March 16, 2022

Quiz on popular culture


Pop Quiz tested students’ knowledge of the latest trends in pop culture. The quiz was preceded by a marketing blitz that featured a promotional stall hosting a logo quiz during breaks, a vibrant Instagram page, and teasing WhatsApp messages. The finals are open to viewing by cheering groups comprising 10 questions for the Pounce and Bounce round and a written test. First Place winners: Mihir Jayaprakash, Hradyansh Chauhan, Lenver Pinto; second place winners: Rithvik Wuyyuru, Nishanth Patri, Nithanth Sawkar; and third place winners: Rithvik Jayaram, Advaith Shet, Aditya Lawankar. Pop Quiz, the debut event of the Quotient Quiz Club of EC Campus was hosted on March 11 and 14, 2022.