Management Studies

  • CXO talk on leadership in turbulent times

    Participants got an opportunity to discuss with a multifaceted and experienced professional about leading in difficult times. The speaker, Mr. Parameswaran Balakrishnan started with the example of a boat race festival in Kerala, depicting industrial concepts of competition and team building. He explained the employer and employee perspectives towards work and expectations. He recounted his experience of company values and how culture plays a major role in any industry. Some of the concepts that he felt were relevant for leading decisively were Taiichi Ohno, no problem is a big problem Sakichi Toyota, challenge is the status quo and Genchi Genbutsu, go, see by yourself to solve problems. He concluded by highlighting that performance feedback is important and supervisors have to take ownership and responsibility for the growth of their subordinates. The participants appreciated the need to change the systems in alignment with HR, because HR is the main managing component in the organization. They could grasp the value of being customer centric, putting oneself in place of a user, and putting customers first as the business exists because of them. Mr. Parameswaran Balakrishnan is Deputy Managing Director, Toyota Industries Engine India, with over two decades of experience of working across functional domains of manufacturing, quality, human resources and CSR. The session on leadership in turbulent times by Mr. Parameswaran Balakrishnan as part of CXO talk was organized by faculty of management studies at the RR campus on March 9, 2023.

  • Talk on career opportunities in cruise industry

    The cruise industry blends elements of transportation, hospitality and entertainment to create unique experiences. Mr.Binoy Kuniyil, Chef-Carnival Cruise touched upon the required skill set, exposure and competence for building a career in this field. The talk on careers in the International cruise industry was organized for students of BBA-HEM as part of Parivarthana, Changemaker Series on March 9, 2023 at RR campus.

  • Women’s day celebration

    On the occasion of women’s day the students organized a flash mob and handed over gift hampers to the women faculty. They thanked the women non-teaching staff for their constant support. Students of HEM department organized the event on March 8, 2023 in RR campus.

  • Studyathon on stock market

    The ten hour offline model captured the events and decisions that are unique to the stock market dealings. Share prices of companies in different industries were fixed at the start and regulated by the organizing team. In the trading session the participating teams with a budget of 1 crore bought and sold shares and their portfolio valued. Mr. Narendra Kumar, certified financial planner and founder of a wealth management firm explained asset allocation strategies. The next round featured an auction in which teams with a budget of 5 crores chose any two sectors and invested in minimum one and maximum five companies in each sector and justified their decisions. Team Hedging Bulls grabbed the top position followed by team Stock Ops and team Red Bullz. The Tradestor studyathon was organized by the department of BBA on March 3, 2023 in RR campus.

  • Talk on succeeding in hotel industry

    Mr. John Kingsley, Head-Food Innovations at Café Coffee Day shared insights about growth drivers that include entrepreneurial mindset, hotel experience and identifying the opportunities. 

    He pointed out that innovation in patisserie is the emerging aspect of the industry. He felt that a strong foundation enables upskilling and data science is a key skill for the QSR sector. He emphasized the importance of 5-6 years for career push and expanding horizons. The talk by Mr. John Kingsley was organized by the department of BBA HEM as part of Parivartana, changemaker series on March 2, 2023 at RR campus.

  • Tandoor Workshop

    Many of the popular Indian dishes get their unique taste and flavor from Tandoor cooking. Mr Joy Mondal, Executive chef at Toit Bangalore shared the nuances of Tandoor cooking and the associated seasoning techniques, temperature control, flavors for marinations and plating options. Mitti Ka Khaana Tandoor workshop was organized by faculty of BBA HEM on March 1, 2023 at RR campus.

  • Celebrating world sustainable energy day

    This year’s World Sustainable Energy Day marks the tenth anniversary of the United Nations adopting the Paris Agreement, the landmark international agreement to limit global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees Celsius. Students discussed the general idea of sustainable energy sources, pros and cons of hydro energy and implications of wasting natural resources. The group examined their own role in promotion of renewable energy. The discussion was organized by faculty of BBA HEM on March 1, 2023 at RR campus. 

  • Talk on nuances and implications of policy making

    Policy making provides an opportunity for students of management to play the role of leaders who can frame the issue and present a practical way to address it. Dr Joe Thomas, an accomplished institution builder, academician, diplomat and a global leader in public health, rights and social development drawing from his multifaceted experience brought forth the expectations from managers involved in policy making with examples. He observed that while being value oriented, how the policies are made and perceived is equally important. He said that “we are our own ambassadors'' with a mission and a vision. With the example of the Indian health sector when seen in the context of legal boundaries and the concept of family physician in India and abroad, he pointed out that India can’t afford the longer duration of postgraduate qualification to manage primary health care centers. Nuances like the mistake of naming any disease as lifestyle disease, perception, cost entailed and the practical interests that are addressed are taken into account in policy making according to him. Transformation from manager to leaders, the importance of policy making and the perception while making the policy were discussed at the CXO talk organized by the department of MBA on February 23, 2023 at RR campus.

  • Starting young in food and beverage sector

    Food and beverage industry is the single largest employer in the country. The industry has been adapting and innovating since the lockdown was lifted. Ms. Swathi, owner of Shot Circuit and Mr. Thanzil, owner of Kunaf, and alumni spoke about starting young in the food and beverage sector and how simple and subtle innovations can help to survive the competition and thrive. The talk on starting young in the food and beverage sector was organized by the department of BBA HEM as part of the weekly changemaker series on February 23, 2023, in RR campus. 

  • Hands-on learning at prestigious events

    Students of BBA HEM handled the tasks of briefing visitors about the stall, registering their contact details and segregating the visiting cards at the travel and tourism fair held from February 17-19, 2023 at Palace Grounds. Another group handled the event logistics operations of the global G20 summit held from February 19-26, 2023. Another group assisted the hospitality and event operations of the Aero Show 2023 held from February 15-17, 2023.

  • Expert talk on nutritional factors

    Nutrition is a critical part of health and development. Dr. Meghana, nutritional consultant with My Thali company elaborated on Food pyramid logic, Substitute for sugar products and salt, and types of Meals and its accompaniments. The talk was organized by the department of BBA-HEM on February 16, 2023 as part of Parivartana, changemaker series on RR campus.

  • Insights into beverage market and events industry

    Mr. Avinash Kapoli, CEO and founder of Jamming Goat and Kocktail Company shared insights into competencies best suited to take on risks and opportunities in beverage trade. Mr. Jayakanth Raja, Director-Operations, ACME Events shared insights into role of technologies like AI and ML in the evolving event industry and the importance of choosing a specific skill for career development. The talks by the successful professionals were organized as part of Parivartana, changemaker series by the department of BBHEM on February 2 and 9, 2023 at RR campus.

  • Thematic reel making competition

    The participating teams were asked to shoot and produce videos on the theme of preventing exploitation of animals, be it land or aquatic life, breeding or information about non-profits dedicated to the cause. The contesting teams were expected to imaginatively present credible information before the jury. Team Paws and Claws won the first prize followed by Team Animal Lovers and Team Paw-fect. Reel, Roll, Rescue contest was organized by iSocial club of the BBA Department on February 8, 2023 at RR campus.

  • Learning to resolve people issues

    Developing innovative solutions to resolve human resource related issues and communicating them with clarity is important for all companies. As part of the event focusing on this concept, each team was given a company and an HR related problem statement the company had encountered in the past. Each team was required to conduct research, present, and offer its own recommendations after discussing how the organization can choose to resolve the issue. Akshay and Vardhan won the first prize followed by Punya and Saryu, and Shreema and Sashwatha. Think Tank, People’s Partner Club, was organized by The HR club of the Department of BBA at RR campus on February 8, 2023.

  • Knowing right etiquette for interviews

    Interviews are interactions wherein the candidate needs to stay calm and shine while sticking to the customary code of polite behavior. The event Wise Cracker had the teams enact the do’s and don’ts of an interview in a funny and engaging manner. Dr Jayashree Sapra shared tips on the importance of body language and behavior skills during interviews. Prof. Nikhil Manikandan highlighted the importance of knowing the organization and oneself, discipline, consistency, and reflecting and reviewing, learning from mistakes and embracing change. Incorates, the official communication club of the department of BBA conducted Wise Cracker event on February 8, 2023 at RR campus.

  • Theater club orientation

    The theater club, Nautanki invited theater enthusiasts and regaled them with a street play that was based on the club and a comedy titled Little Big Moments. The event graced by the Chairperson of the Department of Performing Arts, Dr. S. V Sushma was held on February 8, 2023, on the RR campus.

  • Quiz on popular culture

    What’s Poppin’? quiz focused on pop culture with participants testing their awareness about the film industry, music business, actors and actresses, world movies and songs and developments in the entertainment industry. First prize was won by Karan Prasad Hathwar and Adit Agarwal, second prize by Aditya B D and Niranjan G and the third prize was won by Tejas S P and Dhanush Reddy. Kauthuki, the Quiz Club of B. Com program at RR campus organized the quiz on February 2, 2023.

  • Floral artistry workshop

    Students got an opportunity to identify the types of flowers and flower aesthetics. The hands-on experience on handling flowers and foliage was useful in deciding on a flower arrangement according to the given type that includes traditional, ikebana, and abstract. The floral artistry workshop was organized by the department of BBA-HEM on February 1 - 2, 2023 at RR campus.

  • Field visit to understand liquor retailing

    Students got an opportunity to understand store formats of alcoholic retail space, pricing techniques and types of promotional pitch and upselling techniques. The field visit to Tonique, south India’s largest liquor retail store was organized by the department of BBA HEM on January 25 and February 1, 2023.

  • PES University students win 3 lakh cash prize in Ernst and Young Competition Techathon 3.0

    EY announced the winners of the company’s 2022-23 “Enter the Metaverse” Competition in India. The winning teams developed innovative proposals for a range of technical challenges facing the construction industry. Team Phasmo Squad from PES University, Bengaluru who presented their solution on ‘Metaverse for Construction’ were judged winners of the challenge. A four-member team – Hari Ganesan, Karthik Nair and Sushanth Nair from the B. Tech 6 th semester Computer Science department and Aaryan Sandeep from B. Tech 6 th semester Electronics and Communication Department was awarded a cash prize of Rs 3 Lakh.

    Team Phasmo Squad from PES University was among the top 6 teams from various colleges in this All-India challenge. The teams presented their solution to the grand jury consisting of industry leaders from Asian Paints, Adani group, Indian Oil company and EY. The final round witnessed tough competition from colleges across the country.

    Team Phasmo Squad presented an Augmented Reality and Digital Twin based software solution to enhance the accuracy and quality of life of construction workers performing operations in heavy-duty construction sites. The proposed model uses an app which allows workers to overlay the blueprint in real life to make construction easier, as well as clear view of electrical and plumbing connections. The team developed a Digital twin so that remote maintenance and construction would also be possible.

    Prof. M R Doreswamy, Chancellor of the University heartily congratulated the students on their achievement.

  • Bread workshop

    From towns to big cities, bakeries to supermarkets, dining tables in homes to boutique restaurants, breads of different varieties are consumed with growing interest. Students got hands-on experience on handling dough, scoring and baking. Focus on the bread baking process with recipes gave an insight into bread variants popular across the world. Breaking Bread, bread workshop and charity sale was organized at Open Air Theater in RR campus by the department of BBA HEM on January 31, 2023.

  • Faculty Achievement: Rachel Shetty part of World Cup winning U-19 Indian Women's cricket contingent.

    Mrs. Rachel Shetty, faculty of BBA Sports Management is the present manager of the Under 19 Women’s Cricket Team of India. The Indian squad won the match over England in the first-ever ICC U-19 women’s T20 World Cup final on January 29, 2023, to clinch the trophy.

  • Field visit to flower show

    Students got an opportunity to see and identify the types of flowers and their thematic arrangements. The visit helped students to understand the basics of flower aesthetics, scalability ideas in large flower presentations like waterfall, and use of rare flowers like Mickey Mouse and exotic flowers like Cymbidium orchids sourced from distant places like Darjeeling. The visit of second semester students to the Lalbagh flower show on January 25, 2023 was organized by department BBA HEM.

  • Pledge to Vote Campaign

    The 13th National Voters’ Day was celebrated on 25th January 2023 with the theme of Nothing Like Voting, I Vote for Sure, dedicated to voters which conveys individual’s feeling and aspiration towards participation in the electoral process through power of their vote. Students of BBA, B. Com, B. Tech and B. Sc (Nursing) Programs at EC campus pledged to vote.

  • Corporate warfare simulated

    Businesses need to be ready for defending reputation when faced with allegations by rivals. Students got a glimpse into corporate warfare as they defended organizations against allegations and justified their actions in a convincing manner before an eminent jury. Gagan J., Kaustubh N and Eshwar Adithya won the first place; Likith S and Prathik won the second place and Navya, Dhanush T.R and Ganesh won the third place in the Corporate Warfare event organized by Entrepreneurship Club, Merchant Matrix of the department of BBA on January 25, 2023 at RR campus.

  • Faculty Achievement: Mrs.Rachel Shetty is the Team Manager for the Indian Women's Under -19

    Mrs. Rachel Shetty, BBA Sports Management faculty, is selected as the Team Manager for the Indian Women's Under -19 and is traveling to South Africa for the World Cup. She also works as the Administrative Head of Cricket Operations at the Karnataka State Cricket Association.

  • Republic Day eve celebration

    The Department of BBA put together exciting activities in Kalaantrika event to celebrate India's74th Republic Day. The fusion dance performers swayed to patriotic songs. A skit examined the daily lives of seven characters and demonstrated with each one personifying a fundamental constitutional right. A blended contest featured singing combined with mural painting with the common theme of patriotism. In the singing competition Keerthana won first place, Ananya and Pranav won second place followed by Kripa. Pranindha and Krithi C N won the mural competition followed by Aastha Khodaria and Aaditi Jha as runners up. Kalaantrika, Republic Day eve celebrations was organized by the Department of BBA on January 25, 2023 at RR campus.

    The Department of BBA put together exciting activities in Kalaantrika event to celebrate India's74th Republic Day. The fusion dance performers swayed to patriotic songs. A skit examined the daily lives of seven characters and demonstrated with each one personifying a fundamental constitutional right. A blended contest featured singing combined with mural painting with the common theme of patriotism. In the singing competition Keerthana won first place, Ananya and Pranav won second place followed by Kripa. Pranindha and Krithi C N won the mural competition followed by Aastha Khodaria and Aaditi Jha as runners up. Kalaantrika, Republic Day eve celebrations was organized by the Department of BBA on January 25, 2023 at RR campus.

  • Student achievement: Aditya Swaminathan’s fine performance in national motor racing

    Aditya Swaminathan secured two podiums in the first round of Volkswagen Polo Cup in MRF- FMSC Indian National Racing Championship held on January 22, 2023 at Madras Motor Racing Track in Chennai.

  • PES University students win 1 lakh cash prize in Wabtec competition Exceed 2.0

    Wabtec Corporation announced the winners of the company’s 2022-23 “Exceed Campus Challenge” in India. The winning teams developed innovative proposals for a range of technical challenges facing the rail industry. Team Pastra from PES University, Bengaluru who presented their solution on ‘Artificial Intelligence for Safety in Industrial Sites’ were judged as the winners of the challenge. The three-membered team - Achal Shetty, Mohit Venkatesh and Alokpunj Bagrodia are students from the B.Tech 6 th semester Electronics and Communication Engineering department.The team was awarded a cash prize of Rs 1 Lakh.

    Team Pastra from PES University was among 149 teams with more than 500 students from 36 colleges across India participating in the challenge. Of the 149 teams, eight qualified for the finale round and presented their projects to the leadership at Wabtec India Technology and Engineering Centre in ITC Green Centre Tech Park, Bengaluru. The finale round witnessed tough competition from colleges such as Cummins College Pune, PSG Tech Coimbatore, VIT Bhopal, KIIT Bhubaneshwar, SVNIT Surat, and NIT Calicut. The eight finalists also had an opportunity to visit various labs of Wabtec and understand the buzzing tech behind the railroad industry.

    Team Pastra presented an Artificial Intelligence-based software solution to enhance and supervise the safety of workers performing operations in heavy-duty industrial sites such as railway yards and other manufacturing and repair units. The proposed model can be implemented with the existing surveillance cameras installed at workspaces. The team developed a website fully stacked with algorithms to detect the wearing of safety equipment such as safety helmets and reflective vests by the workers on a real-time basis and alert the supervisor in case of any non-compliance in the required safety norms set by the company.

    Prof. M R Doreswamy, Chancellor of the University heartily congratulated the students on their achievement.

  • Best Delegation Award at Model United Nations deliberations

    PES MUN Society, RR Campus won the Best Delegation Award at CMS Model United Nations conference, which is the fifth best delegation award for the team in a row, with eleven delegates winning top slots. A 28 member delegation participated in the CMS Model United Nations conference held at the Centre for Management Studies of Jain University conducted from January 19-21, 2023.

  • Entrepreneurship in facility management

    Mr. Chaitanya, founder of Clean and Green shared insights about building a facility management and his journey as an entrepreneur in Parivartana, the change maker series of lectures organized by department of BBA HEM and held on January 19, 2023 at RR campus.


    PES University organized a two day “CFO Lounge” – A Finance summit in association with ACCA (UK), and CFO Forum on 19th and 20th January 2023 to the students and faculty of Management and Commerce. Eminent CFO’s from Companies like Infosys, GT, MTR, LML-eMotion, Stellapps Technologies, CERTIZIT Pvt. Ltd, USPL, VIVIMED Lab and many more graced the event. 

    The objective of the summit was to create awareness about the recent development in, Economics, Banking and finance, Fintech and ESG (Environmental, social and Governance) to Commerce and Finance students who will be shaping the corporate India tomorrow.

    The inauguration witnessed dignitaries of PES University Prof. Ajoy Kumar, Chief Operating officer, Dr. K S Sridhar, Registrar, Dr. Shailashree Haridas, Dean, Faculty of Management and Commerce, and Keynote Speaker Mr. Jayesh Sanghrajka, Infosys Dy. CFO.

    Events involved Discussion on the topic such as India on track to become a $5 trillion Economy in 2025, Role of CFOs in transforming traditional Bank to Tech-driven Bank, Fintech:How much is too much? CFO's Digital plans for Sustainability On ground reality and ESG: Transforming the Business culture, Governance, Sustainability and Financial performance.

    CFO Lounge helped students to channelize their thoughts towards the Finance domain. The summit also facilitated interaction among CFO’s, leaders, financial agencies, Academicians, Career guides.  Over 600 students and faculties from Commerce and Management participated in the event.

  • Guest talk on mental toughness in sports

    Excelling in sports is about consistent and continued success and growth at a higher level. Mr. Vedam Hariharan, interacted with students on the root factors that are key to achieving successful performance which include concentration, overcoming distraction, positive attitude and self change. He elaborated on the components an athlete must keep in mind, “Things I can control? Words, actions, ideas and mistakes”. He outlined how the global sports industry is evolving on a larger scale, emulating the professional international cricket tournaments and encouraging passion for sports among young generations at national and international levels. Mr. Vedam Hariharan, former Karnataka and Kerala state cricketer and research scholar at The University of Edinburgh is currently studying for a PhD in Sports Sociology and Psychology. He has completed his master's in Performance Coaching, endorsed by UKCC level IV from The University of Stirling, Scotland. He has played university level matches, India U-22 Ranji Trophy, south zone in the UK and many more. The guest talk on mental toughness in sports was organized by the department of BBA Sports Management on January 19, 2023 at RR campus. 

  • Bright start to the semester with Hang, Eat, Pitch contest

    The new semester of the BBA program started with an entertaining and educating contest of Hang, Eat, Pitch. In the Hang round, participants had to guess the words based on hints presented in the manner of the popular game of Hangman. The participants had to taste a variety of food products such as juice, chips, and biscuits, while wearing blindfolds, and guess them correctly in the Eat round. The qualifying teams which presented business concepts depending on the country assigned to them in the Pitch round faced tough questions from the jury. The team The Kings emerged as the winners followed by teams The Elite Group and Team Jahnavi. Hang, Eat, pitch contest was organized by Avyana, the International Business Club of the department of BBA on January 18, 2023 at RR campus.

