ConQuizTador 2017 picks the sharpest minds

By in PES University on December 15, 2017

National finals of ConQuizTador 2017, one of Karnataka’s most popular and anticipated high school quizzes witnessed a turnout of over 750 students from Bengaluru and other cities of India. Questions about a wide array of topics such as history, sports, entertainment, and science were posed to the students. Little Flower High School, Hyderabad won the “Dr M.R. Doreswamy Trophy for Quizzing Excellence”. Dr V Krishna, the Head of Student Activities, PES University gave away trophies and certificates. The final round had questions that left the finalists stumped in some moments and the winning team succeeded in building up a lead early on. The teams from Delhi, and Kochi followed closely at their heels, racking up points in crucial buzzer rounds. Hyderabad’s early lead paid off, as they just managed to one up the Delhi team by a five points, winning the title of National Champions of ConQuizTador 2017, and successfully defending their title won last year. Winners of the regional rounds of ConQuizTador came down to Bengaluru for a face off against in the national finals. In the two elimination rounds, teams battled it out to earn their spot in the Grand Finale. The teams from Jamshedpur, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Kochi, Mysore and Mangalore made the best of their opportunities and moved on to the next round. ConQuizTador, an annual event is conducted by Quotient Quiz Club, the official quizzing forum of PES University.

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