July 02, 2017

Team Aranea in Top 30 at IIGP 2.0 University Challenge


The project submitted by Team Aranea in the category of Space Debris Mitigation has been recognized as one of the Top 30 innovations under the DST-Lockheed Martin-Tata Trusts’ India Innovation Growth Programme 2.0. The team devised a novel drag enhancement system for rapid de-orbiting of spacecraft (Nano/Micro-satellites) in Low Earth orbit (LEO). As part of the selection process into Top 10, the team was invited to present the innovation to subject matter experts. Five of the team members from the team took part in the presentation. Results are awaited. The team members include: Aishwarya Manjunath, Chaithra K, Vinod Ravi, Shrikanta Aradhya C S, Navyata Gattu, Shiva Kumar P, Yashaswi Gurumurthy, Swastik Nayak, Sahiti Vallamreddy, Suraj Singh, Vishwas N M, Raza M Khan, Sandhya G, Amruthavarshini S, Ananya Nair, Anushree C S, Naveen Balaji, Abdul Asif R, Pranay Singh Tomar, Sujan Kumar, Nakshatra Yalagach, Saurabh Surendran