  • Orientation for undertaking student projects

    Project is an important part of the academics for the students of the hospitality and event management program. Dr. V. Jaykumar, Ms. Smitha, Dr. Thashneem, Mr. Mohan, Ms. Bhavana, and Mr. Harish Unnikrishnan highlighted the do's and don'ts in taking up projects, importance of research, financial metrics, costing, menu planning, teamwork and best practices. They elaborated on how the department ensures high standards in project assessment, marking parameters, learning outcomes, and peer learning. The orientation for undertaking student projects was organized by the department of BBA HEM at the RR campus on January 17, 2023.

  • Student achievement: Jagruth wins at state level athletics meet

    Jagruth EE secured second position in high jump event in the pre-university board state level athletic meet that got underway at Managal stadium, Mangalore on December 17, 2022.

  • Learning hospitality support hands-on

    Students of the second semester of BBA-HEM programmer got an opportunity to understand the unique culinary requirements of college events by setting up food and beverage stalls at Sampradaya, MBA Heritage fest that was held on January 13, 2023, at RR campus.

  • Expert talk on framework for business and human rights

    Participants got an opportunity to discuss how individual initiative and businesses can contribute to protecting human rights with Dr. Ravindranath Shanbhag, member of Human Rights Protection Foundation. Discouraging corruption, moulding opinion to create awareness, forceful arguments, leading a dignified life and citizen efforts are key components of a framework for business and human rights. Dr. Shanbhag is founder and president of Human Rights Protection Foundation and professor of Pharmacology at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. The open discussion with Dr. Ravindranath Shanbhag on protect, respect, remedy, a framework for business and human rights as part of CXO talks was organized by the department of MBA at RR campus on January 12, 2023.

  • Knowing the start-up ecosystem

    Understanding the landscape of startups and startup culture is about differentiating between startups and entrepreneurs, managing mental and physical aspects of a business and knowing the financial implications. Mr.Sathya Prasad Director CIE, PES University and guest faculty IIM’s and IIT’s elaborated on these topics in Parivartana, changemaker series of guest lectures organized by department of BBA-HEM on January 12, 2023 at RR campus.

  • Orientation program for students of BBA HEM program

    Students of second and fourth semester of BBA HEM program got an opportunity to understand various facets of the hotel and event industry with a focus on entrepreneurship viewpoint. Dr.Shailashree Haridas outlined the course plan and academic activities. Mr.Mahesh Madiyala, COO and co-founder of Kouzina Food Tech spoke on start-up culture and its growth. Mr.Vinay Prashant, co-founder of Tamaala Enterprise spoke on social entrepreneurship. Mr.Pradeep, holistic trainer from Disha Bharath spoke on empowering youth as future leaders. Students of second and fourth semester of BBA HEM program were briefed on discipline, assessments, practical sessions and outreach aspects of each subject at the orientation program held on January 9, 2023 at RR campus.

  • Webinar on customer service in the Indian retail market

    Meeting customer needs in a timely, efficient, and pleasant manner is increasingly becoming complex with changing preferences, reduced attention span, and technological shifts among other things. Prof. Harish Unnikrishnan was the invited speaker at an interaction with employees of India's leading wholesale food and grocery retail platform. He spoke about the hotel and hospitality retail trends and how they can be refined to improve consumer engagement. The exclusive webinar on the importance of customer service in the Indian retail market was hosted on Google meet on January 6, 2023.

  • PES University’s student strikes Gold and silver in XXII National Para Swimming Championship held at Guwahati, Assam – 2022

    Naveen Venkatesh student from PES University’s B Com program has won a Gold Medal in 50m butterfly swimming and two Silver medals in the 100m butterfly swimming and 50m breaststroke swimming at the National Para-Swimming Championship 2022 event. Championship held at Guwahati, Assam.

    Prof. M R Doreswamy, Chancellor of the University heartily congratulated the student on his achievement.

  • Student achievement in national cricket: Vishal Onat

    Vishal Onat was selected to represent Karnataka in the Under -19 Men's Cricket Ranji Trophy 2022. Earlier, Vishal hit 296 Runs against the tough bowling attack of Mumbai and scored 575 runs in 5 matches with an average of 105 which is among the top five leading run scores in Cooch Behar cricket tournament, India's national four-day cricket tournament for under-19 players run by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Vishal is a student of the first semester of BBA Sports Management Program.

  • Student achievement in national cricket: Roshini Kiran

    Roshini was selected for Maharaja Trophy 2022 Women’s Exhibition Matches, and led the team as vice captain in BCCI Under-19 Women’s T-20 Trophy 2022-23 and as captain in BCCI Under-19 Women’s One Day Trophy 2022-23. Roshni is a student of first semester of BBA Sports Management Program.

  • Field visit to winery

    The global wine market is driven by the changing lifestyles, popularity of wine products during social celebrations and growing preference over hard drinks. Besides knowing the stages of grape growing and wine production and late and early harvest, students got practical insights from Mr. Jacob and Mr. Nandish about choosing the right wine for the occasion, brands in the market, pairing with cheese, differences in types and experience of taste on the palate, nuances of limited edition and aging of wine and how it affects the pricing. The field visit to Big Banyan winery was organized by the department of BBA-HEM on December 10, 2022.

  • Dance competition

    Rithika and team bagged the first prize, Nisarga the second prize, and Rithika and Sinchana won third prize in the Khalaa Thalla dance competition conducted by Nruthyasri, the dance club of B.Com program at RR campus on November 24, 2022.

  • Thematic fashion show

    Team Srigandha bagged the top prize followed by team Miganta and team Sriganda was adjudged as best team in the fashion show in which participants dressed up like the legendary Sandalwood actors and actresses. The Kannada cinema themed attires impressed the audience at the Fashion Wood, the Sandalwood Saga event organized by department of BCom on November 24, 0222 at RR campus.

  • Expert talk on managing bespoke events

    The events management industry is poised for another breakthrough year after the pandemic and the related skills are proving to be crucial in keeping consumers and members engaged. The wide spectrum of events ranging from weddings to corporate get-togethers call for specialized skills. Mr. Mahendhra Gangadhar, founder CMD, Nefertiti Weddings drawing from his experience of over three decades shared insights about cultivating a network of vendors, familiarity with the details like flowers and importance of communication. Mr. Vikram Premnath and Mr. Manohar B S, Directors at CAB talked about knowing how to tackle last minute additions, knack of client servicing, finalizing vendors and elements involved in logistics like crowd management and sometimes, disaster management. The CXO talk on managing weddings and corporate events that was organized by department of BBA-HEM was held on November 17, 2022 at RR campus.

  • Gamified property trading

    The game tested the participants’ business acumen in striking a balance between its real estate holdings and cash reserves. Every piece of real estate that a team lands on after rolling the dice was bid through an auction and the payments were made based on a credit-based system. One team was eliminated after every two rounds, and the team with the greatest network won the game. First place was won by Team Amongs, followed by team Yapu and team Duckleg. Free Exchange - Monopoly was organized by the department of BBA on Nov 17, 2022 at RR campus

  • Open hour expert session on analytics

    Data Analytics is growing in importance with new applications and matching regulations. The main objective of the open hour expert session on analytics was to make the students aware of various technical aspects in the field of analytics. Under the guidance of Dr. Clare Walsh Floa, students were introduced to topics realted Tablo, quantum internet, data sharing and developing ethics. Dr. Clare outlined the competencies framework covering knowledge and analytic ability, governance and professionalism, communication and leadership. The open hour session with Dr. Clare Walsh, Head of Education at the Institute of Analytics working in the field of learning analytics and AI-scored testing was held on November 15, 2022 at RR campus.

  • Learning sports event management

    Students learnt the key aspect of how to conceptualize a sports tournament as a part of event planning practical. The box cricket and dodge ball tournaments branded as Afterburn helped students to learn working with local vendors, develop appropriate checklists and create marketing collateral. Atherburn sport event curated by the department of BBA-HEM was held on November 12, 2022 at RR campus.

  • Sports psychology workshop

    The workshop based on high-performance training, with video-based analysis and survey, of the matches, games, and individual training provided an opportunity to learn about psychological safety, mindset suitable for highly competitive sports like IPL and choosing a person with the right attitude for a task. Ms. Priyanka Prabhakar and Mrs. Nivedita Rajan discussed the various thoughts that run in a player’s mind during the games, the pressure of winning from the audience, team, coaches and the country being of prime importance. Ms. Priyanka Prabhakar, Sports Psychologist with SAI (Sports Authority of India), the first Indian psychologist to have represented the Indian Women’s Hockey Team in international competition was also a part of Indian contingent at the Rio Olympics and Tokyo Olympics as psychologist. Mrs. Nivedita Rajan, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Mount’s Carmel College worked as Deputy Director, Education, at Indian Institute of Materials Management, and practices as a Consultant Sports Psychologist since 1998. The sports psychology workshop was organized by the department of BBA Sports Management on November 12, 2022 at RR campus.

  • Symposium on sustainable people practices

    In a competitive business environment talent is key to success of any organization which makes learning about HR practices and trends important for the future managers. The symposium on sustainable HR practices focused on embracing talent and employee relations. Ms. Sandeepa Samuel, Director and Talent experience at Goodworker, moderator for the discussion, emphasized the need for social businesses to be both socially accountable for their output which supports the ecosystem and motivates employees to work for the organization’s goals, and socially responsible while operating in the community. Mr. Sanjay Mitra, HR Manager at ITC stressed on the importance of technology and innovation in maintaining employee relations. Mr. Lokesh Chikkanna, center operation manager at Skylar Consultancy, using real-world examples, shed light on HR policy creation and coping with diversity in the aspirations of employees. Mr. Pavan S Sriram. Associate Director at AGC Solutions, an entrepreneur, opined that learning which is driven by people's attitude is a crucial component of sustainability. Mr. Harish TR, CHRO at Maveric Systems focused on establishing a suitable organizational culture and ethics by giving freedom with accountability and nurturing the ability to adapt to the local market. Ms. Vibha Mishra, Assistant Manager at Tietoevry highlighted the importance of learning, training and assessment and said that a crucial component for sustained talent is a perspective-taking learning attitude. The HR symposium was organized by department of BBA on November 10, 2022 at RR campus.

  • Expert talk on entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurs have been instrumental in spurring social change and improving the way people live and work while contributing to the economy. Ms. Mythri Kumar, CEO and co-founder of Timbukdo, an on-demand talent platform to enable employment of alternative workforce, shared practical insights about the process of building a startup. He highlighted the significance of internships for understanding new opportunities and financial self reliance. The expert session on entrepreneurship was organized by the department of BBA-HEM as part of Parivarthana, Changemaker talk series on November 10, 2022 at RR campus.

  • Short film competition

    Team Classy clinched the first prize with performers Kushal adjudged as best comedian, Srinivas as best actor and Shashank as best director in the Filmato non-fictional short films competition. Filmato was conducted by Abhinayaveethi, drama club of B.Com program at RR campus on November 10, 2022

  • Expert lecture introducing to business management software

    Business management software makes business owners efficient and empowered that enables them to focus on what matters most to their business. Ms. Aishwarya D, the guest speaker, gave an overview of a leading business software package called Tally and talked about its importance. She described the many industries in which the Tally Software might be applied and related it to the lessons being taught to help the students better comprehend the idea behind the software. She concluded the session by encouraging the students to utilize and test the software solution to understand better. Guest Lecture on Tally Software was organized by the department of BBA on November 10, 2022 at the RR campus.

  • Workshop on flavored syrups

    Learning about the range of syrup, crush and frappe of a leading brand, its flavor profiles, and mixology techniques enabled students to understand the opportunities in the related sector. The mocktail competition was won by Amrutha and Shamanth with Nakul K and Poorvik in second position. The demonstration and workshop on usage of Monin brand of syrups, liqueurs and fruit purees was held on October 9, 2022 at RR campus.

  • 2090 Business Hackathon

    The 36-hour hackathon that focused on skill development, provided a platform for the students to think in innovative ways and drive mainstream development of a new sustainable business. First place was bagged by Team INNIT of Neeharika Anand, Nimit Mann, Gariman Gangwani, Harikeshav Shekar, and Vandana S. Team Mission Possible of Pratham M, Sanjeev Prasad G Snehalatha A Patil and Disha Sahgal came second followed by Team HUMBLOT of Rohan Goud, Rohan Kumar, Rohan Prasad and Aryan Sharma. Mr. Sathya Prasad, in the opening session emphasized the consequences of climate change and suggested that opting sustainable lifestyle is the need of the hour. Mr. Suresh Narsimha introduced the participants to PESU Venture Labs and various technical aspects and budgeting of a business plan. Mr. Shashank Lokesh, co-founder of Teaminnup, interacted with the aspiring business leaders and provided them with information regarding the depth of the products and execution of business plans. A list of 20 problem statements was presented which the teams could choose from, or come up with a problem statement of their own. The teams were given an overview of the concept of Business Model Canvas by Mr. K.N. Vijaykumar. By the end of the event, the teams had to present their business plans and prepare a detailed report regarding their sustainable business solution. After a rigorous research and planning process, twenty teams were asked to pitch their B-Plans to the panel of 5 judges and the investors through presentations and detailed reports, in a 5-minute pitch. The panel included Mr. Shaman Gupta, Dr. Patidhan, Mr. Shankar Gopal, Mr. Chetan J Shirnali and Mr. Darshan. 2090 Business Hackathon was organized by the department of BBA on November 9, 2022 at RR campus.

  • Counseling on International Internships

    Students of BBA HEM got an overview of the opportunities of international internships, application process, scope of specialization and financial requirements at the session conducted by Palash from PAX on November 4, 2022 at RR campus.

  • Learning event management hands-on

    Students of BBA-HEM assisted the professional event management team of Invest Karnataka Summit 2022 held from Nov 2-4 2022. It was an opportunity to learn hands-on logistics, scheduling, and delivering global scale public events.

  • Bread Workshop

    Bakers are increasingly introducing new healthy features in bread. The workshop on bread making that was conducted by Prof. Bhavana G and Prof. Harish covered the preparation of dishes and ingredients before the beginning of service, awareness of key contents, baking temperatures and ways of presenting breads. The workshop was organized by the department of BBA HEM on October 27, 2022.

  • Immersive learning experience in retail

    Students got the unique opportunity to experience luxury retail sales and customer management through real time work exposure at gold and diamond jewelry showrooms of two leading brands. They were selected by the retailer to assist with in-store customer engagement, hospitality and sales during the festival period. The initiative was facilitated by the department of BBA-HEM in collaboration with Tanishq and Caratlane showrooms in Bangalore during October 10-23, 2022.

  • Live learnings in event management

    Students of BBA HEM got an opportunity to assist one of India's leading event management firms in organizing Defence Expo 2022, held in Gujarat from 18 - 22 October, 2022. The students who were involved for a month and a half, right from the ideation stage, got the opportunity to learn hands-on about creating live immersive event experiences.

  • Knowing changemakers

    Parivartana, the changemaker series, featured interactions with Mr. Ashwin and Ms. Ambika Gandhi in separate sessions. Mr. Ashwin, General Manager of DNA Networks and Entertainment has pioneered mind-boggling experiences for large crowds in India by professionally managing gala events which include sportainmnet. The speaker shared insights about conceptualizing engaging hosting ideas, managing an event failure, and coming back stronger by correcting the mistakes and. building trust and relationships with clients. Ms. Ambika Gandhi, Managing Partner - Real Street Advisors, USA, and post Graduate of Cornell University shared insights about data and digital analytics in the hotel industry. She highlighted the importance of taking up live projects and its significance in higher career prospects and growth. The interactions as part of the Parivartana series was organized by the department of BBA-HEM on October 14 and 20, 2022 at RR campus.

  • Career paths with leading hotels

    Students of BBA HEM got the opportunity to know about expectations and preparation required to be selected by reputed hotel chains. The session by guest Ms. Meheka as part of Livefully campaign, A Marriott Initiative that covered organizational orientation and career counseling was held on Oct 20, 2022 at RR campus.

  • Rangoli competition

    As part of Indian festivities, Rangoli as a colorful and traditional art brings forth creativity and enthusiasm among all groups. The team of Dolly Jain, Sandhya, and Vaishnavi won the first prize, the team of Sanjana, Shubhashree, Varshini, and Sirimahalakshmi the second prize followed by team of Srimuktha, Shreya, Sneha and Vinutha in the Rangoli competition organized by Department of BBA as a part of Diwali festivities on October 21, 2022, at RR campus

  • Expert talk on Perceptron

    Mr. Akashay Chandrasekhar, CTO of Fubo TV, started this session with an introduction to computer vision and Perceptron, a computer model devised to represent or simulate the ability of the brain to recognize and discriminate. He highlighted the importance of historical data in neural networking, Sigmoid neuron, dimensional limits of inputs and convolutional networks. An in-depth explanation of facial recognition technology was supported by demonstration of an application based on a python program, which used vector dimensional differentiation for the output. Students learnt the importance of Math in data science and programming, applications of object recognition software, concept of neural network, dimensional limits and vector differentiation. The expert talk on cutting edge technologies driving deep learning and AI that was organized by the department of BBA-Business Analytics on October 20, 2022, marked the inauguration of business analytics club Infinito Bytes. 

  • Donation drive for nutritive food with education

    The two-week drive in October students of the BBA department collected clothing, school supplies, ration and donation from students and faculty members for the underprivileged kids at Aastha Shakti foundation. The voluntary activity helped raise awareness about actions of social responsibility and the importance of giving to the needy.

  • Bartending and flairology workshop

    Bartending is growing as a popular career option for students ready for exciting customer facing roles. Flairology India Team demonstrated bartending and flairology skills and explained how it can make ordinary liquor taste better and change its perception among customers. Career opportunities and the skills relevant for openings in the field were highlighted by the presenters. The bartending and flairology workshop was organized by the department of BBA-HEM on Oct 13, 2022 at RR campus.

  • Cheese appreciation session

    The popularity of the cheese market in India is growing and carries vast untapped potential. Our per capita annual consumption of cheese is less than 200gm, compared to a global average of 7kg per annum. The session on cheese appreciation by Prof. Harish and Prof. Bhavana covered flavor profiles, types and comparison, history and its origin and tasting of cheese along with accompaniments. The cheese appreciation session was organized by the department  of BBA-HEM on Oct 14, 2022, at training restaurant in RR campus.

  • Navaratri Celebrations

    The celebrations featured cultural dance and singing performances with audio visuals depicting stories signifying each day of Navaratri ending with Mahishasura Mardini on the day of Vijayadashami. The event was organized by students and staff of B.Com program at RR campus on Oct 12, 2022.

  • Expert talk on housekeeping operations

    Housekeeping is a key department of the hotel industry especially responsible for cleanliness, aesthetics, upkeep and maintenance. Mr. Janet Manisha Victor, Wardrobe Director, Legoland Dubai and Former Housekeeper, Oberoi UAE shared insights about the role of fabric and laundry, cultural sensitivity in workplace and career growth. The expert talk on housekeeping operations in the hotel industry was organized by the department of BBA-HEM at RR campus on October 6, 2022.

  • Expert talk importance of change

    Just about every industry is changing in some form or fashion, and a few are poised to undergo radical transformation. Mr. Mohammed Zaharin Bin Aziz co-founder and director of Empire chain of hotels shared his experience of maintaining the leadership position of a third generation family business in the hotel industry. He described his way of implementing theoretical learning practically in real business, the importance of cloud kitchens, the impact of CSR activities and other experiences. The expert talk on importance of change, nineteenth episode in the Parivartana series of expert talks, was organized by the department of BBA-HEM on October 6, 2022.

  • Experiential learning in culinary art

    Preparing, cooking, presenting and serving food on the occasion of a festival could be a unique learning experience. The festival of Onam was an opportunity for students to curate a traditional dining experience, manage logistics and vendors and organize a ticketed event. The 24 hour overnight event on the lines of a hackathon which was more of a culinary experiential learning activity culminating in a lunch, was organized by department of BBA-HEM on September 30, 2022

  • Peer learning in hospitality operations

    Senior students demonstrated the tasks of bed making covering related terminologies, traditional practices and turn down service which was followed by peer assessment. Gazal Chanda led the exercise organized by the department of BBA-HEM on September 28, 2022 at RR campus.

  • Overall Championship Trophy at Suprayoga

    The team of students of the BCom program won the overall championship trophy at Suprayoga with their top performances in group dance, fashion show, solo dance, bridal makeup, face painting, volleyball and cricket. The intercollegiate cultural fest organized by the department of management studies of Global Academy of Technology was held on September 27-28, 2022.

