Shreya and Harshita, PES University students of CSE, for their idea to develop a VR application to create objects and environment that would help people face their worst fears and overcome them. Second place was won by team Yoga Guide consisting of Khushei, PES University student of CSE, for her idea of using point based motion tracking for teaching Yoga. Third place was won by team Agriculture Upliftment of Venkat and Jayant, PES University students of ECE, for using a tech stack to help farmers with crop growth and farming optimisations. Team Virtual Companies, consisting of Akshay SP, PES University student of CSE won a consolation prize for the idea of creating virtual environments to simulate companies. Team Old is Gold, consisting of Samridhi of PES University student of CSE, that was about helping the aged community participate in social development programs won a consolation prize. The jury members included Mr. Vinod Paranjpe, from Nokia’s University Collaboration Team, Dr. RG Kulkarni, Distinguished Professor, Dr. Radhakrishnan, Chairperson of the S&H Department, Dr Saumya Adhikari, Professor in the ECE Department and Prof. M Rajasekar, Associate Professor in the ECE Department. PES Innovation Lab (formerly the Microsoft Innovation lab) conducted Incito 2020, annual ideation competition open for all engineering colleges, during Jan-Feb 2020.

  • Unique fusion concert held

    Team Ninaada kicked off events for 2020 with a unique fusion concert, The Mathias Project. The concert featured Amit Nadig on the flute, Matthias Schrielf on the trumpet, Anoor Vinod Shyam on the mridangam and Sunaad Anoor on the khanjira. The show started with Mallari, a serene and calming experience like the light tinkling of the morning bells at a temple. A number of power packed numbers followed which included flavours of folk, Carnatic and Hindustani forms of art. The rendition of Sarasa Samadana a famous Krithi in Kapi Narayani was enrapturing. The mellifluous rendition by Amit Nadig was complemented by the unique sound of Matthias’ trumpet. A string of harmonies introduced the audience to a rare form of German-Irish folk music. The icing on the cake was the thunderous konnukol face-off by the brilliant performers, Sunaad Anoor and Vinod Shyam who played their instruments effortlessly and lifted the entire concert to a different level. The music concert presided over by Dr VK Krishna, Dean Student affairs was held on Jan 17, 2020.

  • Screening of Wild Karnataka

    Students got an opportunity to watch the acclaimed documentary Wild Karnataka on large screen. The audience took pride in the fact that one of the film-makers was Kalyan Varma, mechanical engineering graduate of 2001 batch of PES University. Over 1200 students enjoyed the beautiful visuals and never-seen-before perspective on the wildlife of Karnataka. The screening was organised by Pixels Photography club on Feb 11, 2020.

  • Samarpana launch event

    The launch event of Samarpana with the unfurling of the banner atop F Block featured performances by Music Club and Team Sanskriti. As a tribute to the brave Indian soldier's, Samarpana Run, the annual event welcomes participants of all age groups to take part in long-distance running, the proceeds of which are donated to martyr families. The event enables interaction with jawans and their families. Dr. Suryaprasad J, Vice-Chancellor Dr. V Krishna, Dean of Student Affairs and Prof. S V Venkatesh graced the launch event with the participation of over 200 enthusiastic students on January 27, 2020.

  • Team Aatmatrisha sets the ball rolling

    Team Aatmatrisha set the ball rolling with Artist Unveiling event, revealing the identities of Aatmatrisha 2020’s headlining artists. A large flyer revealed the stand-up comedian for the event as Akash Gupta and for Pro-Nite the team announced Benny Dayal and Thaikkudam Bridge as headlining performer. The event saw the in-house DJ kewcumber taking control of the turntable and playing a mix of his own tracks and popular hits. Dr. J Suryaprasad and Dr. V Krishna presented the core team with the core team ID cards ad addressed the gathering at the fun filled interaction on January 31, 2020.

  • Gaming Quiz held

    The top nine finalist teams slugged it out after answering twenty tough questions in the written preliminary round. Hrishikesh V and Abhilash emerged winners. The Gaming Quiz, a joint effort of Game Development Club and Quotient Quiz Club which was conducted by quiz masters Anuj Tambwekar and Tejas Srinivasan, was held on January 20, 2020.

