December 05, 2022

Workshop on Automobile Functional Safety


The workshop, part of the series of studies on safe and intelligent automobile workshop series, dealt with the analysis of the safety stack at different levels. Mr Arun Shankar, Chairman, IEEE CTSOC Bangalore chapter and head of innovation at Continental Bangalore and speakers from Rivian Electric, and Nvidia spoke on the topics of functional safety and Vulkan SC. Mr. Vasant Easwaran, Sr Manager, Functional Safety, Rivian Automotive, Mr. Sruthik Patibandlla spoke on safety as in the eyes of the beholder, an automotive OEM perspective. Mr. Mukund Keshava, System Software Engineer, Nvidia gave an introduction to Vulkan SC and Vulkan Safety Critical Profile. They also spoke about the basic philosophy of Vulkan SC and drew comparison with Vulkan static memory, offline compilation, and fault handling. This was followed by a session on Vulkan SC workflow, code examples and interactive session. The event concluded with felicitation and remarks by Prabindh Sundareson, IEEE CTSOC Bangalore chapter. Vulkan SC is a streamlined, deterministic, robust API that enables state-of-the-art GPU-accelerated graphics and computation to be deployed in safety-critical systems that are certified to meet industry functional safety standards.The workshop on automobile functional safety was hosted by the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering in association with IEEE Consumer Technologies Society (CTSoc), Bangalore Chapter at RR campus on December 3, 2022.