April 18, 2022

Datathon with social impact


MahilAI- A community provided a platform for data science enthusiasts to learn and apply their data science skills through ideating solutions that leverage AI to prevent violence against women at the Datathon event. Round one consisted of exploratory data analysis which included cleaning and visualising the dataset and developing a hypothesis. Every team ended the round with a few initial conclusions. Round two was aimed at extracting features from the cleaned dataset and logically assigning weightage to each of them. The participants also had to clearly understand why a feature deserved more weightage than others and drop features based on their interpretation. The objective of the final round was to build a simple classification model with their respective features extracted in round two to validate their hypotheses they gathered at the end of round one. Each round was followed by a checkpoint where the research heads mapped the progress of each team and proposed their suggestions for improvements. The Code Bakers team of Nikhil Mohite and Hithesh Patel clinched the first position followed by Data Rangers team of Mahesh Bhat and Bhargav M V in second position and Data Miners team of Abhishek S and Hard Om Swarup in third position. MahilAI-A community in PES University that leverages the use of AI to prevent violence against women organised the second edition of their flagship event, the Datathon on April 15-16, 2022.