September 28, 2021

Crisis Combat


Crisis Combat contest was about crisis management as a team of two that entailed dealing with high level threats that an individual, business, or country may face. Participants were given Crisis Files related to diverse areas like public relations, marketing and finance. In the preliminary rounds, the participants had to solve mini-crises pertaining to real-world brands. The first round was a PR crisis where the participants were required to document strategies for brand growth and draft a letter to handle the PR situation. The second round had a huge financial crisis to be dealt with wherein participants were required to find a millionaire investor to get a company out of bankruptcy. The teams then had to pitch to the organizers who acted as investors. With six teams in the fray, the participants had to battle out through a game of Aircrash. Aryan Kapoor and Gowri Nandana clinched the first position. Bhavini Madhuranath and Anirudh Rowjee won the second position and Praneeth Kumar and Rehan Ganapathy came in at third position. Crisis Combat, the debut event of Blueprint club of EC campus was held on Discord platform on September 25, 2021.