  • Celebrating World Tourism Day

    The special day aimed at creating awareness about the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value was marked by expert talk, panel discussion and quiz. The Chief Guest Mr. Kumar Pushkar, Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests APCCF, Wildlife and CEO, Karnataka EcoTourism Board articulated the importance of promoting native tourist destinations and called upon students to visit tourist destinations in India. The panel discussion on Destination Attractiveness of Karnataka for Domestic Tourism featured Mr. Ayyappa Somaiah, President of SKAL International Bangalore 407, Mr. Joseph K Jose, Pathfinder senior vice president, Mr. Anurag Gupta, founder of global trade fairs and convention, Mr. Mohan Kumar PK, SKAL Asia - director PR and communications, Ms. Jyothi Varma Ventures Pvt Ltd - director outreach, Mr. Pavan Jain Director of Trippy Escapes.

    The discussion highlighted the importance of last mile connectivity, role of students and stakeholders to preserve natural flora and fauna, exploring new destinations within the country, using technology to promote destinations and improve accessibility and celebration of diversity and richness of our nation. SKAL is a professional organization of tourism leaders around the world, promoting global tourism and friendship. The department of BBA-HEM organized the event in association with SKAL International, Bangalore and India Tourism, Karnataka at RR campus on September 23, 2022. 

  • Fluid art competition

    The Pour and Explore contest, a creative way to make abstract art, conducted by the Shringaara, The Boutique Club of B.Com program held on September 22, 2022 at RR campus was won by Saniya followed by runners-up Prema S and Hemashree.

  • BBA (Business Analytics ) IOA Orientation

    BBA (Business Analytics) had an orientation in tie-up with IOA UK on September 22, The guest of honor Mr. Sachin Tripathi, product lead at ISDC global, addressed the analytics pupil regarding the trends in analytics and mentioned it as the need of the hour which was followed by questions from students which were addressed with potent answers. The guests were felicitated followed by a vote of thanks. Other guests were Rajesh Poonia senior manager partnerships ISDC India.

  • Global webinar on tourism

    Tourism is vital for the success of many economies around the world. The webinar touched upon the importance of diversity and sustainability across borders, role of sustainable tourism and its impact on the ecosystem, hotel industry’s responsibility towards the growth of the industry, emphasis on rural tourism and its impact on economy and India as a preferred tourism destination. The webinar titled Lead, a part of student-driven leadership learning initiative was organized by the department of BBA-HEM in partnership with Taylor’s University, Malaysia and University of Santo Tomas, Philippines in online mode on September 20, 2022.

  • Introduction to Turkish cuisine

    Turkish cuisine, according to experts, ranks at the top of the world’s cuisine, next to French, Italian, and Chinese delicacies. Executive Chef Dyumn, head chef of Pizza Bakery demonstrated the methods that make its taste and presentation popular. He covered Meze platter with accompaniments, preparation of grilled meats and vegetables and simple techniques to preserve and make it healthy. Demonstration and hands-on practical training on Turkish cuisine was organized by the department of BBA HEM at RR campus on September 15, 2022.


    PES students from BBA Sports Management were taken on a Field Visit on 16 th September 2022, which is an integrated part of the curriculum, had visited the Padukone -Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence (CSE) which is the world-class integrated Multi sports complex which is spread across 15 acres that offer Badminton, Football, Basketball, Swimming, Cricket, Tennis, Squash, and Yoga, having certified coaches to train students from a young age of 5 years to 19 years.

    They believe in “To play a positive role in the lives of young athletes, by not only helping to develop their sport but also in guiding them on the basic human values which come along with it. Thereby makes the young athletes become strong individuals with great character discipline by becoming responsible citizens of our society with which they go on to contribute to the society responsibly & make a difference to the world by making it a better place to live“.

    They have World-class amenities, equipment, training, guidance & nutrition to assess the students, and also a house hostel facility for dedicated students to train all 7 days with keen practice.

    The entire complex is well maintained and taken care of by 30 operating staff who are assigned different roles and 45 + supporting staff to maintain the Hospitality and service. They have specialized doctors on board to heal and cure injuries of the sports persons for rehabilitation and expert Nutritionists to guide them on food and health.

    In spite of such wonderful amenities, and infrastructure capable of accommodating 500+ students on campus for each session, we can find greenery in and around the complex which gives good sunlight, air and beautiful view which is of utmost importance for the Yoga Centre which is built-in for Meditation and therapy.

    Students had an opportunity to explore, interact with the team, watch, learn and play. They were accompanied by 2 staff from BBA Sports Management Department.

  • ಕನ್ನಡ ರಸಪ್ರಶ್ನೆ ಸ್ಪರ್ಧೆ

    ಕೆ.ಪಿ.ಪೂರ್ಣಚಂದ್ರ ತೇಜಸ್ವಿಯವರ ಜನ್ಮದಿನದ ಪ್ರಯುಕ್ತ, ಕನ್ನಡ ಕೂಟದ ವಿದ್ಯಾರ್ಥಿಗಳಿಂದ 8ನೇ ಸೆಪ್ಟೆಂಬರ್‌ 2022 ರಂದು "ಕನ್ನಡ ರಸಪ್ರಶ್ನೆ ಸ್ಪರ್ಧೆ” ಆಚರಣೆಯನ್ನು ನಡೆಸಲಾಯಿತು.100 ಕ್ಕೂ ಹೆಚ್ಚು ವಿದ್ಯಾರ್ಥಿಗಳು ಆಸಕ್ತಿಯಿಂದ ಭಾಗವಹಿಸಿದರು.ವಿದ್ಯಾರ್ಥಿ ವ್ಯವಹಾರಗಳ ಮುಖ್ಯಸ್ಥರು ಡಾ. ವಿ ಕೃಷ್ಣ ರವರು, ಪ್ರದರ್ಶಕ ಕಲೆಗಳ ವಿಭಾಗದ ಅಧ್ಯಕ್ಷೆ ಡಾ. ಸುಷ್ಮಾ ರವರು ಮತ್ತು ಲ್ಯಾಂಗ್ವೇಜ್‌ ಸ್ಟೇಷನ್‌ ಸಿಇಒ ಸವಿತಾ ರೆಡ್ಡಿ ರವರ ಉಪಸ್ಥಿತಿಯೊಂದಿಗೆ ಕಾರ್ಯಕ್ರಮವನ್ನು ನಡೆಸಲಾಯಿತು ಹಾಗು ಕನ್ನಡ ಮತ್ತು ಅದರ ಸಾಂಸ್ಕೃತಿಕ ಮೌಲ್ಯಗಳ ಕುರಿತು ಅವರ ಭಾಷಣಗಳು ಎಲ್ಲಾ ಯುವ ವಿದ್ಯಾರ್ಥಿಗಳಿಗೆ ಸ್ಫೂರ್ತಿ ನೀಡಿತು. ಸಿಎಸ್‌ಇ ವಿಭಾಗದ ಸಹಾಯಕ ಪ್ರಾಧ್ಯಾಪಕ ಮತ್ತು ಕನ್ನಡ. ಕೂಟದ ಸಿಬ್ಬಂದಿ ಸಲಹೆಗಾರರಾದ ವಾದಿರಾಜ್‌ ಆಚಾರ್ಯ ರವರು ಕೆ.ಪಿ.ಪೂರ್ಣಚಂದ್ರ ತೇಜಸ್ವಿಯವರ ಬಗ್ಗೆ ಕೆಲವು ಮಾತುಗಳನ್ನು ಆಡಿದರು. ಮತ್ತು ಕಾರ್ಯಕ್ರಮದ ಉದ್ದಕ್ಕೂ ನಮಗೆ ಬೆಂಬಲ ನೀಡಿದರು. ಅಗ್ರ 3 ತಂಡಗಳಿಗೆ ನಗದು ಬಹುಮಾನ ಮತ್ತು ಪೂಚಂತೇ ಬರೆದ ಪುಸ್ತಕಗಳನ್ನು ನೀಡಲಾಯಿತು. ಒಟ್ಟಾರೆಯಾಗಿ, ಭಾಗವಹಿಸಿದ ಎಲ್ಲಾ ವಿದ್ಯಾರ್ಥಿಗಳಿಗೆ ನಮ್ಮ ರಾಜ್ಯ ಅದರ ಸಂಸ್ಕೃತಿ ಮತ್ತು ಕೆ.ಪಿ.ಪೂರ್ಣಚಂದ್ರ ತೇಜಸ್ವಿಯವರ ಬಗ್ಗೆ ಅಪಾರವಾದ ಜ್ಞಾನವನ್ನು ನೀಡಿದ ಯಶಸ್ವಿ ಕಾರ್ಯಕ್ರಮವಾಗಿದೆ.ಈ ಕಾರ್ಯಕ್ರಮವನ್ನು ಯಶಸ್ವಿಯಾಗಿ ಮಾಡಲು ನಮಗೆ ಸಹಾಯ ಮಾಡಿದ ಎಲ್ಲರಿಗೂ ನಾವು ಧನ್ಯವಾದಗಳನ್ನು ಅರ್ಪಿಸುತ್ತೆವೆ.

  • Knowing Changemakers

    Changemakers actively get involved in finding a solution when they see a challenge. Mr. Nithin Nagaraja, CEO of Event U Rox shared his experience in building a group of companies dedicated to addressing event management needs for initiatives ranging from social causes to corporate activities. Mr. Rohan Carvalho, India’s ace flair mixologist and president of IFBA talked about learning from mistakes and career options in bartending. The interactions were part of Parivartana -The Changemaker Series, curated by the department of BBA HEM and held at the RR campus on September 1 and 8, 2022.

  • Training for professional success

    Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) offers robust training courses that help students in identifying career opportunities in various fields and growing professionally. The training was filled with learnings and practical experiences of industrial and vocational skills. Mr. Venugopal, Director of NTTF, gave a brief introduction to vocational skills and shared insights about the technical skills required to succeed in the industry.

    He spoke about the importance of tools and timing, repetitive actions, and quality along with the quantity and national skill qualification framework. Mr. Indushekar B, VP and General Manager, Volvo India talked about the technological disruptions, outlook on the manufacturing industry, and how they take safety as their number one priority.

    He underlined the importance of quality and the PDCA- Plan Do Check Act technique. Ms. Sajana Shankaran, HR head of Mitel related stories from her personal experiences to how every individual can overcome a confused stage with the Golden Circle theory of asking What, Why, and How. Mr. Shankar Ganigi of NTTF outlined the difference between teaching and student learning and made everyone understand how important it is for the student to put in that extra effort and touched upon the technique of 3P’s, Purpose, Progress, and Process.

    He spoke about discovery learning as a self-learning concept and highlighted the differences between traditional and constructivist learning. The two-day training organized by the department of BBA, Faculty of Management and Commerce was held on September 6-7, 2022 at the RR campus

  • Prof. M R Doreswamy Chancellor PES University, heartily congratulated on her achievements.

    Dr. Annu Paallavi, Yoga Coach from BBA-Sports Management has secured a Gold medal in Professional group-Female (21-30 years) in Karnataka State Yogasana Sports Championship -2022. Live - Online conducted by Karnataka State Amateur Yoga Sports Association on August 6 & 7, 2022, and has been selected to represent Karnataka state in National Yoga Championship -2022 which will be held at Firozpur, Punjab. Prof. M R Doreswamy Chancellor of PES University, heartily congratulated on her achievements.

  • Knowing cocktail making techniques

    There are more elements that add to the taste and experience of a cocktail than just the raw ingredients. Symphony Loo, Regional Brand Ambassador, SEA conducted Campari Exclusive Negroni Week Masterclass and shared nuances in cocktail making techniques that appeal to the consumers. The session was organized by the department of BBA HEM at RR campus on September 5, 2022.

  • Enthusiasm, Expertise and Empathy are the Mantras for Success says Senior Alumni

    PES University held the Inaugural ceremony of the First Year B.Tech program for the academic year 2022-2023 held on September 4, 2022. Mrs. Sarita Prasanna, Senior Leader Salesforce, a senior Alumnus of PES Institute of Technology was the chief guest on the occasion. In her address, Mrs. Sarita stressed the role of technological and digital revolution and urged the students to make optimum utilization of the same. She advised the students to acquire all the knowledge and the expertise that is required in various areas from the mentors at PES University. She recollected her experience of being a student and a patron at PESIT, and urged the students to prepare a unique profile of their own and never to compare. She emphasized on three E’s that a student should inculcate – Enthusiasm, Expertise, Empathy. She wished all the new entrants great success in their academic journey and career pursuits and assured the parents that their wards   are in safe hands and the decision of choosing PES is absolutely wise.

    In his presidential address, Dr. M.R. Doreswamy, Chancellor of PES University said that education at PES University inculcates in students a sense of nation building activity apart from awarding degrees. He informed the gathering that the University has distributed merit scholarships to students to the tune of Rs. 40 Crores since its inception in 2014. PES has kept up its commitment for providing quality and value based education. He emphasized that research activity at PES has been given equal importance as a result of which two satellites built by students have been launched. The Chancellor highlighted the advantages for students who have taken admission at the EC Campus. He said that the campus is very strategically located in the IT corridor, good road connectivity and also the upcoming metro rail connectivity. With a large number of IT industries located in the vicinity of the campus, students can use the same for a better understanding of technology by listening to experts from the industry and taking up internships.

    Dr. J. Surya Prasad, Vice Chancellor, and Prof. Ajoy Kumar, Chief Operating Officer of the University were also present. Dr. K.S. Sridhar. The Registrar of the University proposed the welcome address and Dr. Subhash Kulkarni, Principal, PESIT EC Campus rendered the vote of thanks. Prof. CNR Rao merit scholarships were distributed to meritorious students by the dignitaries.

    Prof. D. Jawahar, Pro-Chancellor held an orientation session for all the first-year students highlighting the important information of the University and the practices students need to follow to become successful in life.


    Inauguration of First Year classes for B.Tech and B.Des programs of PES University was held at the PES University campus. Sri Doshi Jayakumar, Chief Information Officer, British Telecom, an alumnus of PES Institute of Technology was the chief guest on the occasion. In his address, Sri Jayakumar advised parents to understand their children, who are in the era of digital communication. Mr. Jayakumar recalled many incidents and experiences of his journey in PESIT, which is the inspiration for the present audience. He urged students to remember the five Ps, which could transform their careers in PES. Understanding peer pressure and not getting succumbed to it, good performance which will help in building their resume, changing procrastination attitude to focus on their goals, playing bold, and lastly planning what they wanted to do in their career. He emphasized that there are plenty of opportunities for today's youth to upgrade their skills

    In his presidential address, Dr. M.R. Doreswamy, Chancellor of PES University said that education at PES University inculcates in students a sense of nation-building activity apart from awarding degrees. He informed the gathering that the University has distributed merit scholarships to students to the tune of Rs. 40 Crores as since its inception in 2014. PES has kept up its commitment to providing quality and value-based education. He advised students to have Sir M Visvesvaraya and Dr. Abdul Kalam as role models in their lives. He also mentioned that PES University has included Sir M Visvesvaraya's biography as a topic of study for all students. He advised students to develop the habit of reading books and making books with their friends. He said that success depends on not only securing good grades but also inculcating values in oneself. He advised students to adopt the practice of giving back to society and insisted on following the principles of "care and share" in their life. He acknowledged the role of teachers in the life of a student and that they must salute the teachers and parents for what they are today.

    Dr. J.Surya Prasad, Vice Chancellor, and Prof. Ajoy Kumar, Chief Operating Officer of the University were also present. Dr. K.S Sridhar. The Registrar of the University proposed the welcome address and Dr. S.Radhakrishnan, Chairperson of the Department of Science and Humanities rendered the vote of thanks. Prof. CNR merit scholarships were distributed to meritorious students by the dignitaries.

    Prof. D. Jawahar, Pro-Chancellor held an orientation session for all the first-year students highlighting the important information about the University and the practices students need to follow to become successful in life.


    The inauguration ceremony of the First year of BA-LLB (Hons), BBA-LLB (Hons) and the BA performing arts program was held at PES University, RR campus on August 27, 2022. The occasion was graced by the esteemed presence of Hon'ble Justice Mr. R. Devdas, sitting judge, High court of Karnataka, in the presence of, Dr. M. R. Doreswamy, Chancellor and founder of PES University, Dr. J. Surya Prasad, Vice Chancellor, Dr. K. S. Sridhar, Registrar and Dr. Sailashree Haridas, Dean faculty of management and commerce and Advisor for Faculty of Law.

    The honourable Justice Mr. R. Devdas, addressing the gathering, emphasized on the importance of relevant law education, and the paradigm shift that has taken place today. He also spoke about the expansion in the scope for the legal profession. He explained to students that bad elements exist in every walk of life and they should be the change they wish to see. The honourable Justice, while giving an example of developed countries, emphasized on the need to have a patriotic fervour and develop a sense of nationality and inculcate a sense of oneness within us, as, if imbibed in students, leads to the development of the country. He also dwelled upon the fact that as long as society exists, there would be law and courts, and how it is a wonderful service to society. He accentuated the need for abandoning the concept of diversity and adopting the concept of unity. The Honourable Justice highlighted the importance of Law school, which is crucial for the journey of becoming a lawyer and then a judge, to the 22-23 of the BA-LLB (Hons), BBA-LLB (Hons) and the BA Performing Arts. He then wished the budding lawyers in the audience good luck and hoped to see them in the judiciary over the next couple of years.

    In his presidential address Dr. M. R. Doreswamy, Chancellor of the university, stressed the importance of reading and drafting that a law student must possess to succeed in the profession. He impressed upon the students, to be proud of the legal profession with none other than Shri Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation, being a lawyer himself and Shri Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of the country, also a lawyer. He mentioned the names of luminaries from the state of Karnataka, such as M. K. Venkatachailah, and E. S. Venkataramaih, who became chief justices. He asked the students to work hard and gain knowledge and adopt lifelong learning to become successful in their careers.

    Dr. J. Surya Prasad, Vice-chancellor of the university was present on the occasion. Dr. K. S. Sridhar, a Registrar, introduced the dignitaries on the dias and presented the welcome address, Dr. Sailashree Haridas, Dean of management and commerce and advisor faculty of Law, delivered the vote of thanks.

    Dr. J. Surya Prasad, Vice-chancellor of the university was present on the occasion. Dr. K. S. Sridhar, a Registrar, introduced the dignitaries on the dias and presented the welcome address, Dr. Sailashree Haridas, Dean of management and commerce and advisor faculty of Law, delivered the vote of thanks.

    The inaugural ceremony was followed by an academic orientation for the students by Prof. Ajoy Kumar, Chief Operating Officer, PES University.

  • PESU STUDENTS AT GPBL - Grand Prix Badminton League 2022

    The inaugural edition of the Grand Prix Badminton League (2022) - 12th of August to the 21st of August 2022 - was played at the Karnataka Badminton Association, Bengaluru. The eight teams competing at the GPBL are viz; Mandya Bulls, Mysore Panthers, Bengaluru Lions, Malnad Falcons, KGF Wolves, Mangalore Sharks, Bundipur Tuskers, and Kodagu Tigers consist of 8 players each. 

    BBA Sports Management students of 1st semester had been to Karnataka Badminton Association on 16 August 18, 2022, and witnessed the tough match between Kodagu Tigers and Mandya Bulls. One of the players of

    • Kodagu Tigers is represented by Saneeth S Dayanand,
    • KGF Wolves is represented by Naren S Iyer
    • Mysore Panthers is represented by Chiranjeevi Reddy

    Who are pursuing 3rd semester in BBA Sports Management. Students viewed the smashing fight between the teams in singles & Mixed doubles. Two of our students Mahesh. G. (3 rd semester) and Hima Jyotsna (1 st semester) are Volunteers for the entire league and working with the core team and sponsors working on scores, matches, coordinating with players, assisting in Media updates, etc. They got an opportunity to watch and learn how sports events are organized, conducted, and hosted.

    Students were accompanied by the Physical Education Director and Staff of the BBA Sports Management.

  • Student Achievement

    Pruthvik D. S. a student from the MBA department has secured a Gold medal in 50m Breaststroke, a Silver medal in 100m Breaststroke, and a Bronze medal in 4X100 Medley Relay in Senior State Aquatic Championship - 2022 organised by Karnataka Swimming Association at Padukone - Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence, Bangalore on August 12 & 14, 2022 and has been selected for National level swimming championship.

    Dr. M R Doreswamy, Hon’ble Chancellor, PES University congratulated the student on his achievement.

  • Hotel show around

    Students of hospitality got an opportunity to visit the operational and guest areas in a leading hotel.

