October 20, 2021

Hackloop 2021


The theme of the 27 hour long overnight hackathon was Open Innovation, which challenged the participants to select a problem across any domain and devise an efficient solution. In the ideation phase, participants submitted the problem statement and proposed solution. After rigorous review of all submissions, 25 teams were selected to proceed to the hacking phase in the offline mode. The opening session featured Mr. Suresh Narasimha, alumnus of PES and Director of JustBooks, talking on the growing importance of entrepreneurship in colleges and higher educational institutions. Mr. Kiran of Covalense Digital touched upon the technological advances and the expectation from students to continuously adapt to the dynamic infrastructure. At the end of the first day participants had built the basic models and prototypes or gained a strong understanding of their product. The evaluation before the shortlisting of teams for finals was conducted on the second day. The judges interacted with the teams and shared insights related to the solution they were building. The six finalists were given the opportunity to pitch their ideas after an hour of preparation to the panel of judges. The top spot was clinched by HackStreet Boys who came up with a solution for overcrowding in common areas of colleges especially during the breaks. The Repeaters proposed a Blockchain based voting system to win the second spot. The Roots presented a solution for helping people suffering from dementia and won the third spot. The panel of judges comprised of Mr Venkata Nagaraju, member of the Covalense Digital Team, Mrs. Padmalatha Giridhar of IGS, Mr. Akshay Kumar of Marsview Inc, Mr. Pranav Sathish of Webknot Technologies, and Mr. Madhukar Narasimha of CIE in PES University. Hackloop 2021, the flagship event of the C.O.D.S. Community was held at RR campus on October 16-17, 2021.