October 03, 2022

PESU Venture Labs invests in 21 start-ups chosen by angels at Aarambh


01, October 2022, Bengaluru: PesuVentureLabs (a venture created in partnership with CoCreate Ventures and PES University) invests up to 200K$ in 21 start-ups selected at Aarambh. Festival of Funding Student Start-ups where 20 shortlisted start-ups presented a 90 - sec elevator pitch in front of 250 angels. Pesu Venture Labs invests in venture-scale ideas by brilliant students. The start-ups that were funded include startups namely, Zeru, BAE, Board Games, Duonut, Carpet Areas, Data Nominee, Decisive, Golocal, Laszo, Meerkat, Sustify, Testbuddy, GoImpact, Primasvar, Realyze, SaniHue, SmartChakra, Subspace, Treasure and Wellverse. 

PESU Venture Labs (PVL) was set up in 2021, as a concept stage fund, and has invested in deep tech startups across sectors like weather tech, ed tech, cyber security, crypto, and pet wellness. This initiative has proved that interesting and scalable startups can emerge from Indian Universities. Aarambh is an effort to democratize the whole selection process of funding and increase the number of people who can engage with the students and build a better ecosystem. This whole idea was conceptualized so that a lot more people get to interact with the bright entrepreneurs and become part of an ecosystem that will go tomorrow and will scale to new heights.

Jawahar Doreswamy, Pro-Chancellor, PESU said, “PES provides a platform for our students to take up entrepreneurship while they are still on campus. Potential Investors participating in the selection process at ‘Aarambh’ brings credibility to the idea our students have".

The unique aspect of Aarambh definitely lies in the selection process. Investors have an early insight into the start-ups and participate in the decision-making, without having the commitment to invest right now. They can follow the company and its progress for a period of time and then decide to follow on with Co-Create in the next round.

Suresh Narasimha, Managing Partner, Co-Create Ventures said, "Aarambh, is a great opportunity for angels & VCs to look at funding student entrepreneurs. They will have the opportunity to retain their rights to invest when they are comfortable in terms of idea & the entrepreneur. This also helps us to bring more transparency into our selection considering the large scale of our operations".

With PESU Venture Labs and Co-Create, have already invested in Startups like Fond, Frizzle, Greenifly, Assert, Seminar room, Physifit, Language Station, TeaminUp, Abhaya, and Consuma amongst others

PESU Venture Labs:

PESU Venture Labs (PVL) is a concept stage fund set up in 2021 by Co-Create Ventures, in partnership with PES University, a pioneer in engineering and management education that attracts premium talent from across India. The fund operates in the idea phase focusing on venture-scale ideas from bright students. PVL has invested in deep tech startups across sectors like weather tech, ed tech, cyber security, crypto, and wearables.

Co-Create Ventures is working with public forums, Govt institutions & universities to create a culture & expertise in building global startups by students in India.