    They experienced how the hotel ensures a comfortable experience for the guests, the work culture prevailing in the hotel’s chain, and the opportunities to grow one’s career in this fast-changing industry. The show around the Shangri la hotel was organised by the department of BBA HEM on August 10, 2022.

  • Lamp lighting ceremony and oath taking by students of nursing.

    The lamp lighting ceremony is an auspicious occasion in every nurse’s life, held in reverence to Florence Nightingale the founder of modern nursing. Students of B.Sc Nursing of PES College of Nursing participated in the Lamp lighting ceremony and took oath on August 1, 2022, at PESIMSR Campus. Dr. J. Balalakshmi, Principal, PESCON welcomed the gathering. Dr. H. R. Krishna Rao, Dean, and Principal, PESIMSR in his keynote address spoke on the important role of nurses in the healthcare industry and the opportunities open for them globally. Dr. Y. J. Visweswara Reddy Emeritus professor and advisor to PES college of nursing and Dr. Mohan Roopa, Associate medical superintendent, PES Hospital shared their views on the challenges and opportunities in the nursing profession and career.

  • PES University links MoU with Sports Analytical Solution Private Limited

    The BBA Sports Management Program, under the Department Management studies and Commerce, PES University entered into an MoU with the association of Sports Analytical Solution Private Limited, Bangalore on August 1, 2022 for enhancing skills amongst students.

    Sports Analytical Solution Private Limited was founded by Naveen Ningaiah, The founder & CEO, has a team of Sports Enthusiasts who strive to improve the performance of sports organisations through end-to-end solutions using Technology, Math, and the knowledge of the sport. Our aim is to empower all the

    stakeholders in the Sports Ecosystem.

    Provides Coaches and Athletes with Information that helps measure their performances. We provide a HOLISTIC solution for teams.

    Dr. M R Doreswamy Hon’ble Chancellor, PES University congratulated the Department on the partnership with Sports Analytical Solution Private Limited, which allows students to have easy access to a global professional world of Sports.

    Dr.J.Suryaprasad Vice –Chancellor,Mr.Vinay.MS -Sports Director, Mrs.Rashmi Ramachandra -Physical education Director was present on the occasion.

  • PES University First Year B.Com, BBA, B.Sc. (Psychology) UG courses inaugurated at PES

    PES University held the Inaugural ceremony of the first-year BBA, B com, and B sc (psychology) courses for the academic year 2022-2023 on July 31, 2022. Shri. Vishweshwara Bhat, Editor in Chief, Viswavani Daily, and Prof. M R Doreswamy, Chancellor, PES University, Advisor, Education Reforms, GoK felicitated the toppers and sports achievers of the university.

    Addressing the Students, Shri Vishweshvara Bhat said that the present generation is living in the most exciting times in terms of education, learning, and career opportunities. He acknowledged the role of the technological and digital revolution which has created such possibilities and urged the students to make optimum utilization of the same. He congratulated the University for creating ethically superior and socially responsible citizens. Recollecting his association with Prof. M R Doreswamy for over thirty years, he lauded his dedication, efforts, and vision in building the institution. He wished all the new entrants great success in their academic journey and career pursuits and assured the parents that their wards are in safe hands and their decision of choosing PES is absolutely wise. 

    In his inaugural speech, Prof. M R Doreswamy acknowledged the accomplishments and contributions of private universities in providing quality education in Karnataka. He also emphasized the importance of following the calendar of events to provide a structured education. He opined that if an institution attains A+ in NAAC grading, continuously for two consecutive years, then the institution should be recognized as autonomous. This autonomy will ensure quality education as can be seen in the performance of private universities in terms of providing quality education and job placements. He also emphasized the importance of Yoga in ensuring health and concentration. Quoting Swamy Vivekananda, who recognized divinity in all humans, urged the students to find the same in themselves and others.

    Dr. Surya Prasad, Vice Chancellor, PES University welcomed the gathering, and Dr. Shailahree Haridas, Dean of Commerce and Management programmmes proposed vote of thanks. C.S.Ashwin and Abdul, the alumni of the University who are currently placed in Dell and Intellipart respectively shared their experiences of their stay at the institution. Abdul described PES as perfect-elegant and structured. 

    Dr. J. Surya Prasad, Vice-Chancellor, PES University, Dr. K. S. Sridhar, Registrar, PES University, and Dr. Shailashree Haridas, Dean, management, and Commerce graced the occasion. The inaugural ceremony was followed by an academic orientation for the students by Prof. D. Jawahar, Pro-chancellor, PES University.


    The BBA Sports Management Program, under the Department of Management Studies and Commerce, PES University entered into an MoU with the association of Simply Sport Foundation(SSF) Bangalore and Collearn Education Technologies Private Limited, Bangalore on July 22, 2022, for enhancing skills amongst students.

    Simply Sport Foundation was founded by Ankit Nagori, Co-founder of Curefit, in 2021, and is striving to support the grassroots sports ecosystem in India. The Team focuses on athletes striving to reach their full potential and can impact countless others to do the same and constantly impact success in the lives of athletes who & vigorously thriving to hit their goals in & Life and Sports.

    Collearn Education Technologies Private Limited, founded by Srishti Jain in 2021, is on a mission to provide opportunities for pursuing passion through non-traditional cohort-based courses delivered by world-renowned industry experts. Their Focus ison Skill Acquisition and Lifelong Long Mentorship by Renowned Industry experts.

    Dr. M R Doreswamy Hon’ble Chancellor, PES University congratulated the Department on the partnership with both Simply Sport Foundation and Collearn Education Technologies Private Limited, which allows students to have easy access to a global professional world of Sports.

    Dr. J Suryaprasad -Vice-Chancellor, Mr. M S Vinay -Sports Director, and Mrs. Rashmi Ramachandra -Physical Education Director were present on the occasion.

  • Workshop on taxes

    The tax regime in India has undergone significant changes in keeping up with the new business practices and economic shifts. Ms. Rashmi, Chartered Accountant conducted practical training on income tax covering old and new tax rates, features of income tax portal, steps to be followed in filing, and efficient tax planning. Mr. Deepak Nahar, Chartered Accountant elaborated on features of GST that included registration and filing and the facility of an input tax credit. The two-day workshop for faculty was organised by the department of commerce on July 20-21, 2022.

  • Knowing change-makers

    The webinar series titled Parivartana featuring eminent experts from different domains who are committed to bringing about meaningful changes in the community started with a session on environment sustainability. Mr.Himanshu Barola, CEO of Everything Recycles and a mentor in ATAL Innovation Mission elaborated on efficient reprocessing approaches, methods, and practices. The second session featured Mr.Pravesh Pandey, Vice President, Restaurant Success of Zomato elaborated on new ways to profitability in food ventures. The sessions in the change-makers series Parivartana, organised by the department of BBA HEM were held on July 8, 2022.

  • Improving industry academia interface in hospitality business

    The members of department of BBA HEM participated in the brainstorming session on enhancing industry and academia interface with the leadership team of IHCL, the company which manages the Taj Group of Hotels across the globe. The deliberations that were guided by executives of IHCL, Mr. Ralin Da Cunha Gomes- Vice President and Mr.Arul Mani-Corporate Director-Learning and Development was held on June 27, 2022.

  • Learning to manage literary events

    Students of hospitality and event management successfully handled pre-venue set-up, logistics for a discreet audience, and floating crowd at a celebration of literature and books in the world of the Metaverse. The event explored the craft, writers’ mindsets, and technological wonders around the web3 and the future of books. The group of students volunteered for the Raindrops literature festival 2022 held on June 11-12, 2022.

  • Understanding management of trade fairs

    Students of event management got an exposure to logistics in large exhibitions, curating and working in multicultural event environments and event production landscape. The student team handled the tasks related to pre-venue set-up, stage logistics, and building a pavilion at the 12th International Trade Fair for Furniture Production Technologies, Woodworking Machinery, Tools, Fittings, Accessories, Raw Materials, and Products held at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre from June 2 - 6, 2022.

  • Hospitality industry interaction

    Students of BBA HEM had an opportunity to interact, network, and present their views of the university and department at the Hilton Hotel, Embassy Golf Link to the hotel and tourism industry leaders and decision-makers of India.

  • Volunteering for Khelo India management

    Students got an opportunity to understand the complexity involved in managing sporting events as volunteers in organising the Khelo India University Games 2021-22 held from April 27 to May 2022. BBA Sports Management department which is associated with Simply Sports Foundation and facilitated the initiative.

  • Student Achievement

    Aishwarya Rangarajan won the Mirchi music award for best upcoming female vocalist. Aishwarya is 4 th Semester MBA student.

  • Cross cultural student leadership initiative

    The role of students as global citizens and brand ambassadors of tourism has acquired new dimensions with the constantly evolving market of travel and hospitality for families and corporations. Prof. Cathy Hsu, Chair Professor School of Hotel and Tourism Management of Hong Kong university, and Mr.AlexMallari Macatuno, Head- Culture and Tourism Unit of ASEAN-KOREA Centre shared insights about the hospitality industry and assimilating the ethos of digital and innovation learning. Deans and Chairs of Taylor; University, Malaysia, Dean of University of Santo Tomas, Philippines, and Deans of PES University participated in the program. The Lead initiative, Lead, Engage, Advance, Drive, a global inter-university student leadership initiative organized by the department of BBA HEM in online mode was held on May 16, 2022.


    We are glad to share with you, that 2 students of BBA Sports Management are selected for the KHELO INDIA YOUTH GAMES, held in Panchkula, Haryana, Punjab from June 3-14, 2022.

    It is organized by the Government of Haryana and the Sports Authority of India and we wish all the best for our students Saneeth.S.Dayanand and Naren.S.Iyer who will be playing Badminton in the Khelo India Youth Games.

    Dr M.R Doreswamy Chancellor PES university heartly Congratulated the student.


    PES University’s Department of Physical Education and Sports management held the Awards Ceremony for the Campus Challenge Organized in the Campus during April 30, 2022 to May 06, 2022. A total of 8 games were held with 17 students bagging Medals and Certificates for their performances at the National and International levels.

    Mr.Santhosh Babu, IPS, Superintendent of Police, Ramanagara, Dronacharya, and Arjuna Awardee Mr.Jude Felix Sebastian were the Chief Guests. 

    In his address, Mr.Santhosh Babu appreciated the efforts of the Sports Department in motivating students to participate in sports activities.

    Mr.Jude Felix complimented the University for creating a state-of-the-Art Sports infrastructure to boost sports activities on the campus.

    Speaking on the occasion, Dr.M.R.Doreswamy, Chancellor emphasized the need for encouraging students to participate in sports and said that Sports is equally important as academics for students. He mentioned that “Local Sports like Kabaddi and Kho-kho must be equally encouraged and University must support the students to learn and play. He shared that he was the Captain of the Kabaddi Team during his college days.

    Spardha – the annual Sports Magazine was released on the occasion of Dr.J.Suryaprasad, Vice-Chancellor, Dr.K.S.Sridhar, Registrar and Mr.M.S.Vinay, Sports Director was present on the occasion. 

  • Ready reckoner on house keeping basics released

    The in-house book titled Housekeeping Basics, A Ready Reckoner compiled by the second semester students of BBA HEM program was released on April 28, 2022. Dr. Shailashree Haridas, Dean-Faculty of Commerce and Management and Advisor-Dept of Law was present on the occasion.

  • Guest lecture on collaterals in hospitality and event industry

    Prof.Chitra Vishwanathan, Director, Department of Design delivered a lecture on Being Stupid in Design Sense to highlight the element of design in the hospitality and event industry. She demonstrated how simple and irrelevant ideas can be converted into impactful design elements. The guest lecture was organized by the BBA HEM department on April 28, 2022.

  • Showcasing event concepts

    Participants got an opportunity to display prototypes of event styles, promote innovative designs and demonstrate event flows. The interaction to learn event operations, Pratisparadha was organized by the BBA HEM department on April 25, 2022.

  • Wine appreciation session

    The wine market in India is seeing a significant annual growth with the social and cultural taboo around alcoholic beverages slowly dissipating. To prepare the students for the career opportunities in the 2 wine industry, the session covered topics that included wine marketing, basics of wine tasting, prospects as a sommelier and the future of wine industry in India. Ms. Antara, Head of Sales and Marketing, South Grover Zampa shared her insights at the Wine appreciation session held on April 4, 2022 at RR campus.

  • Chocolate experience workshop

    The Indian chocolate market currently represents one of the world’s fastest growing markets for chocolates. S.Krishnamoorthy, chef at Morde chocolate conducted the workshop to present a practical view of chocolate and its types, tempering, molding and temperature control at the workshop organized by BBA HEM department on April 12-13, 2022.

  • Guest Lecture on creativity and design in event industry

    Creativity is key to coming up with designs that can transform events to realize new economic benefits and enhance engagement. Mr Anish Ranjan, founder and Creative Head of Paper Kraft Design Studio shared insights about developing content and use of digital tools, the importance of collateral, and techniques to boost social media presence in event operations. The guest lecture on understanding the essence of creativity and design in event management was organized by the department of BBA HEM on April 11, 2022.

  • Management week

    The event featured panel discussions on the emerging paradigms in management driven by technology and user preferences. The panel discussion on day 1 was about Unravelling the Metaverse – Decoding the Future with Mr. Ravi Krishnan, Mr. Manoj Dawarwadikar, and Mr. Raktim Singh and Prof Krishna Kumar. The topics included application of metaverse in our everyday life, cost concerns, metaverse in the workplace, cryptos, NFTs, and expansion of the virtual world. The panel discussion on Roadmap to Successful Entrepreneurship featured Ms. Annie Sathya Kumar, Ms. Shwetha Shetty, Mr. Pavan Kumar Jain, Mr. Arun Ramu, Mr. Punith Raj moderated by Prof. Shankar Gopal. The panelists shared insights about the various aspects of becoming an entrepreneur, be it taking the first step or overcoming challenges. Day 3 featured keynotes on the topic of Journey During and After BBA by Prof. Ajoy Kumar and Mr. Santhosh Neelangatil. The students were given a reality check on what life in the real world is and the role of perseverance, discipline, and excellence in the personal, professional, and business world. A short film on people from different professions within a 5-mile radius of PES University was shown in which they spoke about the importance of time management and hard work and how they strived hard in pursuing the dream. The panel discussions snf keynotes as part of the management week were organized by the faculty of management and commerce on April 4-5-6.

  • Business simulation based learning

    Simulation-based learning is a teaching method for students to experience real-world scenarios in order to learn how to put their academic knowledge into practice. The Biz Champ learning session started with business idea generation followed by insights from guest speakers, simulation learnings review, and declaration of winners. Students competed and analyzed their performance after each simulation round. The BizChamp, 3-day business simulation course was conducted in a gamified learning mode for students of BBA from all Campuses from March 31, 2022, at the RR campus.

  • Student achievement: Navneeth

    Mr. Navneeth, student of second year BBA HEM was recognized as the best trainee by Ibis Hotel Bangalore, part of French Accor group.

  • Guest talk on hospitality industry

    The growing economy of India and strengthening relationships with other nations globally have expanded the hospitality industry. The guest talk on the hospitality industry featured Mr. Prithviraj, owner and head chef of Puppy’s Gastronomy, and Mr. Tinu Thomas, Sales and marketing manager of Wine Park. The students got an opportunity to know more about the attitude expected in the hospitality industry and the marketing aspect of the business of wine. The guest talk was hosted by the department of BBA HEM on March 25, 2022.

  • Understanding confectionary business

    The Indian confectionery industry has seen a string of product innovations, value-additions, and new launches. Students of BBA got a glimpse of this fast-developing market in their visit to Garuda Polyflex Foods. The factory floor visit showed the production from beans to chocolate and the manufacturing process of the popular Gone Mad wafer-stick. The industrial visit was organized by the department of BBA on March 17, 2022.

  • Guest talk on fundamentals of strength and conditioning

    Sports science is gaining importance as it studies the working of the human body during the exercises and ways in which a healthy lifestyle helps the body to be at its best. Mr. Varun Suresh Kumar, an alumnus of Harvard University and a fitness trainer explained the benefits of regular exercises, 3-4 week back to back strength training and 6-8 weeks of heavy workout. He observed that human beings have their own distinguished health lifestyle and simple exercises at the right time with consistency being key to healthy living. The guest talk organised by the Sports department aimed at disproving misconceptions, learning exercise techniques and building healthier lifestyle was held on RR campus March 15, 2022.

  • Guest lecture on services management

    Understanding the global standards in services management is vital for building a career in the hospitality and event management industry. Mr. Ghaghan Lokesh shared practical insights about maintaining impeccable service standards from his experience at Disney world, Florida. According to him, the four key elements of services management are Safety, Courtesy, Show and Efficiency and that of service recovery are Listen, Apologize, Solve and Thank. Mr. Ghaghan Lokesh, alumnus of 2020 batch and who is presently Senior Associate with UpGrad delivered the lecture at RR campus on March 13, 2022.

  • Innovative recipes video series in collaboration with leading food company launched

    The Hospitality and Event Management department in collaboration with Heritage Foods launched a culinary series on innovative recipes on YouTube. The series which explains the technical nuances of food preparation is aimed at the student community and academicians connected with industry as well as the interested public.

  • Career coaching for graduating batch

    An online coaching session with individual assessment of career preparedness brought out the students’ beliefs and values and outlined a career path aligned to their aspirations. The session was conducted for the students of the final semester BBA-HEM by Ms. Priya Khosla, a certified career coach on March 12, 2022.

  • Hands on training at a prestigious event

    The students of BBA HEM volunteered and managed a part of the Deccan Herald's Bengaluru 2040 summit at a leading hotel. It proved to be an opportunity to learn first hand about guest management and interacting with high profile invitees. The prestigious summit was held on March 11, 2022.

  • Expert talk on current status and opportunities in pharma industries

    Pharma sector presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges for management graduates. Dr. Sanjay Boldhane shared insights from his rich experience of working with market leaders on key areas of research and development. He gave an overview of the pharma sector with key figures about global pharma market and India’s position. He talked about India’s potential to grow and the focus on quality, safety, equity and patentability. According to him management graduates can make the most of opportunities in market research, market analysis, business development, supply chain management and Marketing and sales. The responsibilities could cover drug improvements, recognizing specialized necessities, setting courses of events and financial plans, supervision and reporting. Dr. Sanjay Boldhane presently leads formulation development, heading the detailing improvement division for managed and nonexclusive market at a leading pharmaceutical company. He holds an M. Pharm in Bio-pharmaceutics (1999), Ph. D. in Pharmacy (2009) from Government College of Pharmacy and post- graduate confirmation in patent regulation and administrative issues. He is a qualified Lean six-sigma dark belt (LSSBB) expert and mentor. The Expert talk on current status and opportunities in pharma industries was organized by MBA department on March 8, 2022.

  • Student achievement - Naveen Venkatesh

    Naveen Venkatesh won three gold medals, in 100 m Butterfly, 100 m Breaststroke and 50 m freestyle events at Karnataka State Level Para Swimming Championship held at Basavanagudi Aquatic Centre on March 6, 2022.

  • Women’s Day Celebration

    On the occasion of Women’s Day BBA-HEM department felicitated the women teaching and administration staff in the department recognizing their valuable contribution on March 8, 2022.

    The students of Kalaantrika – The Cultural Club of BBA Department, performed a street play act that portrayed women empowerment which gave a message on gender-balanced leadership, respect and value difference, develop more inclusive and flexible cultures to root out workplace bias.

  • Student achievement - Srimukha Bhat

    Srimukha Bhat, a student of final year BBA HEM was recognized and felicitated by the Oberoi Hotel, Bangalore as the best trainee. 

  • Workshop on use of analytics in professional sports

    Sports analytics can provide a competitive advantage to the players and helps sports companies in fine-tuning their marketing strategies. The participants of the workshop got an opportunity to understand the importance, application and opportunities from Mr. Naveen Ningaiah, founder of Sports KPI, and an experienced sport’s analyst. The workshop gave an overview of the recent IPL auction and how the best players were selected for the positions of batsmen, all-rounder, wicketkeeper, fast bowlers and spinners. Mr. Naveen Ningaiah observed that from a career perspective the roles of a sports data analyst would involve collecting and analyzing sports data, updating individual players’ suitability. Coaches and team managers can use this data to make informed decisions during or before sports competitions. These roles can be classified into two categories. The first is business, where data is used to improve the performance of a team or sports organization. The second category deals with the entertainment aspect and provides fans with details they want to know about athletes. According to Mr. Naveen Ningaiah, there are two key aspects of sports analytics, on-field and off-field. On-field analytics deals with improving the on-field performance of teams and players and off-field analytics deals with the business side of sports. BBA Sports Management organized the workshop on Use of Analytics in Professional Sports on March 5, 2022.

