October 13, 2022

Observing Mental Health Awareness Week


Interesting games, performances and themes raised awareness about mental health and inculcating healthy practices for the mind on the occasion of World Mental Health Day. The mind game of Mental Health Myth Vs Reality and selfie challenge lifted up the spirits of everyone. Team Nautanki, performed a monologue depicting the mental state of a nine-to-fiver. Team Sanskrithi put on a graceful dance performance narrating happiness and peace in life. Themes for each day of the week included Keep smiling, Gratitude, Eat-Healthy, and Express Yourself . The theme gratitude promoted the gesture of appreciating small things in life and expressing gratitude to loved ones and to themselves. The SpellingBee contests posed uncommon and familiar sounding words related to health. Club Weal celebrated Mental Health Week from October 5-11, 2022 at RR campus.