March 12, 2020



Continuing the long standing legacy of spreading education to the real world- a vision of Dr. M. R Doreswamy, Advisor, Education Reforms, Govt. Of Karnataka, Founder Chairman-PES Institutions and Chancellor-PESU, the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering initiated a Computer Awareness Program, aptly named Jagruthi, for the students of Government High School, Dodderi, Bangalore South District.

Since 2018, the department is conducting internal audit of available assets in the laboratories on regular basis. During the course of the same it was observed that 8 obsolete desktops were available but in working condition. The Chairperson, Dr. Anuradha M, proposed to identify any Government school wherein the same can be used for the beginners. The faculty of the Department Prof. Sunita M S and Prof. Hema N, identified a Government High School at Dodderi, Bangalore South District, visited the school and informed them about the proposal. The school teachers were happy and requested for suitable furniture to establish a computer lab and also a projector.

In line with the requirements, a proposal was made to the Vice-Chancellor and the Chief Operating Officer. The Management approved the donation of these 8 obsolete desktops of the ECE department. They were generous enough to also donate 6 Desks, 1 Table, 8 Chairs and 1 Projector. The computer lab facility was set up in the school on Thursday 5 th March 2020 by the faculty with the help of Mr. Mohan, Instructor and Mr. Chandra Shekhar, Attendant.

The Program was conducted on Friday 6th March 2020 which was a full-day activity comprising of General Knowledge Quiz, Basic knowledge of Computers and Hands-On training on MS Word. Prof. Sunita M. S and Prof. Hema N along with 4th and 6th Sem ECE students Monisha, Sushmitha, Archana, Deeksha, Ajay and Jeevan conducted the activities for 59 students of 8th, 9th and 10th standard students.

Mid-day Meals, Chocolates, Note Books and Pens were provided to all students and the teachers of the school which made them extremely happy. The teachers expressed their heartfelt gratitude to our University for having chosen their school to do this activity. It also brought a lot of satisfaction to all volunteers of the Department. As advised by our VC, the students and faculty will be visiting the school frequently and continue the training. 

We the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering express our sincere gratitude to Prof. D. Jawahar, CEO, PES Institutions and Pro-chancellor, PESU, Dr. J Suryaprasad Vice-Chancellor, PESU, Prof. Ajoy Kumar, COO, PES Institutions, Dr. K. S. Sridhar, Registrar, PESU and Dr. V. Krishna, Dean (Student affairs) PESU for their support in organizing such an event.