VIJNANAMELA - 2022 organized for Government School students @ PES University

VIJNANAMELA - 2022 organized for Government School students @ PES University

VIJNANAMELA – 2022 organized for Government School students @ PES University ‘Great ideas are the foundation for success’ – Bharataratna Prof. C.N.R. Rao’s advice to school students. 

Prof. M.R. Doreswamy, Adviser, Education Reforms, GOK and Department of School Education, GOK, jointly organized a ‘Science Fair’ in PES University Campus, RR Nagar, Bangalore, today. Inaugurating the science fair (virtual) Bharataratna C.N.R. Rao advised the school students to cultivate the habit of great ideas for high success in your careers, Great ideas are the companion of achievers on the road to success, he said.

Sri R. Ashok, Hon’ble Minister for Revenue, GOK and Chief Guest of the science fair observed that knowledge does not discriminate between a government school and a private school. All students have equal access to knowledge and success. As Prof. C.N.R. Rao has advised’ knowledge is the first step to success’, he said. He also observed that India has made valuable contribution to science, to establish India as “A vishwaguru” in science, the present student s should perform as achievers i.e.they should be the instruments of the transformation. He profusely praised and thanked Prof.

M.R. Doreswamy on behalf of the GOK for organizing such a novel School Education Centric Program.

Another Chief Guest Dr. H.R. Nagendra, Chancellor, S-Vyasa University said that, the legacy of science was founded by the historic discoveries of Newton. This science fair is an exercise to expose school students to the various dimensions of great discoveries in science and scientists. This is a special Experience for the school students. Young minds should also know that India is a treasure of cultural values and scientific ideas. Prof. Doreswamy has greatly contributed to integrate all the scientific and cultural legacy of the Country in school education curricula, he acknowledged.

Yoga shows humans a way to elevate themselves as ‘Mahamanava-Devamanava’. He called upon school students to strive to elevate themselves in this glorious path. Prof. M.R. Doreswamy delivering his Presidential speech invited the attention of school students to two great minds and exceptional achievers of the Country i.e. Prof. C.N.R. Rao, in science and Dr. H.R. Nagendra in yoga is to adopt them as models for high achievement in life. As an Adviser, he has strived to usher in a revolution in school education policy of government by removing the quality deficiencies between “A poor man’s kannada school and a rich man’s private school” Prof. Doreswamy said. He requested the co-operation of all elected representatives and Universities to actively participate in this social movement – leaving no one behind should be the motive.

He appealed to all 70 Universities in Karnataka to organize science fairs to enable government school students to compete with elite schools. He sincerely acknowledged all the PES University administrators, professors and staff as well as school education minister, high officers and staff of the government for making wonderful preparations for the science fair. He called for to make good use of the science fair, which is a ‘Triveni Sangama’ of Knowledge-Science-Skills.

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  • December 12, 2022
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