September 11, 2021 Featured

Freshers’ Week at EC Campus


30+ clubs enthralled and engaged the freshers in a range of interesting activities over 8 days. On Day 1, the Pratyaya core team gave the students an insider view about the fun and experience of their club. onCreate() depicted what they are actually about and briefed the audience on Override a forthcoming event in collaboration with DSC. Google DSC focused on showcasing their achievements and club activities and conducted a marketing survey for Override’21, an upcoming collaboration with onCreate() and explained how the club provides guidance to its members. On Day 2, the student volunteers and committee members elucidated about 5 auxiliary branches of IEEE: Student Body, WiE, Photonics and Solid State, Sight and RAS along and the perks of having an IEEE membership during their undergraduate studies. The Pixelloid team covered the fresher's week with photographs and videos of the stalls and the performances with plans to create a short film. DSGNR created the posters and banners for the event and pitched description of the club. ACM made the visitors aware of the club’s past activities and future programs along with concise descriptions about the club’s aims and achievements. On Day 3, Hashtag treated the freshers to 5-minute performances comprising five songs for the duration of five minute by a troupe of ten. Nirantara which brings together those interested in classical dance forms put up performances on four different songs. Members of Clefhangers performed the classic Stand by me in pure Acapella fashion and treated freshers to melodious tunes during the lunch break, followed by a brief introduction to the club and a very warm welcome to the new members. Hackerspace briefed the freshers on the club's involvement, activities, and competitions, as well as prospective positions that would be available during recruitment. On Day 4, Mangobites theatre club of enacted the story of a teenager who couldn't achieve his goal due to social constraints had the audience enthralled. On Day 5, Zero-Day ISFCR, community focused on various aspects of cyber-security such as CTFs, penetration testing and bug bounty and engaged the freshers in Treasure Hunt which involved the Action Bound App and their QR Codes. Predict This, data science and machine learning club of Techwarts talked about activities and projects pertaining to these fields, and encouraged members to keep up with the new developments in the field by sharing resources and guiding freshers in their learning journey. Parallax demonstrated how the club focuses on the exciting possibilities of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Game Development and spread the word about the artsy technology with enormous amounts of real life applications. CodeChef outlined its focus on competitive programming and exposure to coding solutions for problem solving through regular teaching sessions, peer to peer discussion and resource-sharing along with contests from time to time. Terpsichore, the Bollywood Club enthralled the audience with pleasing aesthetics, formations with strong visual impact and catchy songs kept the audience enthralled right until the very end. On Day 6, Shaken, Not Stirred, western music Band performed 3 classic jazz and rock songs namely Gone under, Watch Over You, and From The Inside. MUN society put forth its aims to establish the diplomatic spirit and mindset suited to that of true global citizens amongst peers on campus by preparing students for, and conduct, Model United Nations events. The Entrepreneurship Club members explained the club’s aim to establish a peer network of students who are inclined towards entrepreneurship and help them connect with the relevant stakeholders through events and workshops. On Day 7, Swarantraka, the Indian Classical Music Club presented classical fusion music and songs, Rangapura Vihaara and a Carnatic classical version of the song Shape of You. Apostrophe, the literary club demonstrated how it focuses on both oratory as well as writing aspects of literature. HELP, Humanitarian Endeavor for Life Perseverance presented an orientation video covering the history, goals, events conducted like Regard Before Discard, Plastic Plaguing Drive, and talks on mental health. Equinox presented its objective of bringing together students who have an interest in space, science, and technology and conducted mini and space quizzes. On Day 8, Panache, the fashion team put up a show which consisted of models with outfits with the theme of futuristic sustainable fashion. Blueprint, which connects people who share a similar interest in the various domains of business had devised a registration link with QR Code, and promoted its forthcoming event called crisis combat and organized a small activity called “Awkward Introductions” where students had to write down their names and a one line intro about themselves on a whiteboard.