  • Clapboard sounded for Action Cut

    Action Cut, the film making club is started with a vision to create content to learn, understand, perceive and respond to situations in a proper manner. The club Action Cut is a platform for students to develop film making skills, as talent is born but a skill needs to be developed. V. Krishna the Dean, Student Affairs and Harish, HOD, BBA department lit the lamp and inaugurated the club by sounding the clap board at the launch held on January 23, 2020.

  • Student club’s social outreach

    Members of PES Team Aikya organised an interaction of students of the government school in Bhuvaneswari nagar, Binnypet with Mr Yashwanth, to mentally prepare them for the upcoming the Board exams. Mr. Yashwanth, the guest speaker, started with a small activity for the students telling the importance of concentration, presence of mind and living in the moment instead of worrying about the past and the future. He highlighted the importance of education and motivated them to dream big and work towards realising them. In a very engaging way he answered why, what, when and how of studying and taught simple methods of studying and concentrating more effectively. He also touched upon some vital life virtues and explained how valuable it is to keeping up the trust of the people in our lives. He concluded it with an advice about maintaining calm and facing the Board exams without panic. The students many of whom were nervous about the upcoming examination, found the interaction beneficial useful enjoyable. This was PES Team Aikya’s first event and the volunteers look forward to presenting more such socially useful events. The youth Initiative of The Akshaya Patra Foundation.

  • Write Angle Club presents enthralling performances

    Write Angle, the official literary club of PESU, kick-started the semester with its flagship event, the OpenMic, showcasing over 27 performances. The first performance of beatboxing had everyone hooting in support. Spoken word poetry embodying stories of the youth touched hearts. The music band performances got hands clapping and feet tapping. A stand up comedy performance, so naturally performed, got everyone laughing. For the first time, the event had a sports act too!

  • inGenius and GirlGeeksHack held

    inGenius, the annual 24-hour hackathon and GirlGeeksHack hackathon supported by IEEE CompSoc Bangalore Chapter saw over 310 hackers competing to create the best solution. The participants received support and guidance from a team of 27 mentors and judges, who brought a deep knowledge and experience with them. Participants included students from PESU, RVCE, KSIT, Ramaiah Institute of Technology, BIT, Amrita University, Dayananda Sagar and CMRIT. The participants were encouraged to submit original and creative ideas from domains to include AI, ML, blockchain, AR, robotics and other areas. The alumni of PESU-ECC currently working in prestigious companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Amadeus Labs, GE and Societe Generale spent time with the participants and were available throughout the event to help and clear any doubts. The winning team of inGenius won Rs. 40,000 and an iPad for developing an application to aid children in learning Mathematics in an easy-to-understand manner while the runners up built a solution for early detection of Parkinson's disease. The winners of GirlGeeksHack who won Rs. 20,000 and an iPad screened the age of people accessing videos to ensure that age-appropriate content is viewed. The runner up team worked on generating user-customisable web pages by simply taking preferences from the user. Prizes worth over Rs. 2 lakhs were distributed to the winners of different categories. inGenius and GirlGeeksHack was sponsored by Sahaj Software, Microsoft, News Technology Services, Zoom Abroad, Dataiken and Skillenza. GirlGeeksHack of IEEE CompSoc Bangalore Chapter is a hackathon aimed at helping foster greater participation by women in the field of computer science and engineering. The hackathons were hosted by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of PESU-ECC on November 16-17, 2019.
  • Blood Donation Camp at PES University

    Collegiate Social Responsibility Club (CSR) of PES University has organized a blood donation camp on November 18, 2019. The camp was organized to make students to be aware of the need to donate blood as well as inculcating a value of contributing to the society. Dr, M.R. Doreswami, Chancellor of PES University inaugurated the blood donation camp and congratulated the thousands of gathering students for their willingness to come forward for donating blood. NIMHANS, Kidvai, Red Cross, Victoria Hospital and PES Medical College, Kuppam blood banks were participated and collected 680 units of blood in this mega event.

