November 15, 2021

Wordpourri 2021


The contest tested the literary knowledge and reading habits of participants. In the first round called Book plots badly explained, participants guessed the name of the book based on a garbled explanation of its plot. Call my bluff round was about guessing the correct word from the definition. In the Charades round a team member was given a book title to enact in thirty seconds and the other members guessed the title. In the Pictionary round a team member was given the title of a book to draw for their teammates to guess the same in thirty seconds. First position was clinched by Vaishnav, Srinidhi BS and Shivani S. The second position was bagged by Prajna R, Pratyusha Rao and Nihaal Kuchangi and third position was won by Chetana Mital, Meghna Prakash and Pranav Srikar. Wordpourri 2021 was conducted by the Write Angle club of RR campus on November, 12, 2021.