February 26, 2022

Understanding auction skills first hand


The mock auction tagged each participating team to a company with the objective of planning the right usage of the Merchant Matrix coins in bagging the best resource while balancing their budgets. The participants were then asked by the judges, the reason for the decisions they made in obtaining the particular resource. First place was won by team Akasa Air of Hitesh R, Tushar Kapil, S. Bharath, Pavan Chouhan and Vineeth B Parekh. Second place was picked by team team Tata 1MG of Sanjana S Murthy, Navaneeth N, Dhanush D, Prajwal P and third place by team Pharmeasy of Ashutosh, Lalith P, Mohammed Amal, Subodh Onkar and Aman Samar. Corporate Auction-Merchant Market was organized by BBA department on February 24, 2022.