  • Management books exhibition

    The Central Library and Faculty of Management Studies organized a book exhibition on March 4, 2022.

  • Environment photography contest

    Students got an opportunity to capture the subtle aspects of the surroundings with unique lighting and colour. The stunning pictures of the campus were a way of experiencing the overlooked aspects of our ecosystem and caring about their preservation. Aruna bagged the first place followed by Sai Charan Reddy and Zaheen Parvaiz in Capture the Eco contest organized by Club Creativerse held on March 3, 2022.

  • Industrial visit to vineyard

    Students got a first-hand view of vineyard management, viticulture, wine making equipment, wine making procedures and grape varietals under supervision of Abhishek, trainer at the plantation. The visit to Domaine Sula vineyard was organized by the BBA HEM department on March 2, 2022.

  • PES University students in the News: Research Papers presented at International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Management

    Narendra, Suman, Indira, Brijesh and Jessy Nair presented research paper titled, Spiritual Gurus’ influence on customer purchase intention of FMCG products. Sai Krishna, Shashank H and Jessy Nair presented research paper titled, Clean Transportation: A case of private community spaces based Electric Vehicle charging facilities which received the Best Paper Award. ISME Business School, Bangalore organized the 10th International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Management on February 26, 2022.


  • Improvised Chess competition

    The improvised chess competition tested the problem solving, decision making, network building and communication skills of the contestants. Sankreeth emerged as winner followed by Shivani and Pradyumna. Bruins Sports Forum of BBA, RR campus organized the competition on Feb 25, 2022.

  • Quiz in Jeopardy format

    Equinox Jeopardy! Quiz tested the awareness of different aspects of space with the quizzing experience based on the popular TV show Jeopardy! The prelim round was conducted on an online quizzing platform, semi-finals on Jeopardy! Simulation website and finale had tougher questions. First place: N.M. Aditya and Kavisha Mathur; Second place: Kumar Shantanu Khare and Aakanksh and Third place: Srujana Golla and Kasturi Uday Aditya, Equinox The Space Club of PES University conducted Equinox Jeopardy at RR campus on March 25, 2022.

  • Understanding auction skills first hand

    The mock auction tagged each participating team to a company with the objective of planning the right usage of the Merchant Matrix coins in bagging the best resource while balancing their budgets. The participants were then asked by the judges, the reason for the decisions they made in obtaining the particular resource. First place was won by team Akasa Air of Hitesh R, Tushar Kapil, S. Bharath, Pavan Chouhan and Vineeth B Parekh. Second place was picked by team team Tata 1MG of Sanjana S Murthy, Navaneeth N, Dhanush D, Prajwal P and third place by team Pharmeasy of Ashutosh, Lalith P, Mohammed Amal, Subodh Onkar and Aman Samar. Corporate Auction-Merchant Market was organized by BBA department on February 24, 2022.

  • Escape game

    The escape game tested the problem-solving, lateral thinking and teamwork skills of participants by providing a clues and challenges which lead up-to the key. IB club Avanya organized the escape game titled Exit Strategy on February 24, 2022.

  • Guest talk on Cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency is a booming topic in the current world scenario, which has had its share of global dilemma regarding its acceptance. Mr. S Narendra, economist, banker, and thought leader in mortgages, housing finance, risk management, credit controls, and recovery shared his knowledge and views on recognizing it as a currency or asset and different dimensions of cryptocurrency. The guest talk on Cryptocurrency- Good, Bad and Ugly was organized Department of Management and Commerce, EC campus on February 22, 2022.

  • Expert talk on corporate innovation through finance partnerships

    The role of finance is evolving to enable corporate innovation. Shobana Rajagopal drew from her experience as the revenue controller in Microsoft India and shared her understanding of digital transformation in finance partnerships. Speaking about how COVID has affected industries and its core operations around the world, she observed that acceleration of technology that should have happened in a time span of ten years happened in one year. This probably happened due to the unavoidable circumstances which pushed industries to work on technology and digital transformation as soon as possible. In the context of industrial revolution 4.0, the transformation process involved engagement of customers through products and services with great customer experience, empowering employees by up-skilling them with the newest technologies, optimising operations by segregating repetitive tasks to automated systems and finally transforming products to become more digitally equipped. The process of growth involves hyper scale, hyper flexibility and hyper security. Innovation includes augmented and mixed reality where the objects residing in the real world are enhanced by computer generated perceptual information, machine learning which consists of computer algorithms that can improve experience automatically through the use of data. In the area of finance, statistical models are used to make predictions, detect frauds and provide financial advisory services to the stakeholders. As a result, intelligent products and services have evolved. The technology imperatives in the field of finance include: automation and robotics, data visualisation, advanced analytics and perspective analytics. An example of real time financial info is using MS excel where emphasis is on consumption of data and the best way to deliver insights. Advanced analytics for finance operations is about the optimisation of algorithms and knowledge of tools. Perspective analytics for business and sales operations focuses on the organisational health and the move from telling stakeholders from what happened to what will happen. As stakeholders are resistant to change – the best way to deal with change is to deal with it. In the past financial functions included: book-keeping, payables and receivable, reporting and controls and tax and compliance. In the present situation, it has evolved to be more of strategic planning, treasury and working capital management, capital budgeting, risk management and corporate strategy. Given the example of Amazon, they are doing well in terms of R&D, strategies and business development act as key contributors. Digitalization, adoption of new technology, bots and algorithms are important to stay competitive. Equally important are building a digital financial function with clear vision of expected targets, link to overarching business strategy, bridging skill gaps which is current capability versus modern finance, refining competency models and finally adhering to companies’ securities standards. Reimagining the finance work force in an agile operating model where finance teams can quickly share expertise when needed most is critical to the organization's success. The diverse set of views might deviate a bit but new ideas might spark which would help in the long term. Ms. Shobana Rajagopal, qualified Chartered Accountant and experienced corporate executive delivered the expert talk hosted by department of management studies on February 22, 2022.

  • Testing crisis management ability

    A crisis in this day and age can cover a diverse range of incidents. The competition consisted of giving participants a crisis situation that organizations may face and were required to come up with convincing strategy and solutions. Gulshan bagged the first place followed by Keerthana K and Chathush Sriram in the competition titled Zero Hour that was organized by BBA department on February 18, 2022.

  • Plated Desserts workshop

    In the age of Instagrammers and food bloggers, food plating matters as it is what tempts customers to try a dessert. Chef Richa Saroagi of White Caps Pastry Academy drawing from a rich industry experience shared insights about plating arts, display of plated desserts and types of glaze. The Desserts Galore workshop, organised by BBA HEM department was held on February 16-18, 2022.

  • Sow and grow initiative

    Students came together enthusiastically to plough the soil, sow and water plants, and protected their growth by fencing and cleaning up the surrounding. The ISocial Team of BBA in collaboration with Hasiru Ratha team organized the Sow and Grow initiative on February 12, 2022.

  • Expert talk on Industrialization 4.0

    Industrialization is undergoing transformation with digital technologies and emerging market dynamics. The expert talk by Sumithra Ranganathan covered various aspects of the new wave of industrialization, its beginning and implementation in India, impact on GDP and employment opportunities. A case study about the growth due to Industrialization 4.0 and the allied work culture made the session relatable. The participants got a view of how companies undertake feasibility analysis, conduct sales pitch and study the market. Sumithra Ranganathan,Vice President Engineering, ER&D GBL, Capgemini spoke at the session conducted by the Department of management and commerce on February 8, 2022.

  • Expert talk on meaning and significance of the latest union budget

    The insightful session on the latest budget by Mr Narendra Jadhav, Indian economist, educationist, public policy expert, lecturer, and writer focused on reading between the lines and deciphering the true import of numbers projected on the budget. Mr Narendra Jadhav started by taking the audience through the process of budget making which starts six months before the announcement. Information shared by economists, business associations, agriculturists, trade unions and politicians are scrutinized as well as surveys conducted. The process of printing the budget takes place in the basement of the ministry of finance. To maintain confidentiality, the members involved are kept in complete isolation. Further, Mr Narendra Jadhav spoke about the difference between economic survey and budget. Economic survey is a comprehensive economic document which consists of facts and figures and all about what is happening in the economy. Data regarding government finances, agriculture and other areas are reviewed with all factors and services providing the basis for predictions and recommendations and are not binding. A budget on the other hand not only contains facts and figures but also the other aspects such as political documents. The finance minister synergizes their combination and proceeds with the preparation of the budget. While preparing the budget, there are three main values that are considered: the revised number of the current year, budgeted numbers and the final number for the previous year. Mr Narendra Jadhav also spoke about how India being a developing economy has a fiscal deficit unlike developed economies. Getting into the domestic and global context, factors of grave concern reflected in the budget include: backdrop of corona and the second wave which happened to be heavily taxing for economies and countries, large and unprecedented increase in unemployment rates and elevated levels of inequality. According to reports, 84% of Indian people suffered due to reduced incomes due to prolonged lockdown and the number of billionaires has surprisingly increased. The reports on distribution of national income which is the income of a particular year and national wealth which is the accumulated incomes were examined, and the results show the gap between incomes of rich and the poor, where the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. About the important developments globally: countries suffered a lot due to the pandemic, India suffered more but is also recovering at a good pace; US being a developed country has seen its highest inflation rate in years, it has tightened its monetary policy which has led to rise in interest rates, all of which are bound to have an impact on India. Ukraine and Russia backed by China are facing a likely war. This has resulted in a highly tense situation, which in turn has very serious implications for India. This would have fluctuations in the price of oil and the export promotions wouldn’t be possible. The budget assumptions include price changes due to war and effect on orderly movement of capital. The expected rate of growth was projected to be 8-8.5%, whereas he had his opinion that the growth rate wouldn’t be as much but would be around 7-7.5%. The budget has increased the government capital expenditure and has allocated 7.5 lakh crore for infrastructure, out of which 43.4% is allocated to railways and roadways and a large portion to defense. The strategy is to promote the private sector to invest in infrastructure. The logic here is that, when the government comes in with public investment, it will create more jobs. Mr Narendra Jadhav also spoke about, Azadi ka Amruth Mahotsav, an initiative of the Government of India to celebrate and commemorate 75 years of progressive India and the glorious history of its people, culture and achievements. Mr Narendra Jadhav considered the budget of 2022-23 as a transformative beginning. Mr Narendra Jadhav is an authority on Babasaheb Ambedkar’s life and work. He is a member of the Rajya Sabha. He has previously served on the Planning Commission of India and the National Advisory Council of the government of India. Jadhav has received 67 national and international honours and distinctions, including four Honorary D.Litt degrees from the University of Oxford and the title Commander of the Order of Academic Palms from the French government. Mr Narendra Damodar Jadhav holds a BSc in Statistics from Ramnarain Ruia College of the University of Mumbai and an MA in Economics from the University of Mumbai. He received his PhD in Economics from Indiana University in the United States. The Expert talk on meaning and significance of the latest union budget by Mr Narendra Jadhav was held online on February 3, 2022.


  • Floral art workshop

    Students got an opportunity to identify the types of flowers and flower arrangements. The hands-on experience of handling flowers and foliage was about arranging flowers methodically according to the given type, namely, traditional, ikebana and abstract. The workshop was organized by the department of BBA-HEM on February 2-3-4, 2022.

  • Bread workshop

    The workshop covered the science in the baking process, technique of dough making, displaying of breads and history of breads from various countries. Chef Pradeep, formerly with club Mahindra resorts, Youtuber and consultant conducted the workshop organized by department of BHM HEM on Jan 26-27,2022 at RR campus.

  • Guest lecture on window to career transformation

    It is the need of the hour to be adaptive during this crucial time for the community, industry and business. The guest speaker Saurabh Shah elaborated “Imagine you are the owner of the bank and 86400/- is deposited in your account everyday only for 24 hours. What will you do with it? A wise person would invest on business, shares and on anything that gives back profit as returns. 86400 are seconds of a day. Therefore, every single day we should use it to improve our present status. Where we are today and where we will be soon are the most important matters for one who wants their career to be in a good place. Where we are today on social media, exams, many goals, and parties. Where we will be soon- success, career, earnings, wanting more! Shifting from where we are today to where we will be soon is called Paradigm shift. SWOT analysis plays a major role in one’s self development. The last thing the fish knows about is water. What are we great at? Have you self- validated your thoughts? Do you have a role model in your mind? We must keep questioning this to ourselves from time to time. It is extremely important to have a role model to achieve your current goal. Academic effectiveness: What next? Is it basic? Yes, Basics need to be perfect in the practical world. It is important to relate basic concepts with application. Stay updated on the industry and business. Luckily PES University trains students by solving case studies and research papers based on real time instances of Industries or companies. Concentrating on a final year project is very important as it shows our ability to the firm that is going to recruit you. Communication is everyone's way to build your career. To improve your communication skills, be proactive in career-based activities, understand your communication style and work on it, reach out to people by asking questions and communicate your progress, build your contacts from day 1 and it’s called networking. To have a successful corporate life only you can own and drive your career. Organization provides vision and environment and manager points towards opportunities. Your growth is the breadth and depth of your skills.” Saurabh Shah is Head of Human Resources at Capita, a digital services and software business, delivering innovative solutions. Saurabh is a talent management and acquisition strategist in the technology space, specializing in organizational development, strategic human resource management, campus recruitment, employee engagement and HR process re-engineering. The guest lecture was held online on Jan 25, 2022.

  • Personality development session

    This session covered understanding of personality traits, the importance of body language, reframing, borderline personality disorder, tolerance of change and training one’s brain. This session conducted by Ruchi Tandon helped students to self-analyze the stages of personality development, positive personality, and cognitive development. Questions in the session motivated the students to think and analyze behavior, character development, and human development. Ruchi Tandon, L&D Consultant & Transformation Coach, ICF Accredited ACC-Level Coach, ISAQB Accredited Trainer for CPSA – F conducted the session titled Who Am I that was organized by Department of management and commerce on Jan 25, 2022.

  • Republic Day celebrations by department of BBA

    The event featuring speeches and songs to spark the spirit of patriotism, Fashian event in which the participants represented a particular state through their attire and Trivia, quiz on freedom fighters, was held online on January 25, 2022.

  • Overseas education and career options workshop

    he workshop made students of commerce and accounts aware of benefits of professional guidance for making the most of learning opportunities in universities abroad. The workshop was conducted by Mr Santosh Neelangatil of MERIT Higher Education Consultants. He felt that education today is the first step towards understanding the global economy, discovering the challenges of the marketplace and identifying themselves with a career that provides opportunities within the country and abroad. Mr Neelangatil is a European Foundation of Psychological Association (EFPA) and Psytech International certified career counselor and psychometric test administrator. Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce organized the online career workshop for undergraduate students of BBA and B.Com from Jan 18-20, 2022.

  • Talk on dark side of corporate governance

    In the fast paced business integrating with the global economy a corporate governance is reflected in not just good environment, eminent board of directors, financial stability but also in constant improvement in quality of goods and services and consumer satisfaction. The rare insight was shared by Robin Banerjee, Managing Director of Caprihans India Ltd who is a Chartered Accountant, Cost and Management Accountant, Company Secretary, and has a master’s degree in commerce. He drew upon the experience of working in key positions with several large multinational corporations in over 20 countries. He focused on the questions of “Were you ever exposed to corporate fraud? Between what is corporate fraud? What is the dark side? What is good governance?” He went on to explain, “Knowingly or unknowingly, you would have seen or participated in any one of the frauds related to corporations as we live around people who are into corruption. Corporate fraud and the dark side are the same thing. They are another face of a good side which is not directly seen by the public.” He illustrated with an example: Restaurant. Yes, you would have noticed a few restaurants which were open a year before pandemic time would have closed within 6-7 months of time by your next visit. What might be the reason? Isn’t it that the restaurants are usually opened by good chefs, political members, one with good funding? It has fallen not because of finance stability but because of poor management or poor governance or SOP (Stand operating procedure). The restaurants which have existed for several years have kept customer satisfaction as their top priority. “Ethics in Corporate governance, the main ethical focus of a company will be satisfying the needs of the customers. Here there will be no chance for fraud. Many Germans based and French based companies are known for following ethics in the corporate governance. Running business ethically, TATA is known for running business ethically. Author had visited the Taj with his friend for a cup of coffee and a sandwich. After a few minutes of delivering the food to the Author the waiter asks for the review. To that the author said that the coffee tasted good while the sandwich tasted bad. The waiter instantly offered a refund for the author. Taj runs an ethical business. When you talk about corporate governance it is all about not to cheat customers, employees, board of directors and to the law.” He described another example: As and when the demand for honey increased during pandemic times, IARI took samples of honey and tested many of the branded honey. To their surprise 11 out of 14 branded honeys were adulterated. They were all well-known big brands which survived the market for years together. He was asked to use honey by most of the people during pandemic times as it is an immunity booster. Now after knowing this he stopped getting other products related to the same honey brand being a consumer or customer. This is a dark side of good governance. “Sometimes I wonder if the international companies are better as people over there do not compromise on the quality of product than people over here.” McKinsey knowingly funded a pharma company which distributed Opium, which is used in small amounts to treat cancer patients as a pain relief) for more than hundreds of people who died using Opium in huge amounts. The case could not be filed on McKinsey as there was no direct involvement of them in the scam, but was asked to pay a huge amount as a penalty. Three things to be concerned about: “Wilful defaulter, Cyber crime and Cryptocurrency. Wilful defaulter refers to the entrepreneur who is not returning the amount taken by the banks even after confirmation by the court that they had borrowed the amount long back. Cybercrime has increased 300-400% every year. People were into con activities more during pandemic times as they had to face financial crisis. They hack mobiles, bank accounts etc. No system in the world is unhackable.” According to the author the cryptocurrency has limited value. The online talk on the dark side of corporate governance was organized by the Department of MBA, RR campus on January 17, 2022.

  • Orientation session for students of BBA program

    The session was aimed at providing guidance on improving and enhancing academic rigor in the studies. The session was addressed by expert guest speakers, faculty and student heads of clubs. Vivek Velankar, founder of ARV Infotech spoke about the RTI Act. Mukul Sharma, Director at Competition Commission of India spoke about joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions in the industry. Dr. Shailashree Haridas, Dean, faculty of management studies spoke about the code of conduct, importance of extracurricular activities and the mandatory protocol to be adhered to in the pandemic situation. The online orientation program for students of second, fourth and sixth semester of BBA program at RR campus was held on January 17, 2022.

  • Orientation session for students of BBA HEM program

    The session outlined the career opportunities in the hotel industry post Covid, importance of innovation in work and understanding the start-up culture. Mr.Tejus Jose, General Manager, The Renaissance Hotel by Mariott and Mr.Nitin Founder and CEO of EventU Rox shared their industry insights. Dr.Shailashree Dean, Department of Management Studies gave an overview of the program of study and the expectations of the institution. Dr.Karthick, controller of examinations outlined the examination's norms, rules and procedures. Mr. Suresh Narasimha of PESU Venture Labs spoke about start-up culture and the opportunities ahead for the students. Mr.Sathya Prasad, Director of Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship highlighted the role of innovation in the marketplace. The orientations session for students of BBA HEM program was held on January 17, 2022.

