March 17, 2022

Debate on Electoral Reforms and Strengthening of Democracy


The debate saw the participants demonstrate their impressive oratory skills as they endeavored to articulate their opinions. For round one, topics allotted a day in advance included: dividing a huge pre-existing state into smaller ones, political finance, and patronage from businessmen and media outlets creating an unequal playing field and effect of digital information on democracy protection. For the round, two qualifying teams after a preparation time of 10 min debated: failure at the party scale is necessary for democracy at a large scale to succeed; contesting from two constituencies simultaneously is a waste of resources or democratic freedom and inclusion, not epistocracy is what will make India a stronger democracy. The winners included: first place won by Sushanth Prabhu and Divya N, second place won by Babu B and Sphoorthi Yandamuri, third place won by Disha Kiran, and Sukruthi Sanampudi. Dr. Subhash Kulkarni and Prof. Christopher judged the debate War of Words organized by Apostrophe and MUNSOC-ECC of the EC Campus on March 15, 2022.