January 27, 2022

Guest lecture on window to career transformation


It is the need of the hour to be adaptive during this crucial time for the community, industry and business. The guest speaker Saurabh Shah elaborated “Imagine you are the owner of the bank and 86400/- is deposited in your account everyday only for 24 hours. What will you do with it? A wise person would invest on business, shares and on anything that gives back profit as returns. 86400 are seconds of a day. Therefore, every single day we should use it to improve our present status. Where we are today and where we will be soon are the most important matters for one who wants their career to be in a good place. Where we are today on social media, exams, many goals, and parties. Where we will be soon- success, career, earnings, wanting more! Shifting from where we are today to where we will be soon is called Paradigm shift. SWOT analysis plays a major role in one’s self development. The last thing the fish knows about is water. What are we great at? Have you self- validated your thoughts? Do you have a role model in your mind? We must keep questioning this to ourselves from time to time. It is extremely important to have a role model to achieve your current goal. Academic effectiveness: What next? Is it basic? Yes, Basics need to be perfect in the practical world. It is important to relate basic concepts with application. Stay updated on the industry and business. Luckily PES University trains students by solving case studies and research papers based on real time instances of Industries or companies. Concentrating on a final year project is very important as it shows our ability to the firm that is going to recruit you. Communication is everyone's way to build your career. To improve your communication skills, be proactive in career-based activities, understand your communication style and work on it, reach out to people by asking questions and communicate your progress, build your contacts from day 1 and it’s called networking. To have a successful corporate life only you can own and drive your career. Organization provides vision and environment and manager points towards opportunities. Your growth is the breadth and depth of your skills.” Saurabh Shah is Head of Human Resources at Capita, a digital services and software business, delivering innovative solutions. Saurabh is a talent management and acquisition strategist in the technology space, specializing in organizational development, strategic human resource management, campus recruitment, employee engagement and HR process re-engineering. The guest lecture was held online on Jan 25, 2022.