    AIKYA CLUB of PES University hosted an Orientation and Children’s day. AIKYA which means United to Serve aims in building Social Leaders. The AIKYA_PESU Orientation was held on 14th Nov 2019 on the occasion of Children’s day. The event focussed on motivating the volunteers about social service and the benefits of it. Students of Veerabhadra nagar government school were invited for the program and encouraged to perform cultural activities.They were gifted with necessary stationeries as a token of appreciation. To make a small difference in the society AIKYA club of PES University has kick started a new Journey.
  • The National Finals of ConQuizTador 2019 and the Bengaluru round held

    The National finals of ConQuizTador 2019 and the Bengaluru round, one of Karnataka’s most popular and anticipated high school quizzes, was held on 13th November 2019. The exhilarating Quiz contest witnessed a turnout of over 3000 students from Bengaluru and other cities across India. Questions covering a wide array of topics such as history, sports, entertainment, and science were posed to the students. The annual event was conducted by Quotient Quiz Club, the official quizzing forum of PES University. Winners of the regional rounds of ConQuizTador, which were conducted earlier in the year, came down to Bengaluru to face each other in the National Finals. The competition kicked off with the Bengaluru prelims, which comprised of a written round of 20 questions. Following this, were the Bengaluru Finals that witnessed intense and high stakes quizzing. After many close calls and good cracks, Sri Kumaran’s Children Home CBSE (SKCH) emerged the Bengaluru Champions. The team from BGS National Public School took the second place, while a team from The Amaatra Academy came in third place and moved on to the National Semi-Finals. This was followed by two eliminator rounds in which the regional champions battled it out to earn their spot in the Grand Finale. The teams from Mumbai, Mangalore, Delhi, Jaipur, and Kochi in addition to the three teams from Bengaluru made the best of their opportunities and moved on to the final round. The finals which followed was the high octane round that people have come to expect from the past editions. Three teams were in close competition for the Dr. MR Doreswamy Trophy for Quizzing Excellence until the penultimate question. The teams from Mangalore, Delhi and the eventual winners had a tight race. Emotions ran high but the team from SKCH CBSE kept their cool to pull off a memorable win. The felicitation of all the finalists and the Bengaluru winners was presided over by Dr V Krishna, the Dean of Student Affairs, PES University, who gave away trophies and certificates to all the teams.
  • hacktoberfest@PESU

    The Day of Talks at hacktoberfest@PESU featured three expert guest speakers. Prof. K Gopinath from IISc delved into the philosophy behind FOSS and its roots in ancient India also its role in building the industry. Dr. Aravind MA focused on the importance of creating communities like Open Hardware and the challenges and opportunities in open hardware at present. Ms. Zainab Bawa, discussed diversity in tech communities and challenges she faced in enabling people in technology meet each other, collaborate on new opportunities and advance the state of the art.
  • Glimpses of future at Hashcode 2019

    Students showcased stellar projects powered by a wide range of technologies including Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and App Development at Hashcode 2019 hackathon. Four teams emerged as top coders from the 46 contenders: Winner - Anushka Hebbar, Shreya Srinivas and Harshita C – PES University; First Runner Up - Ayush Ujjwal and Aman Bhatnagar – MSRIT, Second Runner Up - Darshan D, Mayur Peshve and Manu M Bhat - PES University, and Jury’s prize - Abhiram Natarajan, Dipayan Sinha and Karthik Cottur – RVCE. The winning hack, NavAR used Augmented Reality combined with the foundation of the Unity game engine, and implementing SLAM technology to navigate and provide directions to the end user. It allows the users to reach their destination accurately around confined areas which would prove to be difficult using other apps such as Google Maps. The app was made for the PESU campus and allows for better accuracy, sense of direction and navigation for freshers, guests and visiting dignitaries. According to Anushka, “Our future goal is to expand the scale of our project to business complexes, shopping malls, client sites of an enterprise, and different operational divisions and transforming it to handle client customisation. With a blueprinted alien territory in hand, our aim is to provide for hassle free maneuvering.” The four winners walked away with cash prizes of Rupees 40k, 30k, 20k and 10k. Microsoft Innovation Lab of PES University hosted the eighth edition of its annual 24-hour hackathon Hashcode 2019 on October 26-27, 2019.
  • Samarasa 2019: A rare treat of Indian classical music and dance

