March 06, 2021

HackerSpace launches SpaceJam 2021


HackerSpace club of the university launched SpaceJam 2021, the first annual flagship hackathon featuring general and freshers tracks besides Matic Ethereum, Portis, Tezos, Postman, and EchoAR tracks. The hackathon was hosted on Devfolio. Discord was used for announcements, mini events and first round of judging. The first round of judging was conducted by the mentors to select the top 15 teams that qualified for the final rounds. As preparation for the event, Prarthana MJ, AI consultant for Supply Chain solutions working with IBM Insights and Intelligence Expert Labs conducted a hands-on workshop on IBM Watson studio and Services and Anirudh Murali, the student expert for Postman explained how to get started with APIs. General Track Winners included: first place bagged by Team FullSmash of Yajat Vishwakarma, Ayush Kapasi, Nalin Dang, Harsh Karanwal, second place by Team LeoCode of Prajwal Adsul, Rohit Chaudhari, Viraj Jadhav, and third place by Team Rubber Ducky of Tushar Magar, Yash Mutnalkar, Vibhav Samaga. Freshers Track Winners included: first place bagged by Team Error 404 of Shreyas Kaundinya, Sarath Sundar, Achyut Raghavan, Ajay Kumar, second place by Team SudoCode of Amritha Pallavoor, Anant Gulati, Amanpreet Pawa and third place by Team Astrocoders of Dhruv Chawla, Rahul Samal, Abhiram Manohara, Sreyas S. The competition was judged by Kavitha Yogaraj, Data Scientist, IBM Quantum, Prasanna Anantharamaiah, Managing Director, Checkpoint Software Systems, Abhilash Ramakrishna, CTO, Haldoc and Shitalkumar Panse, Co-founder and Director, IOTLYNX. The opening ceremony and the final judging rounds were live streamed on Youtube. SpaceJam 2021, 24 hour hackathon, the first iteration of the annual flagship event of HackerSpace as held on Feb 27-28, 2021.