  • Tuesday Talk on creating impactful LinkedIn presence

    The talk about using LinkedIn effectively by students was delivered by Anmol Garg, popular standup comedian and an entrepreneur. Being a LinkedIn influencer, he believes that LinkedIn can help improve one’s professional career dramatically. For students, a resume is an important part of career growth. Anmol answered the question of how effective a Resume should be for students. Students who do not use LinkedIn effectively are more familiar with Instagram which is used by 99% of people with access to mobiles. Anmol felt that LinkedIn is one’s resume. But this question might arise at the same time “why LinkedIn and no other job-related platforms?”. Anmol observed, “LinkedIn is a platform where people get to know you better than cold connections which can be seen in other platforms. LinkedIn has many similar features as that of other Platforms but it enables rapid networking because it has earned its trust with companies as well as employees.” In the session, one of the attendee’s LinkedIn profile checks was done based on fields of marketing and finance. Anmol was of the view that marketing based LinkedIn profiles should have many valid certificates that show one’s capability. The main reason for usage of LinkedIn is getting a job and further, to create a brand of our own and also to gain followers. Followers are gained by networking which means contacting as many as people on LinkedIn and discussing with them about marketing and by giving value to the content shared on the platform. “It’s all about how well you are connected to people, how many connections you have”. Finance based LinkedIn profiles should contain share market info, decoding start-ups finance structure, current affairs on finance related topics. The main thing to take into consideration is not to state obvious facts. The site can be monetised by creating a course that helps others. Profile building is key to maximizing the effectiveness of Linkedin presence. Profile photo must be in formals. Description like MBA student at PESU may not stand out and instead Here to market marketing would attract the searcher or finder to know about you more. Upload a photo that makes you sell to the companies. Maybe a photo of you addressing a huge audience. This says that you are more into networking. Writeup on About is where the actual you or your ability is known. Here you should share your unique knowledge that people don’t know and are keen to know about. Make sure it is in the form of a four lined story. Example: Title (movie reference) as “wolf of wall street” and then explain the selling of pen instance in marketing and finance terminology. Recommendations matter. “Do not ask them to give recommendations instead type from their phone!”. Sounds silly right but that's a fact. Everyone is busy building up their career life so go for it because we don’t know who watches us. Maintaining consistency in LinkedIn posts, may lead you to 1 among 133 CMO’s. Video posts reach people on the platform faster than text posts. Do not post long paragraphs. Let the text be catchy and with some humor. Do not feel hesitant to showcase yourself, as said earlier, it is a game of consistency. Make sure you are under the spotlight. Share your experience as people are here to know more about your ability. Show people that you refer to many articles in daily life. For example, while conversing with people discuss current affairs on LinkedIn. One of the references from Anmol Garg was “Seth Godin” “sales hacks” who blogged everyday for 11 years and many of his posts found mention in business books. Anmol Garg, a popular LinkedIn influencer who runs a sales training company called Sales5X which helps startups with sales strategies, is an alumni of PESIT, batch 2010. The Tuesday Talk was hosted online by the Department of MBA on January 11, 2022.

  • Program on curriculum design and delivery

    The faculty development program focused on ways to improve and enhance academic rigor of the courses. The program covered industry trends, updating course plans and learning outcomes, orientation to new curriculum and knowing about the new assessment tools and techniques. Dr.Naveen, principal of Jain College outlined the scope and opportunities of NEP curriculum. Dr. Balu, Associate Dean of Management Studies at Presidency University talked about the course plan design and delivery tools. Dr. Vinayak, Associate Professor at CMS and NAAC Coordinator gave an overview of adaptive and adult learning concepts covering Bloom’s Taxonomy and learning styles. Dr.Shailashree H, Dean of Department of Management Studies and Advisor to department of Law, PES University highlighted the importance of contemporary assessment and evaluation techniques. The session was followed by interaction with the management team of Novotel hotel to discuss the best practices and changes in industry and presenting the program structure adapted by the department. The faculty development program was conducted by the department of BBA HEM from January 4-8, 2022 at the RR campus.

  • Hefty medal tally at aquatic competition for PES University swimming team

    PES University swimming team won 2 Silver medals and 3 Bronze medals in the All India Inter University Aquatic Competition held at KIIT-KISS Swimming Complex in Bhubaneswar, Odisha during December 22-26, 2021. Mohit Venkatesh of Sem 3 ECE-Btech won silver medal in 1500 mts freestyle and bronze medal in 400 mts freestyle swimming. Nikitha S V of 1st Year MBA won silver medal in 800mts freestyle and bronze medal in 400 mts freestyle swimming. Dhruti Muralidhar of 1st Year MBA won a bronze medal in 800 mts freestyle swimming.

  • PES University faculty achievement: Dr. Annu Paallavi wins at yogasana championships

    Dr. Annu Paallavi, Yoga Faculty and Coach in department of BBA Sports Management won silver medal in State Yogasana Championship organized by KSAYSA held on December 11-12, 2021 and bronze medal in National Yogasana Sports Championship organized by Yoga Federation of India held on December 25-26, 2021.

  • Orientation program for students of MCA

    The new batch of students of MCA program session got an overview of student activities and clubs that make the campus interactions more interesting and enriching. Dr. Krishna, Dean, Student Affairs and Co-ordinator, Cultural Activities introduced the students to the wide range of events, student initiatives and clubs that are active on RR Campus, Electronic City Campus and the Hanumanth Nagar Campus of PES University. He spoke about the activities conducted annually like Epsilon, Prakalpa, Samarpana to name a few. He looked forward to the new batch students actively participating in the events of the clubs that include Pixels Photography club, Sanskruti – Indian dance format, clubs for debates, hackathons and clubs for promoting reading and writing. He encouraged the attendees to “kick-start” with a lot of activities at the “init” club of the MCA department. He showcased the sports and gym facilities on the campus. A video was played to highlight the popular mega-events like Epsilon, Aatmatrisha and Prakalpa. In his talk, he explained the richness of Indian culture. He stressed upon exploring one's potential and gave tips and some Do’s and Don'ts. Dr. V Krishna, concluded his talk with a quiz on guessing based on Indian legends and legendary quotes. Dr. Veena, Chairperson, Department of Computer Applications and faculty members were present at the orientation program organized by the MCA department on December 24, 2021.

  • Talk on art of blogging

    As part of the Tuesday Talk series interaction on art of blogging was addressed by blogger and digital marketer Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju. He started by highlighting the importance of blogs in the digital world. He mentioned that the result of blogging is not constant, at times the outcome might be 10x times and sometimes it might be zero or even negative. Mr. Kanakaraju remembered his days of starting as a blogger and how he began as a moto-blogger. He shared his experience of his visit to China for ECIMA and, he stated that in his early learning period, “he learned Digital Marketing without even knowing what Digital Marketing is.” The speaker stressed that most decisions we take are a buffer against rejections and we as a generation are scared to accept rejection and hence are afraid to take any bold step. He countered his statement by providing the example of 'rolling of a dice' as a probability of obtaining results, the more we roll, the better probability to succeed. Mr. Deepak expressed that blogging is not merely about attracting customers but it is concerned with building an audience and trying to sell, as blogs attract traffic but do not make sales. He observed, “don’t create content and then try to sell but see what sells and then create the product. As efforts always yield results, it is important for us to take initiatives and start at the cost of our efforts. When we fail to act on it, every idea is an opportunity cost. Hence Go ahead and grab every opportunity. Indeed, it will be associated with embarrassment, but we need to take the initiative and move forward. Whenever we discuss an idea or seek help from family and friends about our decisions, it implies that we are not confident about it. Any day, it is better to 'ask for forgiveness rather than permission”. According to him, the best way to write a Blog is by choosing a self-hosted domain. Platforms like, and are also good options to consider. He felt that it is good if the writing is professional but in the end, it should be direct and easily understandable by everyone. He thought that one can start by writing about 500 words on any casual topic as if it is a conversation with a friend. The speaker suggested to the audience to develop the habit of writing a journal as it slows down the process of thinking and enables one to frame the sentences better. He compared writing to a way of thinking. He also gave an overview of the CATT framework for blogging, which is to Create content, Attract an audience, develop Trust and then Transact with them. The session concluded with an attempt at writing a blog addressing friends assuming that they are presently in the year 2025. The talk on the art of blogging was organized by the MBA department on December 21, 2021.


    A Symposium on “ANALYTICS UNITE - THE POWER OF INSIGHTS” was organised by Department of Management Studies held on 22nd December 2021 at the PES University – Ring Road Campus.

    The session began with a welcome note by Dr. Veena A, Chairperson MBA Program. Dr. J Suryaprasad Vice-Chancellor PES University addressed the gathering, in his address he mentioned about his experience in Motorola and how they overcame the challenge through data analysis. He mentioned that “Data is not number crunching any more, it is much more beyond”.

    Dr. U Dinesh Kumar, Chairperson, Data Centre and Analytics Lab - IIM Bangalore, the keynote speaker, gave insights about the innovations driven by data and how analytics is changing the innovation with an example of Facebook relationship break-up data. He talked about how Indian industries are using AI and analytics for good decision making. He gave the example of how Bigbasket used Google page ranking algorithm based on keywords and ramped up their customer experience. Akshaya patra is a good example to show that analytics is not only used in large scale industries but also in SMEs. He also mentioned his current research on Neonatal Sepsis using Machine Learning to reduce the mortality rate in infants. He concluded by talking about ethical use of AI.

    Abhijeet Neerkaje, Senior Director, Data Science and Analytics - Target, also an alumnus of PES University talked about the use of analytics in retail industry and their trends. He briefed about some of the success strategies used by Target post pandemic, how supply chain management can be more efficient through AI. He discussed the three important cornerstones of analytics and briefed the students on how to choose their career path in various industries.

    Swati Ramanujam, Apprentice Leader, MU Sigma gave her insights about evolution of analytics at the time of Covid-19. She talked about digitalisation, multi-touch attribution, agent based modelling and mitigating supply chain risk. She concluded her session with some of the algorithms built by MU Sigma for their clients.

    Venkatesh Paramsivam, Deputy General Manager, Cloud operations Mercedes- Benz, briefed about “Data Driven Development”. He mentioned about product development of various companies like Netflix, Flipkart, Google which is based on data. He briefed about development and operations for optimising speed and stability in automobiles and concluded by mentioning that analysing the product requirement, development and operations analytics which gives the best decisions and in-turn gives the best product.

    Dr. Shailashree Haridas, Dean Faculty of Commerce and Management presented the vote of thanks.

  • Support staff appreciation day

    The cooperation extended by the non- teaching staff during the year was recognized and appreciated by the chairperson, admin officer and faculty with fulsome praise and gifting of cakes in the event organized by the BBA HEM department on December 21, 2021.

  • Naren Shankar wins in international Badminton tournament

    Naren won a silver medal in the Botswana International Badminton Tournament, 2021. Naren is a student of the BBA Sports Management program.

  • Internship Orientation for students of hospitality and event management

    Students got an opportunity to know about upcoming hotel internships and the related rules and regulations. The talk on do’s and don’ts of industrial training and policies of university and department clarified many of their doubts. The internship orientation for students of third semester of BBA-HEM program was held in RR campus on December 9. 2021.

  • Talk on the power of storytelling

    The students found this session as an engaging confluence of anthropology, technology, and philosophy made possible by powerful storytelling. The talk featured Atul Jalan an entrepreneur, technologist, science storyteller and founder of Manthan and Algonomy, creating pioneering AI solutions for the world’s leading retailers and consumer connect businesses.

    Atul is a sought-after speaker to understand how technology is transforming man and the institutions he has created, changing how we do things and reshaping humans. And this is the perspective on technology that he usually speaks and  writes about - not as an application of science but rather in a simple and philosophical way for managing and leading a better life. He is also the author of “Where Will Man Take Us?”. The speaker started his talk by calling himself  lucky to be alive despite problems such as new diseases and nuclear annihilation. The speaker asked the students not to lament about anything and enjoy the privileges one has. He dreams of living in different times like during  Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci and also the French Revolution. He tells that technology has made this era more transformative. Based on evolution we stand a new phase. We have examples of artificial intelligence, Gen-tech, Quantum computing.

    The extensive reach beyond muscle power and technology is merging with biology. He calls evolution artificially engineered and is based on many factors. He mentioned that the people of this age have the responsibility of rewriting, redefining, and reimagining. And the process should be ethically flawless. Very little change of 1.26 % happened in humans, years ago from the nearest cousin chimpanzee and now we are at a very different phase and this tells us how change can bring wonders. He tells that he's eagerly waiting for the magic of 2032 where the social problems will be at a lower level. Answering a question from a student, the speaker compared the genetic structure to a word processor, and concerning ethics in technology, he exclaimed knife is a knife.

    India requires changes and has many challenges such as economic inequality and social unrest. He quoted the example of the internet and told how India has responded well in adopting the change. Change is good but it comes with disruption. There is innate inertia to change and the main agents that can influence this inertia are education and policymaking and unfortunately, both of these are habitual laggards.

    The speaker spoke about his inspiration for writing a book. Stories are first followed by other things. Answering a question from a student, Mr. Jalan said that there is confusion between mythology and history and also how imagination is turned into reality. Earlier the change was seen through the lenses of religion and philosophy and for the first time change is seen through the lens of science and technology. He advised students not to follow a narrower approach and asked them to get lost even more and considers that as the best way to find out about oneself. Mr. Jalan refers to technology as a continuum where the stories are imagined and technology brings stories to life. All streams are necessary to contribute to the tech revolution and everything is tech-enabled where one can leverage or contribute. AI and technology can replace humans and it is not a bad thing. Our current lifestyle is just about 300 years old and has been ours since the industrial revolution. Technology is not a zero-sum game. It gives opportunity and creates value. Ford was making horse carriages earlier when their industry got disrupted they moved to motorized carriages and this later became the wheel of the economy. He mentioned Luddites, used as a metaphor for the one who opposes technology. Luddism started by opposing the use of machinery in the textile industry which later employed a million people. There will be  displacements and disruptions, society has to manage them. If one job is destroyed a million are created. Shortly, technology can bring drastic changes in the healthcare and education sector and there will be some of its repercussions 

    also. Technology is building new dimensions and it will change everything. We have examples of web 3.0, NFT and Blockchain. Pandemic has proven it. Technology is always seen as in progression and confluence is the point where the magic  happens. Being philosophical he calls happiness is subjective and is not the mind's job. He requested the audience not to be prejudiced and to always stay vigilant. The guest speaker, Atul Jalan delivered the talk on Power of  Storytelling at RR campus on December 14, 2021.

  • Sharing best practices of hospitality industry

    The BBA HEM department participated in the Gratitude and Networking Day for tourism for inclusive growth organized by Renaissance Bengaluru, a Marriott chain hotel. Tejus Jose, GM, Marriott Renaissance spoke on the occasion. The event, an opportunity to share best practices and interact and network with hospitality industry leaders and academic fraternity was held on December 8, 2021.

  • Naveen Venkatesh wins in international swimming games

    Naveen secured 7th position in 100 m Freestyle Swimming in Asian Youth Para Games 2021 held in Bahrain from Dec 2 to 6, 2021. Naveen is a 1st year B.Com at HN campus.

  • Adhhet Parashar’s creditable performance at national racing championship:

    Adheet Parashar emerged as runner-up in the JK Tyre Novice Cup round 3, race 3 of the 24th JK Tyre National Racing Championship held in Coimbatore on Dec 5, 2021. 

  • Insights about Operations Research

    The use of data in business decisions is becoming crucial for success. L Janardhan shared insights about how business modeling and arithmetic are fundamental to the modeling process. He anchors the Advanced Analytics Consulting Practice in Tech Mahindra enabling customers to generate strategic and unprecedented insights from data through the use of AI ML. L Janardhan addressed the students of management and commerce as part of the guest lecture series on Nov 30, 2021 at RR campus.

  • Divy Nandan’s creditable performance at national karting championship

    Divy Nandan won third place in the fifth round of Protax Max Classes 2021, MECO-FMSCI national karting championship held in Meco Kartopia, Bengaluru on November 28, 2021.

  • Global Student Leadership Initiative

    Lead, Engage, Advance, and Drive student enrichment activity demonstrated the importance of the value of cultural exchange, towards achieving peace and unity among participants. Evangeline E. Timbang, CHE , Assistant Dean-University of Santo Tomas-Philippines and Prof.Kandappan- Associate Professor-Taylor’s University,Malaysia addressed the gathering and shared their insights about promoting global leadership, collaboration and cooperation. The first inter-university students extension activity in South East Asia attended by students PES University, Taylor’s University, Malaysia and University of Santo Tomas, Philippines was hosted on Zoom platform on Nov 27, 2021.

  • Guest lecture on careers in alcobev industry

    The alcobev industry in India has grown steadily making it one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Celebrated mixologist Mr.Shivanth Nishkam shared insights about business of a bartender, role of a beverage manager, learning to manage people and the myriad choices available in the alcobev industry. The guest lecture on Crafting Careers in Beverage Industry was organized by the Department of Hospitality and Event Management on November 25, 2021 at RR campus.

  • PES University Faculty in the News: Prof. Smitha, keynote speaker at international tourism conference

    Prof. Smitha, faculty in the department of hospitality and event management (HEM) delivered a keynote address at a conference hosted by the Indonesian Tourism ministry and supported by Java Tourism Board on Rethinking Sustainable and Resilient Solutions in Today's Global Tourism on November 24, 2021.

  • Guest lecture on entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurship in a growing economy like India’s presents ample opportunities and formidable challenges. Mrs. Pavithra Solai, co-founder of AI Practitioner who specializes in Deep Learning and Computer Vision interacted with the students who are keen on striking out on their own. Drawing from her rich experience as an entrepreneur, she talked about the advantages of choosing to start a new venture. The guest lecture was hosted by the department of management studies on November 23, 2021.

  • Managing sports event

    Get, Set, Throw Intra Class Competition was successfully managed by the students of BBA HEM program on November 13, 2021 at the university cricket grounds. Team Madhura emerged as winners and team Alpha as runners up in the competition.

  • Sixteen MBA students placed in KPMG

    At the campus recruitment conducted in RR campus, 16 students from PES University’s MBA program were placed in KPMG International Company.

  • Conversations on food

    The hospitality industry has to grapple with the rapid changes in the food and beverage preferences of the customers like the emerging focus on plant based food. This is in addition to the general challenges of choosing the right employees and correlating profit with customer satisfaction. Students got an opportunity to engage successful restaurateurs in conversations on these challenges. Mr. Prem Koshy, Koshy’s Parade Café, Ms. Panjury V Shankar, Mr. Kavan Kuttappa, Naru Noodle Bar and Ms. Nidhi Nahata, Justbe Resto Café shared insights about the emerging trends and their view of the growing restaurant business. IRA- Conversations on food was organized by the Department of BBA-Hospitality and Event Management on October 29, 2021.

  • Interaction with Jude Felix

    Students of BBA Sports Management program got an opportunity to interact with Jude Felix, Indian hockey player who has captained over 250 matches, including two World Cups, two Asian Games and three Champions Trophy tourneys. He focused on the game despite personal hardships and financial crisis. He led the national hockey team from 1993 to 1995 and is an Arjuna and Dronacharya Award winner. The student interaction was organized by the Department of BBA Sports Management at RR campus on October 23, 2021.

  • SAMRUDDHI 2021 - Finance Symposium

    "SAMRUDDHI 2021 - Finance Symposium" was organised by department of MBA on 22 nd October 2021 at the PES University - Ring Road Campus.

    Shri Chandrasekhar Tilak, Ex VP NSDL, while addressing the gathering. mentioned that India's service industry, accounts for over 58% of the country's GDP. Multiple trading Demat accounts (totalling close to 1.9 crore) were opened in the last 21 months to supplement one's income during lockdown and 95% Demat accounts are active. Speaking about Air India's problem, which has become a source of debate for the past 21 years, said how disinvestment policy affected it. He also included information on liquid mutual funds and how they are invested. He said that India is presently, or will be in the near future, a popular destination for international direct investment. which is growing quickly and is already attracting FDI.

    Shri Sowmya Kanthi Ghosh, Group Chief economic advisor SBI – in his address gave his thoughts on “ECONOMY AND FINANCE: PRE AND POST PANDEMIC”. He stated that prior to the pandemic; India had undertaken numerous social activities. A total of 16.5 crore AYUSH cards have been distributed. The number of digital transactions has increased 19-fold. Ujjwala has supplied free gas connections to 8.3 crore people. He discussed the circumstances during and after the pandemic, as well as post-pandemic challenges. During the epidemic, there was high inflation, poor consumption, low government spending, and exports were losing steam, Evolving liquidity conditions: nationally and worldwide, Climate risk and green financing, and so on.

    Prof. Jawahar D, Pro-Chancellor PES University described the Journey of PES starting from PU College to be coming a University that has been ranked No. 1 in the State and is one among the Top 100 Universities in India. He also told about creating more opportunities to students in the coming days.

    Welcomed the gathering Dr. Shailashree Haridas, Dean - Faculty of Management. She expressed her delight at having such a well-known visitor on campus. She encouraged students to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the symposium.

    Dignitories Present on the Dias were Prof. D Jawahar, Prof. Arvind Giri K, Dr. Shailashree Haridas and Prof. C Sivashanmugan

    The Vote of Thanks was delivered by Dr. C Sivashanmugan – Professor, PES University.