    PES University’s annual classical music and dance confluence enthralled the audience with Carnatic and Hindustani vocal and instrumental music and Bharatnatyam performances by accomplished artists. The inaugural function was presided over by Vidhushi Dr. Jayanthi Kumaresh, renowned Veena artist. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Jayanthi Kumareshthen wished everyone a happy Dussehra and commended PES University for encouraging fine arts, and not restricting themselves to the technical aspects of engineering. She said, “it encourages critical thinking, creates curious minds and therefore professional lives”. Dr. M.R.Doreswamy in his presidential address highlighted the influence of classical music on our lives and importance of Indian heritage and culture and how our country’s art forms bring us all together and reinforce the spirit of “unity is diversity”. Present on the occasion were Dr. KN B Murthy, Vice Chancellor, Dr. V Krishnamurthy, Registrar and Dr. V Krishna, Dean of Student Affairs. The second day featured Trimukhi-instrumental ensemble, violin in solo, Hindustani and Carnatic vocal and bharatnatyam recital which regaled the audience. The curtain raiser concert of Carnatic vocal performance held on the previous day set the tone for the spellbinding events. Samarasa 2019 was held on Oct 5-6, 2019.
  • Inter-departmental Carom tournament

    B R MOHAMMED SAQALIN MUSHTAQ and SIDDESH H emerged as winner and runner-up in the Inter-departmental Carom tournament. Both the players are students of third semester in Mechanical Engineering. The event was organised by the Physical Education department of the university.
  • DSC PESU Cloud Study Jam 2019

    The tech intensive interaction featured expert speakers sharing their insights about the emerging technologies and how it shaped their lives. Nikhil Raichur, Community Manager for DSC (Developer Student Clubs) talked about the various programs of the GDG (Google Developers Group). Bharat Chetty, software engineer at NASDAQ, alumnus of PES University, and invitee to the recently held Google I/O highlighted the importance of learning the basics before diving into the world of tech. Nikita Gandhi, Project Coordinator for EngEDU's ML Program at Google talked about AI being a boon or bane and how students should work towards becoming better engineers with the help of developer communities. Pavankumar Manjalagiri software engineer at NASDAQ talked about Google Cloud. Shiv Prakash, data science engineer at AsknBid and Mathang, expert in Machine Learning helped the students with their doubts on Qwiklabs. The Cloud Study Jam conducted by DSC PESU held on July 20, 2019 was attended over 180 participants. Qwiklabs session saw participation of around 150 students with 30+ Quest completions.
  • Celebrating Pi Day

    Celebrating the spirit of innovation unleashed by RaspberryPi, the one day event, Pi-DEA featured interesting activities under Events like Pi-Quiz, Pi-Puzzle, Pi-Paint, Pi-Code, Pi-Game and Show-Pi. The online Pi-Quiz attracted worldwide participation. The “init” club of MCA department collaborated with the official Raspberry Pi clubs-Code-Club; CoderDojo for this event held on Mar 14, 2019.
  • Team Aranea meets Vice President (Tech & Innovation) of Lockheed Martin

    Team Aranea from PES University works on novel de-orbiting mechanism for Micro and Nano satellites in low and medium altitude Earth orbits (LEOs & MEOs) in the project called Ultra-thin Wires Drag Enhancement System (UWDES). Ten members of the team attended the International Astronautical Congress (IAC)-2017 held at Adelaide, Australia from Sept 25th to 29th. IAC is the largest annual space tech conference attended by scientists, industry and academia worldwide. The team presented a paper on the UWDES concept, titled “Drag Enhancement for Spacecraft using Numerous Ultra-Thin Wires Arranged into Drag-Wire Webs of Various Configurations”. Earlier, the project reached the Top 10 Innovations of the IIGP 2.0 (India Innovation Growth Programme) 2017, University Challenge competition jointly organized by Dept. of Science and Technology (DST), Lockheed Martin (LM) and Tata Trusts. A grant of Rs. 10 lakhs was awarded for the project as part of Phase A of the competition. During IAC-2017, the team met and Dr. Robie Roy, Vice President, Technology Strategy & Innovation, Corporate Engineering, Technology and Operations, Lockheed Martin Corporation, USA to discuss the prospects of the UWDES project. Dr Robie Roy conveyed to Dr Sharan Asundi, mentor for the project and adjunct faculty at CORI, PES University, that he was deeply impressed by the team’s work. Prakash M. Sesha, Lockheed Martin Fellow considered the presentation by team Aranea as one of the best student led presentations during the down-select at IIT Bombay and looked forward to collaborating as the concepts develop into a demonstrable prototype.
  • Team Aranea meets Vice President (Tech & Innovation) of Lockheed Martin

