August 29, 2022

PES MUN Society (RR Campus) Wins Best Delegation at Jigyasa MUN (Jain University)


PES MUN Society, RR Campus sent a 21-member delegation to this year's Jain University's Jigyasa MUN (JUMUN). This MUN was conducted on the 25th, 26th, and 27th of August and had a competition of around 300 delegates from all of South India's biggest colleges!

During the 3 days of the MUN, our delegates experienced grueling and invigorating debates. Out of the 21-member team, 10 members won individual awards thereby securing the Best Delegation Award, and winning approximately ₹40,000 in total cash prizes out of a possible ₹78,000 along with a 4-foot trophy!

The delegates experienced a wide variety of debates, ranging across many geopolitical issues of our world and our nation and it showed the quality and calibre of the MUN Society. A huge congratulations to the PES MUN Society (RR Campus) for winning this award and making PES University proud!