October 29, 2022

Plots and stories competition


An epic face-off of plots and stories gave participants the opportunity to make the most of their creativity and imagination. Word and phrase prompts varied in genre, with fun ones like orange and difficult ones like identity crisis and mass exodus. The song prompt was Sway by Michael Buble. The qualifiers were at their imaginative best in the interpretations, and gave chilling accounts. Amazing stories, and plots with great potential were pitched and the finalists were shortlisted based on creativity, prompt relevance and the engagement level of their story. Presentation skill was used as a tie-breaker in some of the rounds. The best storytelling talent got positions in the club and the top three teams won cash prizes. Namita Achyuthan bagged the top spot followed by team of Pooja Shenoy and Sinduja B and team Oceanwater of Sai Darshan M S and Pramuk D. Sumatheendra Chouthai and Amish Navali were declared The Winners Of Today Team. Pitch-A-Plot competition was organized by Through The Lens club on October 28, 2022 at RR campus.