    Team Aranea from PES University works on novel de-orbiting mechanism for Micro and Nano satellites in low and medium altitude Earth orbits (LEOs & MEOs) in the project called Ultra-thin Wires Drag Enhancement System (UWDES). Ten members of the team attended the International Astronautical Congress (IAC)-2017 held at Adelaide, Australia from Sept 25th to 29th. IAC is the largest annual space tech conference attended by scientists, industry and academia worldwide. The team presented a paper on the UWDES concept, titled “Drag Enhancement for Spacecraft using Numerous Ultra-Thin Wires Arranged into Drag-Wire Webs of Various Configurations”. Earlier, the project reached the Top 10 Innovations of the IIGP 2.0 (India Innovation Growth Programme) 2017, University Challenge competition jointly organized by Dept. of Science and Technology (DST), Lockheed Martin (LM) and Tata Trusts. A grant of Rs. 10 lakhs was awarded for the project as part of Phase A of the competition. During IAC-2017, the team met and Dr. Robie Roy, Vice President, Technology Strategy & Innovation, Corporate Engineering, Technology and Operations, Lockheed Martin Corporation, USA to discuss the prospects of the UWDES project. Dr Robie Roy conveyed to Dr Sharan Asundi, mentor for the project and adjunct faculty at CORI, PES University, that he was deeply impressed by the team’s work. Prakash M. Sesha, Lockheed Martin Fellow considered the presentation by team Aranea as one of the best student led presentations during the down-select at IIT Bombay and looked forward to collaborating as the concepts develop into a demonstrable prototype.
  • Brilliant performance by Team Aeolus at international challenge

    Team Aeolus from PES University participated in the AIAA- Design Build and Fly Challenge and secured the 3rd position in Asia and the 27th position worldwide. The team was placed above teams from prestigious universities such as Stanford, Cal Tech and the University of Michigan. In the competition was held in Tucson, Arizona USA, teams were required to develop an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle capable of being loaded into a cylindrical tube. Team Aeolus designed custom mechanisms for the same which led to them having one of the smallest and most efficient planes in the competition.
  • PESIT student wins second place in national Boeing Aeromodelling Festival

    Rohit of PESIT Bangalore South Campus finished second in the prestigious Boeing National Aeromodelling Festival organised by IIT Kanpur on March 20, 21. Rohit was representing Team Avions. According to Team Avions mentor Dr SV Satish Rohit was at 5th position in virtual round which constitutes of design and fabrication of the Un-Manned Aircraft (UAV) out of 300 participating colleges including IITs. Later, during aerobatics round, Rohit gave a tough competition to all other teams and finished at 2nd position Overall. The PESIT management, staff and students are extremely happy with Rohit’s achievement. Rohit is in his first year of mechanical engineering. The team Avions constituting 45 members had qualified in virtual round in SAE Bangalore and SAE Chennai events. The team will now participate in the aerobatic round scheduled for April 2017.

    Shrikanth Yadav presented a paper on active magnetic control system of a nano-satellite at the 67th International Astronautical Congress, Guadalajara, Mexico, 2016. The participation gave him an opportunity to meet designers and developers in the nanosatellite programs from countries like Denmark and France. He also interacted with several private firms offering services related to performing experiments on board the ISS through NASA and even launching Cubesats from the ISS. He attended live sessions that covered the final landing of the Rosetta on the comet 67P. The paper was titled “Design and development of an onboard in loop simulation system for in orbit testing and validation of active magnetic control system of a nano-satellite”. The team comprising of research assistant Shivanand Diggavi and Shrikant was headed by Divya Rao and guided by Dr VK Agarwal. Shrikanth received the ISRO/ASI grant to attend the conference and the travel expenses were paid for. He is a second year student of undergraduate program in the department of Electrical and Electronics.

