January 21, 2023

Guest talk on mental toughness in sports


Excelling in sports is about consistent and continued success and growth at a higher level. Mr. Vedam Hariharan, interacted with students on the root factors that are key to achieving successful performance which include concentration, overcoming distraction, positive attitude and self change. He elaborated on the components an athlete must keep in mind, “Things I can control? Words, actions, ideas and mistakes”. He outlined how the global sports industry is evolving on a larger scale, emulating the professional international cricket tournaments and encouraging passion for sports among young generations at national and international levels. Mr. Vedam Hariharan, former Karnataka and Kerala state cricketer and research scholar at The University of Edinburgh is currently studying for a PhD in Sports Sociology and Psychology. He has completed his master's in Performance Coaching, endorsed by UKCC level IV from The University of Stirling, Scotland. He has played university level matches, India U-22 Ranji Trophy, south zone in the UK and many more. The guest talk on mental toughness in sports was organized by the department of BBA Sports Management on January 19, 2023 at RR campus.