Aatmatrisha 2022 – Comedy Nite @ PES UNIVERSITY

Aatmatrisha 2022 – Comedy Nite @ PES UNIVERSITY

Aatmatrisha, the annual techno-cultural fest of PES University, is a wonderful potpourri of the student culture on campus, encompassing the cultural, literary, technical, and theatre spectra. With this year's theme being cinema, with its rich history, vibrance, and exuberance, PES University is all geared up to make history. Aatmatrisha 2022 will be taking place on the 23rd and 24th of April with an expected footfall of over 8000 students with unmatched enthusiasm. 

This magnificent spectacle has been possible only because of the monumental support of Dr. MR Doreswamy, Chancellor, PES University, Former Advisor for Educational Reforms (Cabinet Rank), Government of Karnataka, Prof. D Jawahar, Pro-Chancellor, PES University, Dr. J Suryaprasad, Vice-Chancellor, PES University along with Dr. KS Sridhar, Registrar, PES University and Dr. V Krishna, Dean of Student Affairs, PES University.

Commencing the two days of the fun-filled fest was an evening filled with laughter and joy! We saw some enthralling performances by the drama team of PES University, The Nautanki Team, along with rib-tickling jokes by Kartikeya Phatwani and Nishant Suri. Towards the end, we also saw the reveal of the official mascot of PES, Jago.

The first day of Aatmatrisha, The Comedy Nite, was a fun-filled and joyous experience. The event kicked off with the cinema theme in mind with a play by our very own Drama Club, The Nautanki Team. The play tackled a sensitive subject, the Jewish Holocaust, with very sensitive hands. The play highlighted the interpersonal plights of the Jewish people imprisoned wrongfully during the Second World War. The actors addressed the emotional trauma with grace and poise. The play surrounded five women who were imprisoned for treason against the Third Reich. The setup, costumes, and brilliant acting were incredibly immersive and received numerous rounds of applause. 

The evocative drama was succeeded by a light-hearted opening act by Kartikeya Phatwani, a stand-up comedian from Uttar Pradesh. He made humorous observations about life in Bangalore and traveling during the pandemic. His tidbits about his childhood and life during college left everyone in bouts of laughter. He warmed up the crowd for an interesting and brilliant performance by Nishant Suri, the winner of the first season of Comicstaan. He performed a hilarious set which kept both the students and the management entertained for the next 40 minutes. He interacted brilliantly with the crowd by talking to the organizing committee, the photographers, and the students, demonstrating his knack for observational humor. In the rest of the set, he joked about his bizarre experiences in Delhi and life, post-Comicstaan fame. 

PES University is celebrating its Golden Jubilee this year. In this regard, the new mascot of PES University, 'Jago' was revealed. This marked the end of a very memorable night, with a feeling of excitement for another fun-filled night the next day.

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  • April 26, 2022
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