July 03, 2021

Seventh International Yoga day celebrated


Yoga is acknowledged as the physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India. The ancient Indian practice is guiding people around the world in discovering the sense of oneness with self, world and nature. PM Narendra Modi first proposed the idea which gained prominence in a short span of time and resulted in this international day. Dr M R Doreswamy is an active proponent of yoga. From the year 2010 yoga has been a part of curriculum at the university and students practice Yoga regularly at PES campuses. At the celebrations on HN campus, chief guest Aacharya P C Mukunda Rao, renowned Yoga therapist in his thought-provoking speech highlighted the importance of yoga in developing one’s body and mind. He recommended practice of yoga systematically and following a proper procedure regularly to experience the health benefits. The on-line and live audience performed Yoga exercises as part of the program. At the celebration on RR campus, Shri Rajesh Kumar, a certified yoga trainer and evaluator from the Ministry of Ayush engaged the participants in a hands-on session with various Yogic exercises. The details of the asanas were compiled in an instructional packet of instructional videos and documents. The final asana of the evening was the inverted pose, involving a combination of nine asanas. The evening ended with participants applauding the International Yoga Day celebrations, and pledging to make yoga part of their daily lives.