    Team Aeolus, the aero-modelling club of PES University bagged sixth place in the International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC) 2016 held at held at Georgia Tech, USA. The project involved construction of an autonomous multi-rotor capable of solving the dynamic maze herding the ground bots towards the finish line without the use of GPS. IARC is the longest running collegiate aerial robotics challenge in the world, in its third decade of advancing the state of the art in autonomous aerial robotic behavior. The competition sees participation of leading universities from around the world. Team Aeolus was placed first among the Asian institutions, and was ahead of teams from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Georgia Institute of Technology, BITS Pilani among others. The winning team form PES University comprised of: Sushanth M.P., Sovan Das, Siddharth R N, Akshay Kalkunte, Pranav Singhania, Anush S. Kumar, Hashmath and Venkat.

    Spraying pesticides, surveillance or monitoring the arboreal environment can put life of tree climbers at great risk. We take great pride in the efforts of our students in devising an innovative solution in the form of a robot that can climb coconut trees in less than five minutes carrying a payload. The robot can perform a wide range of functions by connecting suitable attachments. The portability of the robot adds to the convenience in usage. The robot weighing about 6 kgs can carry payloads of up to 1 kg. The attainable speeds during ascent and descent are 1 meter per 50 seconds and 1 meter per 39 seconds respectively. The robot is pneumatically actuated and is developed on Aurdino platform. The open source platform consists of a microcontroller and integrated development environment. The robot was designed and fabricated by final year students of PESIT Bangalore South Campus, Ravi Teja and Ashik Gowda. The team also comprised of Aviral Kumar and Mohan B K. The students were guided by Dr S V Satish, A Benjamin Rohit and Dr Subrahmanya.

    Indian Army protects the nation on the borders and comes to the rescue of people when faced with calamities. Strengthening this commitment is the sacrifices by their families. As a tribute to the support by the families, Samarpana event is organized every year by PES University. Samarpana 2016, had various programmes for benefit of the families of soldiers from April 12 to 14. The felicitation function was presided over by Shri Raghvendra H Auradkar, IPS and Dr M R Doreswamy, Chancellor, PES University. On the occasion, Captain Naveen, a Kargil war veteran shared his combat experiences with a packed auditorium of eager students. Families of fifteen soldiers and martyrs were felicitated. The University values the privilege of hosting the families of soldiers for three days and extending all possible help. The families of soldiers and martyrs from far flung areas of Karnataka were invited to Bangalore. They were provided legal advice for handling paperwork related to pensions and other formalities, medical consultancy and advice on empowerment. On the first day, felicitation function was followed by a workshop on women’s empowerment to create awareness about various opportunities that can help women to be economically independent. Meditation workshop by the Art of Living demonstrated the methods which can help the families cope up with the stress and anxiety as a family of a soldier. On the second day, a medical camp for the families had fourteen specialists which included ophthalmologists, orthopaedicians, and gynecologists attend to their health problems. The musical evening featuring popular Kannada Sugama Sangeetha Artist Smt M D Pallavi was attended by the families of soldiers and students. On the third day the families were taken around the city of Bangalore and were seen of by the organizing team. The organizing team comprised of Ishdeep, Honey, Rishab, Aditya, Ayush, Ankit, Jatin, Kaushik, Lokesh, Yash, Akshay, Nishesh, Neerav, Rajat, Tanya, Satya, Sayan. Sakshat, Shubam, Sumanth, Darshan, Vikram. Anoosh, Monica, Nagashree, Ashwin, Smitha, Nabha, Saqib, Prashant, Ajay, Anurag, Jerry, Divya and Akash.

    Project Mela 2016 showcased more than 160 projects successfully completed by students of PESIT, Bangalore South campus on April 22, 2016. The projects were undertaken during the year by students of Computer Science, Electronics and Mechanical Engineering branches. For students of the institution, learning is also about applying engineering knowledge to solve real world challenges. The outcome was a wide range of technology solutions that included: heart attack detector, automatic automobile seat recliner, cost effective farming equipment, hybrid power generation, automatic railway track cleaner and pneumatic tree climbing robot. Dr. Surya Prasad, Principal and Director of the institution, inaugurated the event. More than 2500 students, parents and industry officials were witness to the live demonstration of the projects.
  • Siastra 2016: A Unique Management Fest

