March 08, 2022

Workshop on use of analytics in professional sports


Sports analytics can provide a competitive advantage to the players and helps sports companies in fine-tuning their marketing strategies. The participants of the workshop got an opportunity to understand the importance, application and opportunities from Mr. Naveen Ningaiah, founder of Sports KPI, and an experienced sport’s analyst. The workshop gave an overview of the recent IPL auction and how the best players were selected for the positions of batsmen, all-rounder, wicketkeeper, fast bowlers and spinners. Mr. Naveen Ningaiah observed that from a career perspective the roles of a sports data analyst would involve collecting and analyzing sports data, updating individual players’ suitability. Coaches and team managers can use this data to make informed decisions during or before sports competitions. These roles can be classified into two categories. The first is business, where data is used to improve the performance of a team or sports organization. The second category deals with the entertainment aspect and provides fans with details they want to know about athletes. According to Mr. Naveen Ningaiah, there are two key aspects of sports analytics, on-field and off-field. On-field analytics deals with improving the on-field performance of teams and players and off-field analytics deals with the business side of sports. BBA Sports Management organized the workshop on Use of Analytics in Professional Sports on March 5, 2022.