April 17, 2022

Preparing for placements and internships


Complementing academic achievements with awareness of the industry, knowing challenges after graduation, and making the right choice can give a head-start in building a career aligned to one’s strengths. Mr. Karthik BK and Mr. Vishweshwaran and Kannan, students of Sem 8 shared their insights about What’s Next in the industry. Mr. Dhruv Shetty and Mr. Akash Murthy, students of Sem 8 and entrepreneurs talked about What’s Next in the startups ecosystem. Miss Ananya Shivkumar, a student of MBA at IIM, Tiruchirapalli gave a glimpse of the challenges in gaining admission in an MBA program. Ms Shreyanka, a student of MS at RWTH,Germany, elaborated on the documentation and portfolio requirements and making financial arrangements for studying abroad. The So, What’s Next? on-line series on placements and internships was held in March-April 2022.