November 14, 2022

Sports psychology workshop


The workshop based on high-performance training, with video-based analysis and survey, of the matches, games, and individual training provided an opportunity to learn about psychological safety, mindset suitable for highly competitive sports like IPL and choosing a person with the right attitude for a task. Ms. Priyanka Prabhakar and Mrs. Nivedita Rajan discussed the various thoughts that run in a player’s mind during the games, the pressure of winning from the audience, team, coaches and the country being of prime importance. Ms. Priyanka Prabhakar, Sports Psychologist with SAI (Sports Authority of India), the first Indian psychologist to have represented the Indian Women’s Hockey Team in international competition was also a part of Indian contingent at the Rio Olympics and Tokyo Olympics as psychologist. Mrs. Nivedita Rajan, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Mount’s Carmel College worked as Deputy Director, Education, at Indian Institute of Materials Management, and practices as a Consultant Sports Psychologist since 1998. The sports psychology workshop was organized by the department of BBA Sports Management on November 12, 2022 at RR campus.