January 25, 2022

Theatrical skills competition


The competition titled Limelight tested the skills of the participants in story writing, characterization, storyboarding, production, acting, and improvisation. The first round saw the teams of 2-3 participants writing creative stories and character sketches based on a diverse set of prompts. The second round required the participants to visualize vibrant storyboards and mood boards for the stories and characters. Detailed tutorials were provided to aid the participants use the necessary tools and software. The third round challenged the teams as they had to act as their characters in various situations spontaneously. The top 5 teams vied for the pole position in Mad Ads, where every team was given a product based on their stories! The teams had to use their wit, creativity and spontaneity as they created a humorous advertisement for their product. First place was bagged by Sai Dracaena M S, Pramuk D and Vasisht Iyer, second place was won by Sharanya Patil, Sahana Parasuram and Sathvik Sharan and third place was won by Rohan Ravi Prasad, Alfred Augustine George and Ajith Kumar.