September 11, 2021 Featured

Freshers’ Week at RR Campus


25+ clubs enthralled and engaged the freshers in a range of interesting activities over 7 days. On Day 1, IEEE RAS, the Robotics Club demonstrated their work and made the freshers aware of the projects they can undertake. On Day 2, DSGNR, the design club, decorated the campus with banners and standees and organized a banner that could be painted by students. PES ECell organized a meet-greet-connect event in which students searched for members with the same logo card to accumulate the biggest group. Equinox, The Space Club, set up a stall featuring info-graphics, computer models of the technical projects, presentations and space-themed games like Align the Planets and interestingly, an assortment of space themed donuts awaited the visitors. The Lens club for film nerds entertained the audience with a brilliant trailer and a quiz. The Quotient Quiz Club organized Tech Quiz, Fandom Quiz and Sports Quiz using Dynamic QRs, automated real-time quizzing platforms and immediate result practice. Debating Society presented Shipwreck that involved fictional characters on a sinking ship convincing the audience to save them over the rest. On Day 3, The Changemakers Society organized the second edition of Zero Waste Carnival, filled with fun games, scrumptious desserts and a snack stall that served chaat delicacies on banana leaves and traditional leaf bowls. Aikya, in association with Akshaya Patra Foundation set up a stall in which students got a chance to make pots on their own and understand the steps in making a pot. The CSR Club hosted What Would You Do spin the wheel, lucky draw events, slideshow of the club’s initiatives and the best of the answers were rewarded with milkshakes, chocolates and club T-shirts. MahilAI, a community that leverages the use of AI to prevent violence against women, explained the objectives and initiatives undertaken and topped it with a game of scrabble for everyone on describing women with at least three adjectives. On Day 4, TEDxPESU moderated group discussions on some intriguing topics, conducted a game of Bingo on the topic of fun activities in campus, hosted on-line quiz, collected suggestions in Dropbox for choice of speakers and topics for the forthcoming event, awarded customized badges and gave away customized stickers and bookmarks to the more interested students. The domain mentors and heads in Hackerspace explained the ongoing projects, mode of recruitment of members. Curious students were asked to distinguish between real and fake images from a set of realistic images generated by Generative Adversarial Networks, know about Turing test based game where an NLP model was trained to produce human like sentences and a small CTF was hosted on the club’s server presented a series of puzzles with chance to win exciting prizes. Team Ninaada presented a beautiful amalgamation of Carnatic Music, Hindustani Classical Music and Bollywood Music, along with a series of melodious instrumental music with introductions. On Day 5, Vega Racing Electric, the Formula Student Electric team exhibited the capabilities of the vehicle they had built and explained the mechanisms that made it possible. Team Haya displayed the most successful cars built by them, demonstrated various parts used and engaged the visitors in reaction time challenges and part-identification exercise. Team Aeolus explained the various domains and the events they took part in and set up a mini tour on what it takes to build an RC plane and quadcopters, experience of the thrust developed by an RC and simulators. ActionCut screened a trailer of combined short films that the team had made and the awards that the short films had won. QForest, the quantum computing club explained the fundamentals of the field and the projects undertaken by the members of the club using simple visuals, game of Quantum Monster, quizzes on correlating memes to quantum phenomena and other quantum developments around the world. The Grimm Readers launched their new programme, Paper Trails - A Little Free Library with take-a-book-return-a-book policy which encouraged readers to donate and borrow books, write notes between the pages of the books leading eventually to building an active community of bibliophiles in the college. On Day 6, Team Trance for Bollywood and freestyle, Team Sanskrith for Indian contemporary and Team Encore for Western dances gave a sneak-peek into their dance routines by performing short snippets of their actual performances and invited the audience to dance with them on various tracks. PES Innovation Lab organized their annual event Roadshow 2021 which gave an opportunity to freshers to meet and engage with the community, know about the domains, projects and activities of the club. The Nautanki Team conducted an online trivia competition testing the movie and theatre knowledge of the participants. On Day 7, Write Angle the literary club, in collaboration with the Music Club hosted Open Mic which featured heart-wrenching ballads, beautiful poems and instrumental performances. The eventful two weeks gave the freshers a glimpse of the vibrant campus and an opportunity to meet, interact and engage with the student community.