March 06, 2021

Wordpourri literary event held


Wordpourri featured activities that tested the language proficiency, vocabulary and imagination of the contestants. Only Connect activity had the contestants piecing together a connection between four clues. In Explain a Book Plot Badly activity, contestants had to identify the correct book title given a terrible summary of its plot. Next in Line activity required the participants to come up with the fourth element in a given sequence. Wrong Answers Only activity needed the players to answer as many questions as possible, while providing obviously wrong answers to each of them. Swapnil Nair, first-year CSE student, won first place, and Aditya Verma, third-year CSE student, and Sai Darshan MS, first-year ME student, were placed first and second respectively. The biennial event of Writeangle, the literary club of the university, open to students from branches and campuses of PES University, was conducted on Google Meet on Feb 24, 2021.