October 22, 2022

Expert talk on Perceptron


Mr. Akashay Chandrasekhar, CTO of Fubo TV, started this session with an introduction to computer vision and Perceptron, a computer model devised to represent or simulate the ability of the brain to recognize and discriminate. He highlighted the importance of historical data in neural networking, Sigmoid neuron, dimensional limits of inputs and convolutional networks. An in-depth explanation of facial recognition technology was supported by demonstration of an application based on a python program, which used vector dimensional differentiation for the output. Students learnt the importance of Math in data science and programming, applications of object recognition software, concept of neural network, dimensional limits and vector differentiation. The expert talk on cutting edge technologies driving deep learning and AI that was organized by the department of BBA-Business Analytics on October 20, 2022, marked the inauguration of business analytics club Infinito Bytes.