January 18, 2023

Understanding pharmacists’ role in diabetic foot care


The challenge of managing diabetic foot ulcers is serious in India as our country has the second-largest number of diabetics in the world. Apoorva show- I love you, a series of lectures on diabetic foot and wound care, originally designed by the pioneer and founder of modern diabetic foot surgery of India Dr. Amit Jain. The session focused on the important aspects of overcoming this formidable challenge. The career opportunities as a clinical pharmacist in wound care with special attention on surgical and pharmacotherapeutic management of diabetic foot care were highlighted. The use of antibiotics in wound management as a must-know for clinical pharmacists was underscored. The program was graced by Prof. M V Satyanarayana and Dr. J Saravanan. The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences organized the expert lecture series on understanding pharmacists’ role in diabetic foot care on January 16, 2023, at the HN campus.