  • Practical learning in event management

    As part of practical learning in event management students were given an opportunity to assist the HR team of a leading hotel in organizing a flash mob. They performed to the hotel’s anthem and cinema songs to entertain the guests and motivate the staff of the hotel. Students of first semester of BBA-HEM assisted the HR team at Novotel in managing the Accor HR gratitude week celebration on October 13, 2021.

  • Inauguration and Orientation of First Year Classes for MBA program 2021-22 batch was held at the PES University – Ring Road Campus from Sept 29 to Oct 1, 2021.

    The event spanned over three days with experts from the industry and Academia addressing the students.

    Shri Seemant Kumar Singh – IPS, ADGP, ACB, Bengaluru, graced the occasion as Chief Guest. He mentioned that nothing comes easy in life without struggle. He spoke on how he likes to implement managerial aspects in policing. He also mentioned how he looks forward to interacting with youngsters as it helps him improve his work. He educated the audience on People Friendly Policing, which emphasized on the KSP App and the Emergency Response Support System. He also extensively spoke about the challenges that were faced during the first wave of Covid-19 Pandemic, where he successfully helped several migrant workers in their time of need.

    In his Presidential address, Dr. M.R. Doreswamy, Chancellor of PES University described the 50 years of Journey of PES starting from PU College to a University that has been ranked No. 1 in the State and one among Top 100 Universities in India. He said the discerning factors that make PES Unique are Quality and Value based education, learning environment with best teachers and best in class infrastructure, Student mentoring, placement opportunities and merit scholarships. He also spoke on the unwavering commitment of the university in imparting quality education that has led PES to its accomplishments. He also mentioned that education plays a critical role in the progress of a nation. He assured to create opportunities n for learning but also for them to experience the fulfilment that comes from sharing this learning with others. He also emphasized on the all round development and overall transformation of students enrolled at PESU.

    Prof Jawahar, Pro Chancellor, PES University said that PES follows the core values of Perseverance, Excellence and Service.

    The University has adopted the acronym SPIRIT; S- Student, P- Process, I- Identity, R- Research, I- Infrastructure, T- Teacher in all its endeavours which leads students to a bright and prosperous career

    Students from the senior classes were awarded with Prof. CNR Rao and Prof. MRD merit scholarships. 

    Welcome the gathering Dr. Shailashree Haridas, Dean - Faculty of Management. She advised students to make the most of the opportunities given to them. She emphasized on the importance of giving back to society and to be the torch bearers of tomorrow. She concluded with an interesting fable of Krishna and Arjuna with the moral “If you are taking care of others, God is there to take care of you.”    

    Prof. Arvind Giri – Director MBA Program, introduced Chancellor Dr. MR Doreswamy where he spoke of his nationalism and social work. He mentioned Dr. MRD’s contribution with regard to the 18 recommendations made to the state government on Educational reforms and also about his multiple awards and recognitions.

    The dignitaries unveiled the Academic Planner for MBA program batch of 2021-22.

    Vote of Thanks was delivered by Prof. Shankar Gopal – Professor and Advisor to PES University.

    Dr. J. Suryaprasad – Vice Chancellor of PES University and Prof Ajoy Kumar – COO and Dr. K.S.Sridhar - Registrar were present on the occasion.

  • Naren Shankar wins badminton crown

    Naren, student of BBA program in sports management won the men’s singles crown at the Belgian Junior International Series in Herstal, Belgium.

  • Rakshit Barigdad wins in Table tennis tournaments

    Rakshit, third semester student of MBA program won first place in CVL Shastry Memorial Table Tennis state championship-2021 and third place in men’s state ranking table tennis Tournament. The tournaments were held in held at Malleshwaram Association, Bangalore in September, 2021.

  • Orientation for BBA HEM Program

    The new batch of students joining the BBA HEM program got a glimpse of the hospitality and event industry in the week long program conducted by Department of BBA HEM. Insights about the rapidly changing industry were shared by guest speaker Ms. Sunaina- General Manager, Mercure, Accor Group. The orientation program was held from Aug 23-27, 2021.

  • Digital India: The Way Ahead

    The online symposium highlighted the efforts and success of the Indian entrepreneurs in using digital technology to overcome problems unique to our country with innovative solutions. Dr. Mohandas Pai spoke on India as a nation of start-ups and painted the picture of the large canvas of opportunities that await entrepreneurial minds due to the rapid evolution of technology and the thriving start-up ecosystem that is being built in India for which Bangalore is the hub of activity. Aprameya Radhakrishna, spoke about Koo’s launch and its growth amidst the pandemic and the importance of the role that Indian regional languages have to play in the penetration of digital technologies. Vivekananda Hallekere, talked about how Bounce a dockless self-drive scooter service uses a patented keyless technology that lets a user pick up the nearest Bounce scooter and drop it off at any legal parking zone near their destination. Dr. M R Doreswamy, chancellor, PES University stressed that students must be encouraged to go beyond academics and explore the depth, dimension and opportunities that future technologies hold for their career advancement. The on-line symposium was organized as a part of the course on Digital Transformation by the students of the Department of Management Studies, MBA Program on Aug 14, 2021.

  • Mocktail Workshop

    The workshop focused on curating of classic and innovative mocktails to highlight the health benefits of non-alcoholic beverages. The virtual session for Ford employees across India was conducted by Prof Harish and the queries addressed jointly with Prof Mohan, faculty in department of hospitality and event management on Aug 13, 2021.

  • On-line symposium on digital transformation

    Digitorama brought forth interesting stories of digital transformations by industry practitioners. Mr Meka Venkata Chalapathy of senior director at Virtusa Consulting explained how the ease of doing business has vastly improved in India and technologies like machine learning are benefiting the common man. Mr. Arun Kumar, Director at Wizr Wealth Pvt. Ltd and alumni outlined the trends in the field of finance and the skills needed to convert the challenges into opportunities. Ms Priyanka M B co-founder, of Inspiron Psychological Well Being Center observed that making conscious effort to introspect, experiment and seek feedback can enable us to learn new skills. The session ended with a panel discussion on insurance claim rates and risk analysis in pandemic and post pandemic days, difference between psychiatry and psychology, financial investments in India and technology intervention in these service experiences of customers. Mr Arvind Giri, Director, MBA Program set the tone for the session by pointing out that customer experience is the driving force behind digitalization and India’s future as technology powhouse. Digitorama, on-line symposium on digital transformation was organized by the students of MBA program on July 31, 2021.

  • Virtual workshop on wine appreciation

    Students got an opportunity to understand the nuances of grape growing, manufacturing wine and building of the brand Sula. Ms. Kanika of Sula Vineyards walked the students through the informative session organized by the faculty of BBA HEM program on July 7, 2021.

  • Honing culinary skills

    Students of hospitality and event management program learnt about the importance of mixology in the hotel industry and how menu planning, costing, and cost control make it viable. Mr Ajeet Kumar shared his insights gained during his rich professional career. In another workshop, chefs Raghu and Tiru explained the history of bread and the art and science of bread making. The Bread workshop held on March 2 and Mixology workshop held on March 4, 2021 were organised by the department of hospitality and event management.

  • Hotel show-around for students

    New admits to the hospitality program got a first hand view of layout and working of a leading international hotel. They gained understanding of a successful hotel, hotel standards, different categories of rooms, hotel outlets and operations. The field visit to Bengaluru Marriott Whitefield and Renaissance was organised by the department of hospitality on Feb 10, 2021.

  • Webinar series on Lessons from Covid-19, Game changing strategies held

    The COVID 19 pandemic has created a formidable challenge for businesses. The webinar invited industry experts to explore – how corporate entities are tackling the COVID 19 pandemic situation and the sorts of changes that could become an enduring business model for that particular industry. The five sessions in this series of webinars focused on: Insurance and IT logistic, advertising, FMCG and IT Sales, financial services and financial market. The speakers included: Abhishek Mukherjee, Digital Practice Head, Wipro; Rohit Srivastava, Dispatch Manager, Oracle India; Bodh Deb, Vice-President and Nishanth Anantharam, Creative Director of Autumn Grey; Gaurav Pundlik, Branch Head ITC; Santosh Banerjee, Account Executive Sales, Dell; C S Sudheer, Managing Director IndianMoney .com; Shreyas Kumar M, Director, and CFO Carl Zeiss India; A Benil, Head-Market Research Our Business ladder and Karthick S, Co-founder Knowise Learning Academy. The weekly webinar series was organised by the Department of Management Studies every Saturday from July 18, 2020, to August 18, 2020.

  • Webinar on chef skills by Michelin Star Chef held

    Students, chefs and faculty across the country got an opportunity to listen to Atul Kochhar on what it takes to be a Michelin Star chef. He is one of the first two Indian chefs to receive a Michelin star, awarded in London in 2001 whilst at Tamarind. Talking about the future of the industry and the important qualities for success, he observed that consistency is the key to deliver unmatched value in the food business. The webinar was held on Zoom platform on July 28, 2020.

  • PES University faculty in the News: Prof. Sivaram curates culinary session for Amul

    Amul India hosts talented chefs to present unique native cuisine on its social media sites. Prof Sivaram was invited by Amul India to demonstrate the recipe of a native cuisine. He rustled up a Chettinadu dessert called Kavuni Rice Halwa, black rice pudding, a Chettinadu delicacy for Amul’s global audience. Encouraged by the response to the show, Amul expressed interest in hosting more culinary shows curated by the department of the university. Prof. Sivaram R is an Asst. Professor in the department of BBA-Hospitality and Event Management. The session was held on June 15, 2020 on Amul Facebook Live for #SimpleHomemadeRecipes series garnering over 125 K views.

  • Faculty Outreach: Online session on guest satisfaction in hospitality industry

    Understanding consumer satisfaction, consumer and service recovery and service recovery paradox are key to success in the hospitality industry. Covid-19 pandemic has thrown up new challenges in this area. Prof. Ashish Parthasarathy conducted an online session on understanding guest satisfaction and handling guests' complaints. He addressed the students of School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events, Faculty of Social Sciences Leisure Management, Taylor’s University, Malaysia. The session concluded with a comparison of Covid-19 impact on both the countries. The interaction was part of PES University’s international collaboration with Taylor's University, Malaysia. The interaction was hosted on Zoom video platform on June 9, 2020.

  • Webinar on Reboot to Recruit

    Job opportunities in the post pandemic times stand disrupted. Mr. Kallol Saha, alumnus of 2006 batch and Director of Human Resource Radisson Blu Dwarka shared his views on evolution of opportunities and scope of work of support staff in the hospitality industry in areas of housekeeping and maintenance. He underlined the importance of up-skilling to make the most of the opportunities in sales and marketing. The webinar was organised by the department of hospitality and event management on May 27, 2020.

  • Online Workshop on setting up e-commerce store

    Students got hands-on experience in setting an E-Commerce website. The workshop made the students aware of the right skills to become online commerce entrepreneurs in a short duration. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Shivam Bansal, Trainer at Indian Institute of Digital Education is India’s Premier School For Digital Marketing established in 2016. The online workshop organised by the department of hospitality and event management was held on Zoom video communication platform on May 7, 2020.

  • Webinar on indomitable spirit of Indian travel and tourism

    As the global tourism and travel industry is passing through an unprecedented crisis a look at the various dimensions of the Indian context gave a realistic picture of the industry to the students. The veterans of the industry shared their insights about the future of tourism, trends in sales and marketing and the career opportunities for the students. The speakers included Mr. Anurag Gupta-Secretary-SKAL Bengaluru, Chief Architect-Indian International Travel Exhibition, Mr. Raj Andrade- Chief Commercial Officer-Air India, SATS Airport Services, Mr. Saravanan Dhanabalu- Group General Manager-ITC Fortune Hotels, Mr.Niranjan Bhargava-Managing Director-Traveler’s & Choice & Hon.Secretary ofTravel Agents Association of India and Mr. Mithun R Krishnan-Head-Asia Market-Windows DMC, Vietnam and PES alumnus of 2008-2012 batch. The speakers shared their views about the present situation with a focus on safety, security and hygiene in the hospitality industry, data analysis for travel prediction, acceptability prediction of travel and revenue management after the pandemic is overcome. Dr J Surya Prasad was the guest of honour for the webinar. Prof V Jayakumar welcomed the attendees and Dr Vijay Kumar offered the opening remarks. The webinar organised by the department of hospitality and event management was held on April 16, 2020.

  • E-Guest Lecture on Opportunities for Hospitality Graduates in Retail Sector

    In a recent industry trend, many retail companies are showing a preference for hospitality graduates. Mr. Vivek Jothiani, Business Head – Operations, SPAR India, a PES alumnus of 2008 batch of hospitality program, explained how such students are groomed and their attitude is tuned to fit well with the opportunities in the retail sector. The guest lecture delivered online on PES University’s video platform on April 10, 2020 was accessed by the students of BHEM program from their homes.

  • Dvipa: Celebrating World Wildlife Day

    The world wildlife day was celebrated with informed conversations with experienced and committed wildlife enthusiasts. Prakash Matada, wildlife photographer, Dheeraj, marine photographer and Sujan Bernard wildlife conservationist shared insights about wildlife in urban settings and steps that can be taken by us to reduce global warming. The session created awareness about snakes in Bengaluru, causes of snake bite, first aid and its management. The event organised by students of the department of management studies was held on March 3, 2020. 

  • Praudhanagana: celebrating International Women's Day

    International Women's Day was celebrated by the department of management studies with a panel discussion on equality and empowerment of women in the industry titled Praudhangana. Successful women professionals Sarah Fazal, RJ with radio Mirchi; Janice Joseph, Surgeon and baker, Nikita Das, Sr cluster head Marriot Hotels shared their experiences. The celebrations organised by students of the department of management studies was held on March 10, 2020.

  • National Conference on Sustainability of Hospitality, Event and Tourism Industry in Digital Economy

    The first edition of the conference on Empowering Sustainability in hospitality, event and tourism brought together academicians, policy makers, students and practitioners to deliberate and discuss contemporary issues and opportunities for future sustainable development. Mr.Rohit Hangal, founder and Director of Sphere Travelmedia Exhibitions delivered the keynote address. Faculty Best paper was won by Dr. D P Sudagar and Students Best Paper was won by Adithya Jayprakash and Akhil Ajjar. Participants got an opportunity to write and present research papers, understand the impact of travel and tourism in the event industry. The conference conducted by Department of Hospitality and Event Management held on March 13, 2020.

  • Notable achievement at WGSHA Quest

    The department of hospitality and event management secured fourth position from among 32 colleges at WGSHA Quest. Dhanyajeeth and Gaghan Lokesh won silver medal in the WoW at Every Moment event. WGSHA Quest is Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration’s annual collegiate hospitality competition. It is a platform for young professionals across the country to showcase their fineness in hospitality-related skills. The event was held on Feb 28-29 at Manipal University, Udupi.

  • Workshop on Personal Finance Principles held

    Students of hospitality and event management program got an opportunity to know more about managing funds and investment approach for a successful future. Mr. Dipak Shodhan, an alumnus of PES and founder of Achievers Academy shared his insights about achieving financial success through proper investments at the right time. The event organised by Department of Hospitality and Event Management was held on Feb 28, 2020.

  • PES University among Top 50 Management Institutes in India

    Times B-School Survey 2020 ranked PES University at 26th place in India, 1st in Karnataka and 3rd in South India. The survey results are the outcome of methodical analysis covering desk research, factual survey and perceptual rating.

    PES University is committed to developing highly skilled human resources with the ability to adapt to an intellectually and technologically changing environment with the participative efforts of the management, staff, students and parents.

  • Prizes galore at Outlook 2020

    The Students of Hospitality and Event Management won multiple prizes at Outlook 2020 organised by Oriental School of Hotel Management, Waynad. Ghagan was declared best manager, Pooviah won first prize in flower arrangement, Sandeep and Pooviah won second place in vegetable carving, Krithi and Dhruva won second place product marketing, and Vijaylakshmi, Keerthana, Sandeep, Gynanesh and Dhruva won second place in culturals.

  • Best Paper in Pedagogical Innovations at MARKCON2020 by PES Univeristy faculty

    Dr. Jessy Nair, Associate Professor, MBA Department received the award for Best Paper in Pedagogical Innovations for the paper titled Co-creation for continuous learning at MARKCON2020, Marketing Ecosystems and Innovations. The nomination was submitted in three parts: nomination details, innovation statement and annexures. The final round involved quizzing by the jury of Dr. Moutusy Maity, Professor-Marketing, IIM-Lucknow and Dr. Tapan Sarker, Griffith University, Australia. The International conference, open for faculty in marketing domain was held from 9-11 January, 2020 at IBA, Bangalore.

  • Running event for creating awareness about cancer

    ARIVU 2020 – a 5K run, Cancer Conquered? Almost! drew enthusiastic participation of students and staff. The running event aims to create awareness about cancer. The total registration amount was donated to an NGO in Bengaluru committed to preventing cancer. The second edition of the event was organised by the Department of Management Studies on February 14, 2020.

  • Guest Lecture about licenses food industry

    Students got an opportunity to know more about types of licenses, excise rules and regulations, fee structure for various business formats in the alcohol industry and rules related to starting a lounge hotel. Mr. Suresh shared practical insights with the students of hospitality and event management in the program on January 16, 2020.

  • National Tourism Day celebrated

    National Tourism Day is observed on 25 January to highlight the importance of tourism for the economy of the country. Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Meenakshi Gupta believed that tourism in India has amazing potential it is the responsibility of hospitality and event management professionals to build it up to generate revenue. The celebrations at PES University were dedicated towards the 17 Sustainable development goals set by the UN. Vindu 2.0 – a Travelogue was launched in the event. The poster, painting and photography competitions which saw active participation was judged by Mr. Abhishek Dev Kumar an alumnus of 2014 batch. The winners were awarded prizes. The event was held on 24th January 2020.

  • Guest Lecture on Management of Services

    Students of hospitality and event management program got an opportunity to know more about the role and functions of sales in hotels, increasing influence of digital marketing and the importance of interpersonal skills to succeed in services sector. Rohan Bagal, Sales Executive, Ibis City Centre, and alumnus of PESU, shared practical insights about the challenge faced by marketers to sell or communicate services to a customer and how the challenges are overcome.