    The national management fest was conducted by the department of MBA on the University campus from March 17 to 20, 2016. One of the leading actors of the Kannada film industry, Vijaya Raaghavendra inaugurated the event. He felt that the large number of participants as compared to his experience in a popular television show made the event a challenging task. He commended the efforts of the organizing team and wished them success in their endeavor. The contestants were restricted to a common area. They competed with each other by saving themselves from eliminations based on votes. The long hours of the contest tests the patience, ability to get along with colleagues, and diligence in completing the tasks diligently in coordination with the competitors. The format gives a glimpse of the challenges which may faced by the managers at personal and professional levels, in their times to come. The winning team from Acharya Institute of Management Science, Bangalore survived the many rounds of elimination. The three day event saw participation of over 100 students and gave the organizing team hands on experience of getting sponsors for the event and marketing and organizing the event. The core team comprised of Siddanagouda Biradar, Shreyas Marudeswar, Suraj Rathi and Tejas A V.
  • PES students to lend helping hand to martyrs’ families – Deccan Herald

    Students from PES University will extend medical and legal assistance to the families of around 15 army martyrs across Karnataka this year. Samarpana, a student group dedicated to honour these martyrs has come up with the initiative. As part of Samarpana’16, this year a charity marathon themed ‘Run with the Jawans’ was organised in the City on Sunday. Kunal Pamami, a student involved with the group, said: “We want to create awareness about the sacrifices of these jawans. Since 2009, we have organised the event for around 60 families where we will be conducting medical and legal camps on matters related to pensions and other grievances.” The objective of the marathon, according to the students, was to bridge the gap between civilians and jawans by helping the former realise the hardship and sacrifices a jawan experiences in his life. As many as 400 jawans and 200 civilians participated in the marathon. There were two categories in the marathon – 5 km and another of 10 km. “A 60-year-old former ISRO scientist and a woman who completed the 10-km mar-athon with her baby in a pram were some of the main highlights of the marathon,” said Kunal. Samarpana has been previously attended by dignitaries like Kargil veteran and gallantry award winner, Major Ashok Sharma and father of the late Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan. Samarpana will also felicitate the martyrs’ families as part of a two-day festival to be held in April.
  • PRAKALPA 2016

    PRAKALPA 2016, the annual technology fair of PES University that showcases the best projects undertaken by the students of the university was inaugurated by M N Vidyashankar, President, India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA). The day-long event attracted over ten thousand curious visitors who had a great experience walking through the exhibition ground on the campus. Students of various branches of the university and those from other institutions got a glimpse of the diverse range of practical experiments undertaken by the students. Among the visitors were also the senior citizens associated with technology and parents curious to find out more about the institution their wards are studying in. The sprawling campus dotted by stalls carried a festive air. More than one hundred projects which were live working models of new ideas and based on the latest in technology were on display. The university’s emphasis on multi-disciplinary learning was evident in the wide range of projects conceived and implemented by the students under the expert guidance of the faculty. The exhibitors got an opportunity to interact with the chief guest M N Vidyashankar as he visited the stalls and showed keen interest in the projects. He opined that such practical and hands-on approach can add immense value to curricular teaching. The prize winning projects and winners in seven categories were: MPV-Electric Vehicle (Mechanical) by Chaman, Ankit, Ankush; Development of a prototype of extreme upper limb prosthetics (Electrical) by Sramana Dan, Piyush Kumar, Neha; A methodology for detection and localization of dynamite fishing (Electronics) by Chandan, Skanda, Sumukha; Interaction of Salmonella with plants under abiotic stress (Biotechnology) by Jyotsna; Smart Jacket (Computer Science) by Nikita Nagaraj, Prerna K, Samyukta Rao, and Novel approach of graph DB for storing and analyzing gene sequence (Computer Science); Financial feasibility study of Jana Kisan loan product at Janalakshmi Financial Services (Management) by Dharnesh K L.
  • PESU Students donate 853 lifesaving units of blood

    PESU Students donate 853 lifesaving units of blood through Blood Donation Camp organised by CSR Club on Monday, January 18. Students across a number of programs turned out more than double the number of expected units of blood during the camp at MRD Auditorium, PESU Campus. There were a lot of first-time donors, who got over their fear and made a meaningful difference by giving back to the community. About CSR Club: The Collegiate Social Responsibility Club of PES University, which has been striving towards its aim of service to the less fortunate.
  • Prakalpa 2014

