November 12, 2022

Symposium on sustainable people practices


In a competitive business environment talent is key to success of any organization which makes learning about HR practices and trends important for the future managers. The symposium on sustainable HR practices focused on embracing talent and employee relations. Ms. Sandeepa Samuel, Director and Talent experience at Goodworker, moderator for the discussion, emphasized the need for social businesses to be both socially accountable for their output which supports the ecosystem and motivates employees to work for the organization’s goals, and socially responsible while operating in the community. Mr. Sanjay Mitra, HR Manager at ITC stressed on the importance of technology and innovation in maintaining employee relations. Mr. Lokesh Chikkanna, center operation manager at Skylar Consultancy, using real-world examples, shed light on HR policy creation and coping with diversity in the aspirations of employees. Mr. Pavan S Sriram. Associate Director at AGC Solutions, an entrepreneur, opined that learning which is driven by people's attitude is a crucial component of sustainability. Mr. Harish TR, CHRO at Maveric Systems focused on establishing a suitable organizational culture and ethics by giving freedom with accountability and nurturing the ability to adapt to the local market. Ms. Vibha Mishra, Assistant Manager at Tietoevry highlighted the importance of learning, training and assessment and said that a crucial component for sustained talent is a perspective-taking learning attitude. The HR symposium was organized by department of BBA on November 10, 2022 at RR campus.