  • Workshop on academic writing

    The three day workshop for the faculty focused on techniques for case writing and research writing for thesis and publishing. Dr.Madhavi, Research Head -Jain University, Dr.Srikantaswamy, Former Additional Director, Centre for Research –Christ University and NAAC Advisor, and Dr. Bharti Gopal, Dr. V.Jaykumar, Dr. Jessey Nair of PES University conducted the sessions. The workshop was organised by the Department of Hospitality and Event Management from 2-4 January, 2020.
  • PES Alumni in the News

    Veda Earth Lounge Spa and Store was awarded the prestigious Emerging Concept of the Year 2019 by the Indian Salon and Wellness Award. The enterprise is run by Ms. Divya Dinesh of the 2011-14 batch of BA-IHA program.
  • Guest Lecture on Safety and Security procedures in Hotels

    Students got an opportunity to learn about the practical aspects of safety and security in hotels. Ms. Premalatha C, Loss & Prevention Manager at Aloft Hotel interacted with the students on the importance of security measures and consequences of not following safety procedures in hotels today. The talk for students of BBA HEM program was held on November 28, 2019.
  • Alumni meet

    The students of BBA HEM program interacted with the university alumni to know the practical aspects of the industry. The interaction helped the students in getting an overview of the opportunities for internships, employment and higher education. The website for the university alumni of the university’s hospitality program was launched on the occasion. Catalyst Club of department of Hospitality and Event Management organised the event on Dec 7, 2019.
  • Commemorating 150 years of Mahatma on University Slow Food Day

    The students displayed a range of native and indigenous recipes to promote local food and traditional cooking as an alternative to fast food on the University Slow Food Day. Based on the theme of Gandhi and Gastronomy the event aimed to help preserve traditional and regional cuisine and encouraging farming of plants, seeds, and livestock characteristics of the local ecosystem. The Department of Hospitality and Event Management conducted the fourth annual University Slow Food Day with a theme of Gandhi and Gastronomy to commemorate 150 years of Mahatma on Nov 13, 2019.
  • PES University Bangalore had organized a Symposium on Exploring Nobel Prized Thoughts: Musings on the 2019 Economics Nobel Prize

    The 2019 Nobel Prize itself has specially been gratifying. One of the winners was born in India. Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo of MIT and Michael Kremer of Harvard won the coveted prize for their distinctive contribution in the use of experimental methods to learn about the effectiveness of small-scale policy interventions aimed at helping improve the lives of some of the world’s poorest citizens. The experimental method applied by the three winners is called a Randomized Controlled Trial, or RCT. The Nobel Prize appropriately recognizes both the winners’ use of a powerful research technique and their application of that technique to some of the world’s most pressing policy problems. The Welcome Address was given by Dr. Vijay Kumar, Dean, Department of Management Studies, PES University Bangalore. Eminent speakers from esteemed organizations presented their views on the theme. The gist of the talks is mentioned below: Ritwik Banerjee, UC Berkeley Fulbright-Nehru Visiting Scholar, Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore initiated on Randomized Controlled Trial: The New Standard in Development Economics. He mentioned the need for RCT in developmental economics. He explained about the causal determinates, causal association and causal relations. He further helped in understanding the mechanics of RCTs with examples such as the Deworming experiment by Mighel and Kremer and the Immunization experiment by Banerjee, Duflo, Glennester and Kothari. He also touched upon the limitations of RCTs and how the external validity plays a role in its drawback. R. Ramakumar, Professor, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai addressed the topic of What ails Randomized Controlled Trial? He laid emphasis on how RCT contradicts its own definition of randomness. He also called the Randomized Controlled Trail a problematic and ahistoric as it disregards the pre-scientific baggage with which the experiments are conducted. He questioned “Is being random equivalent to being unbiased?” He also questioned RCT being regarded as the gold standard of developmental economics. He further suggested that the introduction of stratification will help in making RCT a right choice but the rule book of RCT considers prior information as lethal. Sowmya Dhanaraj, Associate Professor, Madras School of Economics, Chennai elaborated on Running Randomized Evaluations: An Indian Experience. She spoke about the Indian Experience of the RCT implementation. She explained how the experimental study is classified. She mentioned that RCT holds good for evidence based policies and also explained cycle of evidence in understanding policy making. She also talked about the friction between the policy makers and the reaction of the other sections affected by the policy. Surbhi Kesar, Research Fellow, Azim Premji University Bangalore highlighted the aspect of Randomized Controlled Trials: Implications for the field of Development Economics. She talked about the problematic pain points of RCT. She mentioned that there’s a trade-off between precision and unbiased in the design of the experiment in RCT. She also spoke about the normative issue and the desirability of an intervention. She added that RCT is a borrowed technique from life sciences. V. Sridhar, Associate Editor, Frontline explained the topic of Randomized Controlled Trial: Understanding and Misunderstanding. He said that RCT has clouded out other ways to address developmental economics. Also, RCT has become more of a fashion for students to have in their CV to further their doctoral ambitions. He emphasized that RCT works in averages while a country like India which is highly stratified, the data between the averages will suffer from a lot of variations. He mentioned that RCT being a flavor of the day is a serious problem. The audience comprised of industry professionals, academicians and students. They well appreciated the overall concept, theme and presentations done by all the esteemed speakers.
  • Bizquiz 2019 held

    The intense quizzing competition conducted by quiz master Meghavi Manjunath saw students of BBA and BCom programs from all campuses of PES University compete in three-rounds with options, buzzer and audio-visual cues. The contestants showcased their brilliance by rapidly answering the questions. Though some of the questions were very tricky, the teams answered them with confidence. The questions put forth to the teams were intriguing, exciting and impressed the audience and had them clapping loudly when the teams answered correctly. 22 teams from Hanumanthanagar campus, 4 teams from Electronic city campus and 39 teams from RR campus participated in the quiz. The winners were from RR campus and runners up from Hanumanthanagar campus got attractive purchase vouchers and certificates. Bizquiz-2019 for was organized by Department of BBA on October 31, 2019.
  • Industry visit to glass and crockery company

    Students got an opportunity to understanding different types of glassware, cutlery, crockery, and new trends in equipment used in the hotels and catering business. Students of BBA HEM program visited Bharat Glass & Crockeries on Oct 23, 2019.
  • Reeth Abraham shared insights about sports event management

    Reeth Abraham shared insights about opportunities, protocol, challenges and mitigation approach essential for the success of sports events with students of BBA HEM program. Reeth Abraham is currently the world and Asian Champion in the Triple Jump and winner of Rajyotsava and Arjuna Awards. The session was held on Oct 9, 2019.
  • Making a difference with Plogathon

    Inspired by Plogging, volunteers from PES and the event partner hotel covered the area around 2.5 km of a busy roadway in the city and collected close to 150 kg of dry plastic waste. The participants also created awareness about the proposed ban on single use plastics. The Plogathon near Marthahalli was organised by HEM department in partnership with ACCOR, Ibis-Novotel, Bengaluru.
  • Housekeepers Master Class held

    Students of BBA HEM program got an opportunity to interact with Ms.Bhavana Alvares, Executive Housekeeper, Taj Bangalore and understand the business aspect of the housekeeping trade. The participants interacted visited three Taj hotels over three days, Oct 21-23, 2019.
  • Lecdem on mixology and career workshop held

    Students got an opportunity to know from Mr Mr. Shivanth, an experienced executive about career opportunities and roles and responsibilities that go with the positions in the hotel industry. Mr. Manjunath shared different styles of making mixing cocktails.
  • Lagey Lagori League 2019 curated by students held

    Students got an opportunity to curate the unique event with the assistance of Team REdbull Sports. The event saw the indigenous sport of Lagori drawing the interest of corporates and student community. The event showed the immense business potential of an age old game. Chris Croning of RedBull Sports and Dr. Vijaykumar, Dean of Management Studies spoke on the occasion.
  • Industry Visit: Big Banyan Winery

    Students of hospitality program got an opportunity to get a first hand experience of wine making procedures, grape varietals and pairing cheese with wines. Final Year F and B Service Specialization Students of BBA HEM visited Big Banyan Winery on Sep 11, 2019.
  • One day symposium “STOCKATHON - Way to create Wealth” held

    Finance Domain of MBA, PES University, successfully conducted a one day symposium “STOCKATHON - Way to create Wealth” on August 16. Dr. Vijaykumar, Dean – Management studies presided over the function. Eminent speakers from Capital Markets industry shared their experience and insights of current trend. Mr. Ronak Moondra, Consultant Trainer – NSE & Founder CEO of Trading Campus, Mumbai, addressed on the “Overview of Capital Markets” and present state and future prospects of Algorithmic Trading. Mr. Anish Kumar, Business Head-South & East, Canara Robeco Asset Management & Mr. Sanjay. K.S, AVP, Anandrathi shared their knowledge and Industry experience in the area of “Mutual Funds”. Mr. Rajesh Shanbag, AVP, Way2 wealth Advisory, Mumbai provided insights on “Derivatives”. Dr. Sivashanmugam, Professor & Finance Domain Head – Management studies proposed vote of thanks. The entire event was co-ordinated by Dr. Sivashanmugam, Prof G. Srinivas and Prof. Krishna Kumar S.
  • Inauguration of graduate programs in commerce, business and law

    The inauguration ceremony was attended by newly admitted students and their parents. Speaking on the occasion Justice Vishwanath Shetty observed that there will always be many opportunities for students in a democratic system. He felt that neither the place of origin nor any other hurdle will come in the way of students who put up hard work and focus on achieving. He said that in our country even a young person hailing from a rural background can rise to the highest position like that of a President, Prime Minister or Lokayukta. He reiterated that all students who have secured admission in PES University are lucky since the university is known for excellence in education. Mr. Ravishankar Rao, Senior Manager, Strategic and Planning, CISCO, a distinguished alumnus of PES University addressed the students on the occasion and suggested that students should be technically sound, develop good communication skills and understand the corporate culture. According to him the industry is growing rapidly and demands by industry will be widely varying and therefore students should be responsive to the new technologies and changes. He felt that excellence in quality and being amenable to changes is the need of the hour and students therefore must be ready for this to shine and better their career. He wished the best to students entering higher education and congratulated them for getting admitted to PES University, renowned for quality education and placements. Prof. D Jawahar, Pro Chancellor, delivered the orientation lecture and outlined SPIRIT a unique process framework put into practice successfully by PES University that enables the students to realise their potential. The inauguration of First year BBA, BBA-HEM, B.Com and Law (Integrated Honors Programs – BBA, LLB, BA,LLB and B.Com, LLB) was held on Aug 4, 2019 on the campus was attended by over 2,200 students and parents.
  • Incredible work as intern at Walt Disney Studio

    Swathi Suresh and Apeksha Rai interned with Walt Disney Florida and won the appreciation of the organisation for their performance and display of knowledge, skills and attitude in making a difference and helping Walt Disney create an unforgettable experience. Swathi was commended for her dedication in resolving issues, showing true concern for guests in various interactions. The officials were all praise for her teaching of Snake Charm, help during alpha call at Pirates and making sure a guest who was scared of fireworks was comfortable. Both the internees are students of BBA-HEM program.
  • Volunteering for prestigious conferences

    Students of hospitality program contributed to the success of 48th Skal Asia Congress, Bengaluru 2019 aimed at promoting global tourism and friendship. Student volunteers handled logistic work and took part in flag parade. Ashish Parthasarathy, a faculty member, handled the digital marketing through their Instagram handle for the event.
  • Exploring viticulture

    Wine tourism promises to be the next boom in the tourism market. Students had a first hand experience of the cultivation, de-steaming, filtration, making barrels for ageing and wine manufacturing. Students of BBA-HEM program visited Grover Zampa Vineyard, Doddaballapura on March 27, 2019.
  • Pre placement session for management students held

    Career Orientation and pre-placement Session for students of management by ITC Hospitality gave the participants an opportunity to know about the industry expectations. ITC executives, Dr. Swarup Sinha, Principal, ITC Hospitality Management Institute and Mr.Anurag Mishra HR Manager-ITC Hotels outlined the history and overview of the organisation. The session was held on March 29, 2019.
  • Faculty in the News: Ashish Parthasarathy, won two gold, three silver and a bronze medal in the Innovative Championship

    Ashish Parthasarathy, won two gold, three silver and a bronze medal in the Innovative Championship: Accommodation Whizz Wizard. He presented a research paper in the on AUGMENTED REALITY as AN INNOVATIVE TOOL TO ENHANCE GUEST EXPERIENCE DURING STAY IN A FIVE STAR HOTEL in the TRANSITION 2019 conference. The theme of the conference was INNOVATIONS IN ACCOMMODATION INDUSTRY ACROSS THE GLOBE- IMPLICATIONS FOR THE STAKEHOLDERS AND SUSTAINABILITY. Ashish is Assistant Professor with Department of Hospitality and Event Management. The event was organised by Garden City University on March 14, 2019.
  • Colloquium on Inspired Innovations

    Students of management got an opportunity to understand ways in which innovation drives value creation and entrepreneurship and about curating brand innovations. Dr. Vijay Kumar, Prof. Sathya Prasad and Prof. G.K. Suresh shared their insights on social and economic value derived from innovations around the world, the process leading to innovation and how ITC as a brand curated innovations that saw tremendous success in the market. The event was held on March 11, 2019.

    PES University emerged with top rankings in the seventh Times B-School survey 2019 of management institutes. The survey used desk research, factual survey and perceptual rating for comprehensive evaluation of the institutes committed to providing the best in teaching and all-round development of students. PES University is committed to continually strengthening the trust of students, parents, teaching community, government, industry and business leaders in its core mission of education for the real world.
  • National Girl Child Day observed

    The Department of BBA, organised a Poster Presentation Competition on the occasion of National Girl Child Day to highlight the importance of education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care, safety of girl children and inequalities faced by girls in India, Students performed a dance and skit to portray the kinds of inequalities a girl child faces and concluded it with a message encouraging gender equality. 15 teams presented posters on themes such as progression of a girl child, role of women is different aspects of life, and education and equality of a girl child and the best 3 posters were awarded. The event was held on Monday Jan 28, 2019 on campus.
  • Guest lecture on viticulture business

    Students of hospitality and event management got an opportunity to understand how the wine industry works and the emerging career options. The participants interacted with Keshav Raju, CEO and founder of Mudfingers dot com. He shared his experience of building his start-up against the challenges his viticulture business faced. The event was conducted by the department on campus on Jan 28, 2019.
  • Bespoke culinary workshop held

    Students got and opportunity to learn from a celebrated chef about authentic Rajasthan cuisine, plate presentation as per industry standard and use of native ingredients. Chef Sanjay Tyagi, personal chef of our Prime Minister during his international visits conducted the workshop.The Parv cuisine workshop held on campus on January 29, 2019 was organised by the department of hospitality and event management.
  • Assisting press conference for a celebrated event

    Students of BBA HEM got an opportunity of curating a press conference that officially inaugurated the upcoming edition of a celebrated event. The first-hand experience of managing the event flow, welcoming guests and liaising with sponsors and media personnel was valuable learning. The press conference launching the Bengaluru Midnight Marathon to be held on Dec 8, 2018 was addressed by Mahesh Bhupathi, Indian tennis player and Shalini Saraswati, Indian Blade Runner. The initiative, aimed to create a platform to raise funds for health, education, social welfare and rural enlistment projects is supported by leading sports and film personalities and backed by companies for employee engagement and brand visibility and NGOs for raising funds and creating awareness on their cause. The press conference was held at a glitzy venue in Bangalore on October 30, 2018.
  • Students assist a prestigious launch event

    Students gained hands-on experience at the opening of the world’s largest mobile experience store by Samsung. They assisted in crowd management, logistics, coordination with vendors and activities related to large store opening. The students of BBA HEM volunteered for the event management company for which the department is an academic partner.
  • Alumni meet

    The alumni team was at its best, winning the football match against the students in an exciting duel. The contest started with the oath “We the Family of PES Take an oath as per PES Traditions. The match will happen in a fair mode. I will maintain the spirit every athlete would maintain.” The prize distribution and interactive session followed. The alumni of BBA HEM program of batches from 1996 to 2018 participated in the event held on September 1, 2018 on the university’s football turf.
  • Culinary Journey with the Taj

    Bhavana and Suraj embarked on a five day journey interacting with the top chefs of Taj. They had a closer look at the modern trends in plating, choosing flavors, selecting ingredients, picking on the right sauce for sea foods and other techniques in signature dishes of leading restaurants. Chefs talked to them about ingredients, gadgets and how they plan full course meals. Bhavana and Suraj, fifth sem students of BBM-HEM program, visited: Karavalli, Memories of China, Vivanta, Azure, Blue Ginger, Terracota, and Bakery and Confectionery of Taj from Aug 20 to 25, 2018.
  • Alumni Meet – Department of Hospitality and Event Management

    Alumni meet of department of Hospitality and Event Management gave students an opportunity to meet alumni with first-hand experience of the trends, career options and work culture in the industry. The department presented an overview of initiatives and activities to make them aware of the skills and aptitude of the students whom they may get a chance to recruit or recommend. Such interactions would enable students to transition confidently into the industry on graduation. The event organized by students was held on the campus on July 7, 2018.
  • Skill upgradation programme

    A 10-day faculty development programme for teaching and non-teaching staff on MS Office was organised by the Hospitality and Event Management Department from June 4 to 15 on university campus.
  • India Skills South 2018 Hospitality Competition

    Some of the top chefs and F & B managers from across the country visited the campus as jury members, judges and invitees to validate the process of the hospitality competition. 25 finalists from across the country participated in the skill competition across four domains namely cooking, baking, and patisserie and restaurant service. The event provided students an opportunity of informal mentoring by industry experts, skill updation and learning to compete at a higher level. The THSC (Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council) South competition was hosted, organized and conducted by the Department of Hospitality and Event Management from June 21 to 23, 2018 on PES University campus.
  • CIE Makerspace inaugurated

    Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) Makerspace, the place to ideate and bring ideas to life, provides the setting for people, ideas and action to come together. The space was inaugurated by Dr. K.N.B. Murthy, Vice Chancellor and Prof. Ajoy Kumar, COO, PES University. CIE Bootcamp, a residential weeklong experiential learning session was held for students to gain insights into the landscape of tech entrepreneurship and take an idea to a pitch using contemporary methodologies and frameworks like design thinking, effectuation, Business Model Canvas and Agile. Eight teams comprising of 4th and 6th semester Engineering students from PES University presented ideas, qualifying for the final pitch, which had Dr S Raghunath, Prof at IIM-Bangalore as the chief guest and juror. The first prize, sponsored by Vantage Agora, was won by “End-to-end Energy Management start-up” ideated by the team of Shrushti, Kalandhar, Mohammed Sadiq and Sumanth. Student volunteers from the Management studies and Hospitality programs at PESU assisted in the smooth conduct of the Bootcamp. The event was held from May 28 to June 3, 2018 on the PES University campus.
  • PES University signs an MoU with EY to offer their International Taxation course for the MBA students

    EY is one of the largest professional services firms in the world and is one of the “Big Four” accounting firms. The International Taxation course is an important resume-enhancing course for our MBA students. The big-four (EY, PwC, Deloitt, KPMG) are involved in providing taxation services to several Fortune-500 companies and have set up large offices in India to handle these services. PES is the first university at which EY is offering this partnership at the PG level. PES has created two courses based on EY’s International Taxation syllabus and have offered them as Career courses. The job opportunities for MBA students trained in International Taxation is enormous. Internship opportunities are abounding. EY has promised to take a significant number of our MBA trained students as interns, many of which will get converted to jobs. Our Finance specialization is bolstered by EY’s International Taxation. Added to this, we have tied-up with NISM (National Institute of Securities Markets, a subsidiary of SEBI) for a residential program at Mumbai (like IIT-Madras) on Capital Markets. The combination of Corporate Finance-International Taxation-Capital Markets has made our Finance specialization in MBA one of the most appealing in the country. Six of our faculty members are being trained by EY.
  • PES University faculty in the News

    A workshop and session on Emotional Intelligence was conducted by Dr.V.Jaykumar for the managers and supervisors of Novotel and Ibis, Accor Group, as a part of the university’s industry interface. The session delved on importance of Emotional Intelligence at workplace, as a tool to improve productivity, and as a key driver for customer engagement.
  • Event Club Launched

    Catalyst, the event club and forum was inaugurated at an impressive ceremony. The logo was unveiled on the occasion and poster and video teaser were released. The students regaled the audience with a delightful dance performance. The inauguration program held on Jan 12, 2018 in Tech Park seminar hall was conceived and managed by students of BBA-HEM program.
  • Enriching Industry Exposure

    Students got an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the latest equipment in the food and beverage space and bespoke table arrangements. The visit to Bharat Crockeries proved to be a great learning experience. Another such experience was visit to Taaza Thindi to understand the operation and management of small format restaurants. The owner of the popular eating joint of the city, Mr. Srinivas Rao addressed students on best practices and how they maintain high safety standards on par with international norms. The Students of BBA-HEM visited the organizatios on Sep. 7-8, 2017.
  • Roaring Business at food counter put up by the students

    The students of hotel and event management showcased their culinary skills by way of putting up food counters at the venue of a popular university event. The students burnt the midnight oil to dish out luscious chocolates and tongue tinglers like chats and sandwiches. Lip smacking delicacies were up for grabs at rock bottom prices. The food items were gobbled up in no time is a testimony to the quality of the food prepared. Students of 1st and 3rd years of the BBA-HEM year program took it upon themselves to set up food stalls to serve participants and visitors, numbering over 7500, at The Amateur Scientist, hosted under the auspices of PES University for identifying bright young minds on August 19.
  • Siastra 2016: A Unique Management Fest

    The national management fest was conducted by the department of MBA on the University campus from March 17 to 20, 2016. One of the leading actors of the Kannada film industry, Vijaya Raaghavendra inaugurated the event. He felt that the large number of participants as compared to his experience in a popular television show made the event a challenging task. He commended the efforts of the organizing team and wished them success in their endeavor. The contestants were restricted to a common area. They competed with each other by saving themselves from eliminations based on votes. The long hours of the contest tests the patience, ability to get along with colleagues, and diligence in completing the tasks diligently in coordination with the competitors. The format gives a glimpse of the challenges which may faced by the managers at personal and professional levels, in their times to come. The winning team from Acharya Institute of Management Science, Bangalore survived the many rounds of elimination. The three day event saw participation of over 100 students and gave the organizing team hands on experience of getting sponsors for the event and marketing and organizing the event. The core team comprised of Siddanagouda Biradar, Shreyas Marudeswar, Suraj Rathi and Tejas A V.