    In keeping with the motto of “education for the real world” the students demonstrated their ability to go beyond raw concepts and abstract ideas. The annual event featured practical implementation of path breaking ideas in the form of projects successfully completed by students of all branches. The best projects were selected based on the creative component and practical utility. A walk through the venue showed once again that the students like every year have put in their best efforts to push the envelope. The enthusiasm of the participants showed that the creative spirit can make a difference like nothing else. Thanks for joining the celebration of creativity.
  • Team Samarpana: Present and Future

    Samarpana is an initiative by the students of PES University for the welfare of war widows and their families. We have worked over the last two years to engage with such families from across Karnataka, to discover their problems and issues, to try and bring these issues to the notice of relevant people and organizations and to inculcate a feeling of patriotism, by way of respect for the institution of the state and a sense of duty towards fellow citizens, among the younger generation. In 2009, and then continuously since 2012, we have invited around 15 families every year to be with us at the PESU campus to engage with students and management, who have contributed monetarily as well as pledged for help in kind. Since 2013, we have focused on rural NCO and JCO families, arranging for them a free medical camp, information on the ECHS scheme, a seminar on their rights and entitlements, empowerment and entrepreneurship workshops, and have felicitated them as an expression of gratitude and enabled interaction between them and students. In 2014, we have invited 15 families from the Belgaum region of Karnataka. PES University will host them on campus for the event on the 11th and 12th of March, and a tour of Bangalore City has been arranged for them on the 13th March following which they will return to their homes. They will be felicitated in a grand ceremony at 11am on the 11th following which our team and outside experts will be working with them to empower them through self-help workshops, address specific issues related to non-availability of ECHS, Canteen Cards and pensions. We are also organizing a display of arms for the benefit of students on campus. As a part of our awareness campaign on the armed forces, we have organized recruitment talks from the army, an exhibition of armed forces technology, a student visit to the HQ of the Para-commando training centre, seminars by Kargil veterans Maj. (Retd) Ashok Sharma and Capt. (Retd) Akhilesh Saxena. The Samarpana Run held on 23rd March 2014 saw over 400 soldiers from across Bangalore join in with over 1500 participants for a 10K Run, as an opportunity to interact and foster a sense of fraternity between them and civilians. We also organized the Shukriya campaign in September 2013, getting students and citizens from across Bangalore to write letters and record videos personally thanking the Armed Forces for their efforts and sacrifices, which we delivered in person to the GoC at the HQ at Baramulla in J&K. We have had ties with and support from various institutions and individuals in our efforts. We have received extensive cooperation from the Sainik Welfare Office (SWO), and the Bangalore sub-command as well as local regiment centres, especially the ASC, MEG and Para’s. Apart from PESU itself, Prestige Group, JSW Steel, IndiaBulls Real Estate, Fortis Hospitals and Gopalan Malls have all been sponsors and partners with us in our various campaigns. At this juncture, Samarpana has tremendous potential to make a significant and measurable difference to the families of those who have lost their loved ones in service to the nation. We are working towards the creation of a formal framework, to be able to carry forward our work on several fronts, such as: • Providing accurate and relevant information to war widows regarding their entitlements and compensations, getting them in touch with relevant authorities, and, where necessary, following up with necessary paperwork. • Collaborating with SWOs on being able to register as many families as possible, making an effort to reduce the number of families that are not officially recognized either due to oversight or lack of adequate documentation. • Raising funds to help families, who have lost their loved ones in combat, but due to policy loopholes or technicalities, are not entitled to adequate compensations, or to financial help in specific instances, such as medical treatment at non-ECHS hospitals in case of emergencies. • Advising widows on the utilization their funds and grants in the most appropriate manner. • Empowering them to be able to cope with their loss and deal with the society around them. • Providing them microfinance opportunities to help them achieve financial independence. • Mentorship programmes for children of rural and/or impoverished families, being able to advise them on issue on which they have few or no other sources of advice, such as education. These families have sacrificed much for the well-being of the society of which both we and they are a part of, and as a part of that society, we endeavor to be able to convey our gratitude for their sacrifice and give something back to those that have given so much for us.