Splendid performance at HoneyWell Tech Challenge by PES University students

By in PES University, Student Achievements on November 15, 2016

The open office environment creates unique situations at workplace. The HoneyWell TechChallenge tested the problem solving and technical skills of participating teams in tackling a real world issue. The team of Adarsh S, Prabhanjan S K, Prajwal M R and Shashank T D was adjudged the winner. The judges chose the solution for simplicity of the application among other features.

Objective: To find the location of a user within office campus based on the WiFi router to which the user is connected to. For instance, if a user was connected to the Wi-Fi router present in the second floor of B-Block, on searching for his name or ID, the result would display as Second floor, B-Block. If the user connected to a different router later, when in G Block, then the location entry in the database should be updated to the instant location.

Challenge: Dynamically track the location by mapping the locations, maintaining and updating location in a database and searching the instant location.

Solution: The winning team used Electron framework which runs on top of JavaScript Frontend and converts the code into an executable file, which can be run on all operating systems. Furthermore, to run the application on mobiles as well, Ionic framework was used which converts the AngularJS code to the required platform without the need to explicitly write android/iOS code. The languages used: Frontend: AngularJS, Backend: NodeJS, Database: MySQL
Benefit: The dynamic tracking would help in improving productivity, immediate contact during emergency and efficient planning especially in an open office environment.

Video: https://goo.gl/aw1ini

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